10 Bad Habits You Need to Break! (Cleaning Motivation)

Happy New Year Clean My Space Nation! Rather than talking about New Years Resolutions I figured I would talk about some bad cleaning habits (myself included) and I’ll show you how to break them!

– Using too much cleaning product
– Moldy bathmats and shower curtains
– Using dirty cleaning tools (https://youtu.be/RjEes3PosPU)
– Disinfecting wipes
– Piling up damp towels & cloths
– Using bleach as a cleaner
– Leaving dirty dishes in the sink
– Holding on to old stuff
– Cluttered surfaces
– Using too much paper towel

Happy New Year it is our first video

back after the big New Year celebration

hope you guys had a great time whatever

it was that you did and I figured rather

than talking about New Year’s

resolutions because let’s be honest that

kind of upsets a lot of people and you

know doesn’t really stick around for

that long I figured instead of that I

would just talk about some bad cleaning

habits that were all guilty of myself

included and I’ll show you how to break

them just a quick reminder if you

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cleaning habit that you need to break

using too much products you might think

that it’s a good idea to use more

product especially if there’s a super

dirty surface or if you have really

dirty clothing but the truth is that

using more product laundry detergent or

soap is actually worse for the situation

because whatever it is that you’re

cleaning is going to require more

cleaning because now not only do you

have the dirt but you also have all of

that soap that’s really sudsy and sticky

that you now have to rinse away so when

you’re cleaning anything whether it’s

doing your laundry or cleaning your

floors or a surface always remember to

use less product than what you might be

inclined to use and by the way when

companies make instructions on the back

of their package there for you to read

it so check them out and figure out

exactly how much you need to use for the

appropriate dose for the situation that

you need to clean

Molesey bath mats and shower curtains

you get out of a shower you’re feeling

good and groovy you don’t really want to

think about doing any chores I get it

but the thing is if you forget to close

your shower curtain and pull up your

non-slip bath mat those things get so

grungy and grungy means full of mold and

mildew odors and trap a lot of moisture

think about it like this if you leave

your non-slip bath mat down after shower

all of the moisture that’s stuck under

the suction cups is going to stay there

and then mold and mildew start growing

soap scum gets stuck under there nasty

and then if you don’t actually close

your shower curtain all the way the same


happened in the folds you start to get

all of this grunge that is grunge

formation over there so make sure when

you get out of the shower you pull up

that bath mat you close your shower

curtain and you also turn on your

overhead exhaust and leave it for at

least 30 minutes that’s going to help

get any of that excess moisture out of

your bathroom cleaning with dirty

cleaning tools that’s nasty

and we actually have a video on how to

clean your cleaning tool so that you’re

actually using fresh stuff when you

clean guys you cannot clean a surface

with something that is dirty not only

will it make the surface look physically

dirty for example if you use a dirty mop

on a floor you are never going to get

your floor clean you’re actually just

going to take the dirt that’s stuck in

the mop and redeposit it all over your

floor which is just like a cycle of

insanity because your floor is never

going to look good and secondly it can

also spread bacteria around a surface so

particularly like a dirty sponge that is

gross so what you need to do is make

sure that your tools are clean and

maintained before you actually hit the

cleaning circuit and that way your space

will actually be clean and you’ll be

using good quality tools to make sure

the job is done disinfectant wipes for

cleaning I know it seems convenient to

take that canister whip out a wipe and

do a bunch of cleaning but truthfully

those wipes were not designed to clean

entire surfaces they’re designed for a

very specific purpose that would be

disinfecting a particular area so if

you’ve got to clean something no problem

just make sure that you’re using the

right products and tools so for example

an all-purpose cleaner a microfiber

cloth great clean a surface if you need

to disinfect that surface go ahead use a

disinfectant wipe fine but otherwise

make sure you’re using the right stuff

piling up damp towels and cloths every

time I do a laundry video so many

questions come in about how do I get my

towels not to be smelly or my cleaning

cloths always smell and if you’re

putting those things in your hamper

while there’s still wet mold and mildew

are going to start to form because

everything is clumped on top of each

other the moisture has no way to with

