10 Cool Cleaning, Organizing & Storage Products! (International Home & Housewares Show 2017)

I’m back in Chicago for the 2017 International Home & Housewares Show and I’m bringing you my favourite cleaning, organizing and storage products from this massive housewares trade show!

I’m back in Chicago at McCormick Place

for IH HS 2017 that’s the international

home and housewares show put on by the

International House words Association

and guys this is a trade only show they

bring Chad and I here every year so that

we can walk the show floor one of the

biggest holes that they have is all

about cleaning and containing stuff so

that’s why I’m here and my job is to go

around and pick out my favorite stuff

and share it with you in a video and

I’ve been doing this this is now our

fourth year people love these videos

it’s kind of like seeing into the future

because you get to see some of the cool

products that will be out in store for

2018 and I am giving you kind of an

all-access pass to the show I’ve got my

comfy shoes on this year I’ve opted for

the all-white chucks with a little bit

of gold because I’m fancies all right

guys let’s go take a look and see what

we’ve got in store one of the big trends

I’m seeing at the show this year is

indoor hydroponics or indoor gardening

and this is the Miracle Grow arrow

garden it comes in three sizes the

largest is Wi-Fi enabled so it basically

tells your smartphone when you need to

water your plants which is super cool

because if you’re like me you forget but

let’s talk about the more important step

aside from my failing memory

this comes with a seedpod starter kit

anytime you buy one you can buy Lettuce

kits so you can buy peppers cherry

tomatoes and of course my favorite herbs

this plant right here this is a basil

plant with one seed pod you get and

these are non-gmo seeds by the way you

get one hundred and fifty dollars worth

of store-bought basil out of one seed

pod so you basically keep this guy on

your counter this is an LED light panel

right here it raises up based on the

height of the plant so you can adjust it

and you prune down your plants you eat

delicious herbs that you don’t have to

buy anymore it’s healthy it’s like

having a garden indoors and you cannot

kill your plants

at the design ideas booth they really do

have a lot of design ideas

well names company they are all about

coming up with colorful solutions for

tabletop and death wear and the thing

that caught my eye guys is this fabulous

punched metal cactus find I do love

cactuses pack die go argue about that in

the comments I also love palm trees so

if they have a palm tree line and be

even happier but I’ll take a qisas cacti

now let me show you what they have they

have this little magazine file folder

paper holder thing and basically they

designed everything in this line because

the Pantone color of the year is

greenery and as soon as they found that

out they were like we’re going full

force we’re doing the cactus line I just

throw the whole story so this may or may

not be in stores I really hope it will

be but I am loving this they even got

this very cute cross country message

board with little cactus pushpins

it couldn’t be any cuter honestly they

have a beautiful selection of trendy

colors and cool designs what we were

walking through the hall we had to stop

here at three sprouts because their

stuff is so freakin adorable they’ve got

every cute little animal in every two

little situation on all kinds of great

storage stuff for a little kid but the

thing that really caught our R here is

this play mat bag so think about it like

this I’m a kid I mean I’m 34 but imagine

I’m a kid I’m sitting in here I’m

playing with my Legos I’m making a huge

mess and then all my mom has to do is

take me out seal up the two top portions

like this grab the two handles like this

and then all of the toys or all of the

mess is contained in one little area

this can be hung on the wall this can be

ported from one place to another I can

go to my grandmother’s house this can go

along with me in the car it’s so super

convenient for parents and not to

mention it comes in these really

adorable prints we’ve got a whale a fox

a hedgehog a pink elephants and of

course this cute owl how do you pick

which one you’re going to get and the

material that it’s made out of its

canvas which is the same material that

sales are made

so you know spot-clean it’s pretty easy

to take care of and you better believe

it’s durable Casabella is all we’ve got

some things going on at the show and

this year is no different

guys this is not a toilet bowl brush I

know what you’re thinking it’s actually

a soap dispensing glass and bottle brush

is part of the smart scrub line it’s new

and it is cool I’m going to walk you

through the features tell you why I

think it’s neat okay so first of all if

you use one of these

you know reusable coffee cups or water

bottles you need to clean that business

and this is how you’re going to do it so

check it out you can unscrew the top you

can fill it with dish soap already like

it you can see how much dish soap is in

there because this is clear this is your

little dish soap dispensing button very

handy and you can remove the head by

just pressing these two buttons right

here pop it off and you can stick that

in the dishwasher top rack it’s not

going to melt these are nice dirty nylon

brushes and you can replace it once it

gets kind of nasty we know that happens

so all in all a pretty neat product is

simple but it’s really handy and it

works I’m sure you’ve seen spectrum

diversified products all over the place

and they have a huge selection but one

product line that really caught my eye

is their workspace kind of pegboard

collection peg boards are very trendy

we’re seeing a lot of it at the show

this year and they’ve come up with this

really smart line it looks kind of let’s

call it industrial chic maybe that’s the

thing industrial chic but I love this

because it’s got all different kinds of

sizes and styles these are obviously

functional for holding little touch cut

scissors markers but it’s also great for

you know they have different size

baskets that can hold different things

you can lift the baskets up you can

reposition them anywhere you want and

let’s say you don’t have pegboard but

you like this style

they also come fully with these little

holes and they are fully ready to be

screwed into a wall so you can still

have this look even if you don’t have

tied board and the cool thing that

they’ve done at this displays they’ve

done craft room on one side and

workspace like utility space garage

basements on the other so they just

they’re displaying the versatility of


that’s why we actually have some of this

at home they’ve got some new shapes and

sizes for 2018 coming up but this is a

super super cool line now pretty booth

tend to catch my eye but pretty booths

with good stuff in them even better and

