10 Genius Cleaning Tips!

ne of the best parts about hosting a cleaning channel here on YouTube is that I get to learn SO MUCH from you guys – our comment section is a goldmine of cleaning and organizing tips, tricks, hacks and ideas!

So in this video we are featuring more of your amazing tips!

one of the best parts about hosting a

cleaning channel on YouTube is the fact

that I get to learn so much from you

guys and our comment section is a

goldmine of cleaning information so

that’s why this video is going to

contain more of your user submitted

cleaning tips this is a third

installation of this video series we

love doing it because we just love

sharing your genius so without further

ado let’s get to it

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tips being shared by the way if you

notice that the light keeps changing

it’s because we’re filming in this

upstairs room here and the Sun is

literally in my face and there are

clouds so if I look like I’m standing on

different planets while I’m recording

this video that’s why Tina settlement

says laundry tips when I hand wash my

bras that gives them a good squeeze with

my hands and then put them in the salad

spinner to get rid of most of the

moisture they dry so much faster on the

drying rack that way and normally for me

I just fling my bras on the drying rack

but the truth is if you need a bra to

wear with a certain outfit and you need

it to dry quicker

that’s an amazing tip and I know a lot

of people do this already so thanks so

much for sharing that and penny 2 to 6

says I injured my knee and couldn’t bend

it for a while I bought a microfiber mop

to clean my bathtub with just fill your

mop bucket with hot water and a few

drops of dishwashing liquid then mop the

tub clean and you’re not the only person

that says that because Queen beef says I

use my Swiffer to clean the bathtub and

shower tiles just spray on your favorite

cleaner and start wiping with your

Swiffer no bending over I love this tip

you guys are using a cleaning tool in a

different way to accomplish a task and

get it done in a way that makes sense

and saves time big old check mark on my


Timothy up ledger says used dryer sheets

also make great bug remover for the

front of your car truck trailer or

motorcycle let the item to be cleaned

wipe it with the sheet let it stand for

a minute then just wipe them off anyone

who clean bugs off a motorcycle knows

how hard it can be not anymore well I


say I’ve been there but I know that

these used dryer sheets they have so

many different functions I’m really glad

that you shared that one because it is

so gross to see dead bugs up in your

windshield another great use for dryer

sheets that are used cleaning your

baseboards this is a bit of a French

sounding name so I’m going to read it in

a bit of a French accent so I hope it’s


legend a says we always check in during

breakfast what we want to be done that

way we both know what we should do and

try to find time for it during the day

it also takes a weight off my shoulders

since I’m best at spotting it because my

husband is actually excellent and

executing it only if he knows what’s

needed and this goes back to my point

about communication and figuring out

what both people in the relationship

like to do because truthfully we will do

things that we like to do so the fact

that you know your husband is a great

executor and you are the person who kind

of figures everything out you guys have

figured out a great strategy I’m sure

you live in a clean house with

significantly less arguments I know

that’s something Chad and I are

constantly working on we actually have a

video about that topic so I’ll link that

down below for you guys to check out

great tip TVC says here’s a handy trick

instead of sucking the air out of your

bag of ginger or whatever else you put

into a zipper bag with your mouth I keep

a plastic straw close by and when it’s

time to suck the air out of the bag I

close the top just leaving enough room

for the straw to fit into the bag suck

up the air through the straw finish

sealing the bag voila and that is a cool

tip if you don’t have a vacuum sealer

you’re essentially going to use your

lungs as the vacuum and the idea of

using the straw will help keep as much

air out of the bag as possible and do

that to preserve freshness and we

covered that in one of our food storage

videos so I will link those down below

for you as well that was a really cool

tip Vanessa Casablanca which I don’t

know if that’s her real name or not

because it’s so beautiful anyway she

says to eliminate cross-contamination I

color code all my cleaning rags and

microfiber cloths to designated areas

and this is a great tip because a lot of

people are concerned about cross


using a cloth in the bathroom you don’t

want to take it to the kitchen so if you

pick you know for example all blue

cloths for the bathroom and use all oh I

don’t know purple cloth for the kitchen

that’s a great way to avoid

cross-contamination and by the way it’s

purple and blue cleaning cloths sound

interesting to you you should check out

our line of cleaning cloths called

makers cleaning cloths they are premium

microfiber so many of you guys have them

already you love them I know why you

love them they’re premium they work

wonders they’re fabulous

so I hope you guys check that out Jordan

Nicole says my favorite tip is citrus

peels great non abrasive and disposable

scrubbers simmered in some water on the

stove to make your house smell amazing I

like to add extra peels to mason jars

full of vinegar under my sink i use the

infused vinegar as an all-purpose

cleaner and that smells great and cut

through muck seriously try it on

leftover sticker residue so true we have

used citrus peels in so many places

throughout the house using as a kitchen

scrubber is a really smart idea you know

instead of using a sponge maybe throw a

bit of salt on it and you can scrub a

pot or something I don’t know get

creative but it’s true citrus peels are

really valuable especially because the

skin contains those citrus oils which

has limiting which is great at lifting

up grease which is why it works so well

for that sticker trick love that one

thanks for sharing Jane Smith says ok

Melissa my ultimate most amazing

cleaning tip ever and ever and this is

so emphatic is when my husband gets home

and is about to put his clothes /

lunchbox / wallet / watch flash papers

all over the house I opened my eyes like

this and point my finger to what he’s

about to do tada

then he puts it all away properly and my

house is clean I love that tip it’s

almost like your finger is kind of like

a magic wand you got the cut I and the

magic wand and I guess between the cut I

and the magic wand things get done I

should start trying this around my house

and here’s the tip that came in just

this morning and I thought you know what

I got two included it’s from Elaine

Walters it came in

email and she said try essential oil of

wintergreen wintergreen not only is it a

strong disinfectant and powerful cleaner

but the fragrance is beautiful

wintergreen oil has been used for

disinfection in hospitals and also helps

remove foul odors well anything that

smells like a fresh pack of gum if I

think clean with it I’m going to clean

with it I haven’t tried winter oil

winter oils I would never use winter oil

thank you I’ve never tried wintergreen

oil before but the next time I go to the

health food store I’m definitely going

to keep an eye out for it so thanks for

that great tip you guys I always have so

much fun reading the comment section

don’t ever think that one of your

comments goes unnoticed we love hearing

from you and when you share a tip that’s

helpful sometimes we try it and we start

integrating it into our own lives and I

know that other people who watch the

videos and read the comment do the same

thing so definitely keep it up and if

anything I ever say in a video inspires

you to come up with an idea or share a

tip please feel free to put it in the

comments which brings me to this week’s

comment question and that is what

amazing cleaning tips do you have

because we are undoubtedly going to be

doing this video again I love hearing

from you guys as you know so drop your

comments in the comments down below and

we might use it in an upcoming video you

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