10 Handy Food Storage Tips! Stop Wasting Money!

Save Money: 10 Handy Food Storage Tips!
(Food Preserving Hacks for Fresh Groceries)

Save $$ by having your food last longer, in this video, Melissa Maker shares some handy tips for storing Ginger Basil, Tangerines, Avocados, Milk, Butter, Blueberries, Nuts and Wine!

We all buy food and we’ve all gotta eat, so because of that we need to learn how to store our food properly, we’ve done a couple of other food storage videos and you guys have loved them, and we love making them – so here’s another one – 10 Handy Food Storage Tips which can save you money and reduce food waste!

we all buy food and we’ve all gone eat

and because of that we need to figure

out how to store our food properly we’ve

done a couple of other food storage

videos and they’ve done well and you

guys have a lot of questions and for

good reason

food spoils and money gets wasted so

this week I’m going through ten more

food storage tips for you so stay tuned

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storage tips you know when people say if

you are stranded on a desert island

what’s that one food that you would want

to have there’s a good 90% chance that

my food would be avocados we love

avocados in this house but they are a

little bit finicky to store because what

happens they’re kind of like bananas you

put them on the counter then I have like

a 30 second period where they’re amazing

and then they’re spoiled

so here’s how to master storing your

avocados get them out on the counter

when they’re unripe and just leave them

there for a couple of days until they

become darker and a little bit more

squishy but not too squishy now the way

that you know your avocado is ripe a of

course is by the touch this one’s pretty

great and be this little stem over here

will easily flick off if it is ready for

you to eat if it’s ripe now if you want

to eat it right away or either the next

day or two

great leave it on the counter but if you

want to prolong it for about a week you

can put it in the fridge and it will

retain the level of ripeness that you’ve

gotten it to when you left it out on the

counter blueberries are expensive so

it’s important to know how to take care

of them properly so you can actually eat

them instead of curl them in the garbage

which is a tragedy most very packages

will come with that little plastic e

kind of square at the bottom this one

doesn’t so there’s an easy way to combat

that all you need to do is take a piece

of paper towel and line the bottom of a

container with it now you want to do

this because the paper towel will help

absorb moisture which helps prevent mold

from growing on your berries which is

unattractive and sad and really a big

waste of money so if you can do that

you’re in good shape put it in the

fridge and then right before you want to

eat your berries that’s when you wash

them if you wash them any earlier

I know it’s convenient but unfortunately

the moisture will start to promote that

mold growth faster your berries won’t

last as long we love nuts here at the

CMS HQ but storing nuts can be a bit of

a challenge because when you buy a big

bag of them if you just leave them out

willy-nilly they’re going to go rancid

now what is rancid it’s when the oil

kind of turns and you kind of get that

like gross smell that makes your whole

face explode basically that’s what you

know your not so rancid and they also

taste terrible too the biggest

contributors to that are light and heat

so with your nuts you want to get them

into a good airtight container and keep

them somewhere in a cool dark place now

the best place you can actually keep

them is in the fridge or the freezer and

you can store them in something like a

mason jar or again another airtight

container as long as they’re

refrigerated or kept frozen they’ll keep

for longer this here is a four dollar

bundle of basil that we picked up at the

grocery store but three days ago and it

is pathetic you’re pathetic and the

reason that happened is because we

didn’t store the basil properly so

keeping it in the fridge wrapped up in a

package gonna ruin your basil there’s

your proof the bright way to store it is

to keep it kind of like a plant you want

to have your basil sitting in some sort

of a container this is glass works very

well you want to put about a quarter

inch of water in there and basically you

want to treat it like a plant or a cut

flower and that will help it survive for

a little bit longer

you can probably keep it for about a

week if it’ll last in your house that

long now it is best if you can actually

get a basil plant in your house you just

position it somewhere where there’s good

sunlight give it some water and you’ll

have beautiful fresh basil all year

round putting a cold piece of butter on

a piece of toast is a total bread and

butter buzzkill you need to have nice

soft room-temperature butter that’s easy

to spread but the thing is how do you

get that because do you have to leave

the butter out on your counter or do you

keep it in the fridge and then microwave

it it’s very high maintenance so I’d

like to know first and foremost what do

you do do you keep your butter out or do

you keep it in the fridge let me know in

the comments down below this is what’s

worked for Chad and I we cut a small

piece of butter off and we leave it in

the butter dish that way it’ll come to

room temperature we can spread it and

use it at our leisure the rest of the

butter stays in the fridge so that it’s