that’s why I stopped at Cavell this here

look here this is a lot of storage right

but watch this when I close it you’ll

see it’s actually a beautiful ottoman

and what these guys do is they make

furniture that’s super smart and

functional this is part of the Nordic

series they also have a chair in the

same style the seat lifts up you’ve got

all kinds of storage in it but I also

really liked myself I was thinking about

you guys when I saw this because this

here is called the Versa it’s like a

folding kind of hanging rack it’s

multi-purpose you can do all kinds of

things with it so I’m imagining putting

this in a corner somewhere if you’re

short on space also a great alternative

to the chair where you’re Midway clothes

can go stuff that’s not quite dirty but

not quite clean you can hang sweaters

here you can use hangers and hang things

off the rack you can even lay your shoes

there I also think it’s great if you

like to lay your outfits out the night

before that way you can wake up and just

be on your way this is perfect great for

a room divider you can also lean it up

straight against the wall so it’s very

functional I guess that’s why they

called it the Versa it’s versatile it

can do a lot of things if you’re ever on

Facebook you know you see those videos

that kind of go viral well I’m sure

you’ve seen this video it’s featuring a

lovely lady who takes a teeny tiny

little thing opens it up puts like a

million items in it traveled and then

when she’s done she can pack it all back

up and stick it away in her closet that

product is called the GOG that video has

almost 11 million combined views it is a

crazy cool product I saw it here at the

show and I absolutely needed to stop by

and check it out for myself it’s

basically it’s called the dip sack so

it’s this very lightweight bag you can

store it away this is what it looks like

when you’re done with it it can go under

your bed or in your closet doesn’t take

up space it’s super light almost three

just about three and a half pounds

actually which is very convenient it

rolls which is lovely and of course you

can pull

up and open it up and once you open it

up it’s got all kinds of helpful handy

compartments in it where you can layer

up your clothing keeps things divided

and organized and sane and everybody

needs to be sane while they’re traveling

do you guys feel me on this level of

frustration when you pick up a bottle

and you squeeze it and you know their

stuff still in there but you just can’t

seem to get it out well that’s why the

flip it was invented this is a very cool

little product

it’s a tripod with a cap like a little

sports cap on the bottom and what you do

is you pick the right size most threaded

bottles come in one of four sizes which

is why we have these adapters and the

regular stand here so you pick what you

need you put it on to your bottle like

so and you just stand it up and let

gravity do all the work for you when you

want to use the product and this works

for any thick liquid whether its food or

so for laundry detergents honey anything

like that you pop open the sports cap

use the product when you’re done close

it put it back down and let’s say you

forgot to close it no problem this thing

falls over so you never have to worry

about it still trade shows are a lot of

work so when I find myself a bed I try

to lie down and enjoy it I’m actually

lying on a dog bed right now but you

know what’s cool he’s messing my dog bed

they don’t smell they have ever fresh

probiotic technology baked into the

fabric what that means in simple terms

is that microbes are baked in to the

actual fabric itself and that eats odor

causing bacteria so whenever your dog or

your cat they are coming out with a cat

line lies down on this product they kind

of smell the material does it work

no more smells salsa machine-washable it

comes with these really neat little

grippy things on the bottom so this

won’t slide around everywhere when your

dog or cat goes sliding into it and it

comes to me beautiful finishes they

didn’t want to design it with dog bones

and paw prints instead they wanted to

design it in a way that was fit into

your home

before you know what I love cat I was 11

products speak to me so when I came

across the Koziol booth and I saw this

giant black cat well you know I stopped

it and actually they sell this cat and

Chad claimed he’s going to buy one so

let’s see if that actually happened let

me show you what they actually have it’s

adorable stuff no I should mention it’s

BPA and melamine free so that’s nice

it’s also recyclable plastic that’s what

everything is made out of so once you’re

done with it you know that it’s going to

be recycled now the things I want to

draw your attention to this really cute

paper towel holder obviously you guys

know I have a black hat so caught my

heart here we have a toilet paper holder

that actually sticks to the wall using a

suction cup and this really adorable

hook and of course you can use it for a

loop of it you can use a hook well I

mean got a sticky back be creative you

can use it for pretty much anything but

the cat doesn’t stop there they’ve got

little pics and a little pics and

they’ve got water bottle stoppers spoons

which they were kind enough to give me I

think I’m going to be eating with these

spoons so leek they have chip clips

little tea infuser holders all kinds of

really sweet things the cat line is just

it’s actually called me out it’s one of

the very adorable lines that they have

they’ve got all kinds of cool stuff and

I thought all of my cat people out there

would love this it’s been a long four

days but it’s been totally worth it you

guys have seen what’s going on there’s

some cool stuff for 2018 and I’m going

to be back next year to show you what’s

happening for 2019 and I’ll be in a

different equally of fun pair of shoes

and special shout out to my shoes for

keeping me standing up for these past

four days the inspired poem booth is

right behind me

inspired home.com is a website that’s

affiliated with this show they showcase

all of the beautiful vendor items

throughout the year so if you want to

see what else is going on and see what’s

coming up in store you can check out the

inspired home comm and they were kind

enough to hold a book signing for me and

they gave me three copies that I can

actually give away to you so all you

have to do to enter is to leave a

comment in the comments down below and

let me know what your favorite products

was from the show so that’s all you have

to do I’m picking the winners in one

week’s time I’ll let you know via direct

message you found this video helpful if

you enjoyed it if you loved what you saw

give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t

done so already make sure that you

subscribe to clean my space channel

thanks so much for watching and from

Chicago I’ll see you next time


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