scape so it just kind of starts to

multiply and feed off all of the dirty

schmutz already stuck on the towels and

cloths so all you need to do is make

sure that any of your towels or cloths

are fully dried before you throw them

into the dirty laundry hamper and then

you’ll never have that issue with your

laundry smelling using bleach as a

cleaner I don’t use bleach in my house

but I know many of you guys do and cool

whatever you like to use is totally fine

the problem is when people say that

they’re cleaning with bleach they’re

actually not cleaning anything bleach

has two distinct purposes the first one

is to whiten which is why people like

using it in laundry and the second one

is to disinfect so if you’re using

bleach to clean any surface for example

cleaning a toilet you’re actually not

doing much cleaning if you just dump

bleach in there and swish a brush around

you might be getting rid of bacteria but

odors and hard water build-up and stain

all that stuff is still going to be

right there in the toilet so if you’re

going to use bleach fine just make sure

you’re using it properly by the way I’m

curious do you guys use bleach at home

let me know in the comments down below

leaving your dirty dishes in the sink I

know what it feels like to finish a meal

and just Chuck your dishes in the sink

it’s so convenient but the truth is a

lot of you guys complain about the fact

that your dishes pile up and you feel

like you can never stay on top of that

so the bad habit here is putting your

dishes in the sink instead of directly

in the dishwasher or quickly hand

washing them it might take a couple

extra seconds but the truth is once it’s

done it’s done your kitchen is going to

look a lot cleaner and more appealing to

be in in the long run holding on to old

stuff never has the saying out with the

old in with the new wrung anymore true

take magazines for example if you get

magazines every month they start to pile

up I know because I have recently dealt

with this issue and you might think oh

but I need that magazine from three

months ago because there was this thing

in there and I want to reference it the

truth is you’re probably never going to

go back to that magazine so what you

need to do is keep in mind when you get

a new thing a new

magazine get rid of the old magazine if

you give it away or recycle it whatever

it is you choose to do with it make sure

it leaves your house you got to get out

with the old and in with the new

cluttered surfaces yes there are a lot

of surfaces in a home but it doesn’t

necessarily mean that those surfaces

need to be cleared up with your stuff so

when you have a surface don’t look at it

as sort of a temporary storage solution

look at it as a deliberate space it

should have a set amount of things Vaz a

tray a picture frame but not like a pile

of mail six books a bottle of wine all

that kind of stuff doesn’t belong on

random surfaces so if you notice that

that’s becoming a problem the first

thing to keep in mind is that the random

stuff kind of needs a home

so it would be a good thing to establish

where that stuff actually belongs and

then put it there and secondly if you do

need some of that space to store stuff

cool but just do it in an organized

fashion so maybe invest in some baskets

or a tray using paper towels instead of

cleaning cloths I know how convenient it

is to rip off a sheet of paper towel if

you have the roll prominent in your

kitchen but the truth is it’s wasteful

and it’s expensive so if you have to

reach for something whether it’s a

napkin or a cleaning cloth or a dish

towel make sure you’re grabbing for the

right cloth instead of just conveniently

grabbing paper towels

big waste of money I did the math it’s

about let’s say a buck 25 for a roll of

paper towel if you put that over your

year you averaged using two rolls a week

that’s 130 dollars such a waste of money

not to mention the environmental impact

so what I recommend get some cloths

napkins get some good quality cleaning


I don’t know maker’s cleaning cloths

like that might be a good idea and also

make sure that you have appropriate dish

towels and that way when you do actually

need paper towels for example when you

have to clean up a surface that you

wouldn’t want to mess up a towel or a

cloth using great grab the paper towel

but otherwise you have your alternatives

I know my plugs for my cloths aren’t so

subtle but I mean we’re here

oh why not if you didn’t get makers

cleaning cloths under the tree or

wrapped up this past holiday season no

problem you can go to makers clean calm

and you can order some for yourself

it’s 2017 treat yourself we also ship

them worldwide so pretty much anywhere

you are we can get them to you visit

makers clean calm to learn all about

them this week’s comment question is

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thing it could not be a cleaning thing I

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