cold and preserved now keep in mind

salted butter has salt in it not the

best thing for your heart but pretty

good for preserving butter when it’s

sitting out on your counter unsalted

butter will tend to go Rance it a little

bit faster this not only makes butter

enjoyable to consume but helps the stick

of butter at last for as long as humanly

possible I know it feels like the right

thing to do is to keep tangerines and

oranges in the fridge but guys you keep

them on the counter that’s all you need

to know plus it makes it super

convenient for you to grab a snack and

it encourages healthy eating ginger is

not something that should just be tossed

in the crisper when you’re not using it

I mean it does kind of rarely get used

so you really want to prolong the life

of your piece of ginger for as long as

possible the easiest way to do this is

first and foremost to Pat it down so if

you’ve cut it and there’s a little wet

part you can just Pat it down with a

paper towel or it’s a little bit moist

you can just give it a give it the old

pat down and then you want to put it

into a zippered bag and kind of suck out

the air zip it up and keep it in the

fridge now if you want to if you use

ginger grated as I often do a chef told

me actually his name is Michael Smith

he’s a pretty well-known guy here in

Canada and he told me he keeps that very

same ginger situation in the zippered

bag in the freezer and that way when he

takes it out it’s very easy to grate on

a grater so give that one a try peanut

butter has to be one of the most

delightful foods in the world and at our

house we have natural peanut butter and

unnatural peanut butter I’m sure you

know who eats which one either way both

Chad and I keep our peanut butter in the

cupboard however I know there’s a lot of

contention about whether you keep it in

the cupboard or you keep it in the

fridge so we did some research and

here’s what we’ve learned you want to

keep peanut butter in a dark cool place

whether that’s the fridge it’s not

really necessary to be honest especially

for something that contains a lot of

salt and preservatives I’m not naming

names here but if you use natural peanut

butter like I

do you can keep it in the cupboard but

some people say put it in the fridge

because of the oil it can go rancid but

you know what guys I’m still here my

heart’s still beating I’m alive I

haven’t died from rancid peanut butter

and my peanut butter always tastes great

when I eat it the most important thing

is just to give it a good stir before

you actually eat it so you don’t have

all that oil separation going on let me

know in the comments down below if you

guys keep your peanut butter in the

fridge or if you keep it in the cupboard

clearly you don’t need to know where to

keep your milk but in order to keep it

lasting longer you can actually store it

in the most optimal location in your

fridge now the least optimal location is

the fridge door that’s the warmest part

of the fridge and milk in order to stay

fresh for long needs to be kept as cold

as possible so what you want to do is

either keep it right up at the top

that’s apparently the coldest place to

the fridge but then you meet the other

half of the population that thinks the

shelf right above the crisper is the

coldest part of the fridge now either

way you slice it as long as you keep it

there and not the door your milk should

last a little bit longer and for you

Canadians or any people who get your

milk in bags we have this neat little

storage container that stacks your milk

bags on top of one another

makes it easy for you to pull a bag out

and you can even keep the little tab

that tells you the expiration date of

the milk right there on the container

now let’s say you buy a lot of milk at

one time maybe it’s on sale and I mean

who doesn’t love a good sale and you’re

not going to get through it all at once

you can actually keep milk in the

freezer it’ll keep for several months

and it won’t lose its nutritional value

or its flavor I love wine I can hide it

and we keep several bottles in the house

just in case the feeling arises where

you know a glass is necessary a glass or

two is necessary now we’ve been storing

our wine all wrong because we’ve been

keeping it in this cabinet which has

lots of unnatural light exposure as well

as natural light exposure and when

you’re storing wine you want to keep it

out of light and you want to keep it out

of heat so ideally you want to keep it

in a cool dark location if you have a

cellar or a cupboard that really is the

best place to keep it now I’m not saying

a wine cellar I’m saying like

you know a cold room or something like

that that’s perfectly fine but hey if

you have a wine cellar I’m jealous

now if you’re going to open a bottle of

wine you want to make sure that you’re

consuming that within a couple of days

three four days max after that your wine

starts to turn so when you’re storing it

make sure you keep the cork on you can

kind of lean it to its side but don’t

plan to have that wine stick around for

much longer than a few days and that

wraps up ten more food storage tips I

gotta tell ya it’s around lunchtime all

this food talk is making me feel really

hungry so I’m going to wrap up the video

but one quick question for you what are

your food storage challenges let me know

in the comments down below we love

making these kinds of videos so if we

get enough questions we’ll put another

one together I hope you guys enjoyed

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