10 Minute Kitchen Cleaning Routine!

Waking up to a clean kitchen is really important to me because the kitchen is my biggest MIA (most important area) and having a messy, cluttered kitchen is no way to start a day!

So in this video, I’m sharing my 10 minute evening kitchen cleaning routine!

if you guys are familiar with CMS lingo

you’ve probably heard me say the word

m.i.a before and that means most

important areas and those are the areas

that I like to focus on when I’m

cleaning because obviously they count

the most

for me and my biggest m.i.a is my

kitchen so when I wake up in the morning

if the kitchen is messy I am stressed I

don’t feel good that’s not good for

anybody so this is an area that I really

spend time cleaning and each day after

dinner or before I go to bed I make sure

that I spend time in here and I have

this little routine that I do so that

when I wake up in the morning I’m not

stressed out because obviously I have

stuff I need to do in the kitchen and

other things I need to do to get on with

my day I don’t want to think about

cleaning the kitchen so I have this

routine it’s 10 minutes or so and in

this video I’m going to share that

routine with you it’s something that you

can do each day it’s not the big old

kitchen cleaning but it’s just what gets

you from point A to point B so that you

can rest assured your kitchen is going

to look amazing

the next time you visit it and just a

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thumbs up if the kitchen is an m.i.a for

you after a day of cooking and eating

you probably have a bunch of dishes and

utensils pots and pans that kind of

stuff piled up well for me I know that I

have to start by getting rid of all of

that stuff and where do I put it in the

dishwasher the way I do this is I clear

everything off from plates and

containers pots and pin by wiping any

food into the compost bin and then I’ll

load all of that stuff up into the

dishwasher or if anything needs to be

hand washed that’s the time I’m going to

do it now I’ve got to remove any clutter

from the counter so anything that I’ve

taken out to cook with or use during the

day that’s going to be put away and then

I like my counters to look neat and


so I’ll line everything up parallel or

perpendicular to the edge of the surface

that’s something I talk about all the

time with you guys it makes a big

difference and finally I’ll give the

counters of quick wipe-down

now I look for those glaring gross areas

in the kitchen that need a quick

touch-up so it’s not a matter of doing a

big cleaning here it’s just those gross

things that catch your eye so for me

it’s like the areas on my glass or

stainless steel that have fingerprints

or drip marks or splatters those are the

things that all clean so there’s this

really easy DIY recipe that I have it’s

one cup white vinegar to one cup water I

put that in a spray bottle I use that to

clean my stainless steel gets rid of

fingerprints you can also use that as a

glass cleaner too so it’s very

convenient and it works really well the

kitchen sink is like the bed of the

bedroom if the sink is dirty the whole

kitchen looks dirty

the bed’s not made the whole bedroom

looks unmade so I always wait until the

very end to clean my sink because I’m

using it throughout the cleaning and I

don’t want to clean anything twice the

way that I clean my sink is I sprinkle

it down with some baking soda should be

a little bit wet and that is great for

scouring and then I’ll take a

non-scratching sponge and pump some dish

soap on there and then I just start to

scrub and this provides such a good

cleaning it gets off any of that dirt

and it leaves a nice high polished sign

so once I’ve scrubbed everything in I

run some hot water I just rinse all of

that stuff down the sink and then I give

it a Polish with a nice microfiber cloth

the last thing I do

is a garbage check if they’re just about

full whether it’s regular garbage or

compost I know that it’s time to empty

it and we actually just got a new

garbage can because the last one that we

had it was one of those electric sensor

ones and the lid stopped working so it

was stuck in the upward position and it

got really stinky in the kitchen now at

the same time we also stepped up our

garbage bag game and now we’re using the

glad easy tide large kitchen catcher’s

garbage bags which have thick handles

reinforced strength bands and thicker

bottoms for leak protection because

seriously how many times have you had

some crazy garbage leak on the way to

the garage and you get garbage juice

everywhere and then you have a whole

cleanup job after or

the handles are breaking when you’re

tying up the garbage bag well honestly I

say no more to that a special shout-out

to our friends at GLAAD for sponsoring

this video if you’d like to learn more

about the glad ez tie large kitchen

catchers garbage bags that we used

earlier or to learn more about any of

their other products you can visit their

website at glad CA this week’s comment

question is what is your mi a an mi a

the most important area in your home is

all about what do you want to focus on

the most when you clean for me it’s the

kitchen but sometimes it’s the bedroom

bathroom or front hallway so it’s really

hard to pick a favorite one for me but

I’d love to know in the comments down

below what is your cleaning mi a here

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