10 Secrets to Hiring a House Cleaning Service!

I started a house cleaning service company in 2006, it’s called Clean My Space – imagine that! Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the home cleaning service industry and, not surprisingly, a question I get asked a lot is How do I know which house cleaning company to hire? Well, I’m going to address 10 tips for you in this video that will help you skip the hassle and get to the clean!

as some of you probably know I started a

cleaning service in my hometown of

Toronto in 2006 just three months after

Chad and I started dating and since then

clean my space which is the name of our

service company has been going strong

and over the years even though I’ve

written a book about cleaning and I make

videos about cleaning I’ve got a lot of

information about how to hire a cleaning

service and every now and then you might

want to bring somebody in just to

supplement the work that you’re doing

obviously depending on your budget or

you might be looking to hire someone on

a weekly bi-weekly or monthly basis so

in this video in response to a lot of

your questions I figured that I would

put together tips for you on how to hire

the right cleaning service I’ve got lots

of experience in this industry so let me

share those tips with you now and just a

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some point in your life when you’re

looking to bring somebody into your home

what I recommend is always starting by

asking for referrals from friends and

family in fact often times I’ll just put

something up on Facebook when I’m

looking for a referral now the reason

this is so important is because a

company can really write anything it

wants on its website so they might sound

amazing but are they actually amazing

that’s what your friends and family are

gonna tell you so go to them is your

first point of reference take review

websites with a grain of salt you know

happy people tend to not go on these

websites and put up reviews they really

they might be happy but they don’t

really feel compelled to do it but upset

people oh my god do they have a voice

and they need to be heard and oftentimes

people who are really angry they want to

just go online and bench they want to be

heard sometimes they legitimately want

to ruin the company’s reputation so just

be mindful when you’re looking at a

company’s review if they have a pretty

decent score but a few bad apples that’s

pretty normal if the company has all bad

reviews that’s a red flag


thing to look out for and guys this one

might surprise you is a company that has

all perfect reviews that is just not

realistic and in fact there’s a company

or two that I know of who are

competitors of ours who actually give

their clients money to put up reviews so

you can imagine there’s a bit of an

incentive there for the client to say

something nice or they’ll go around and

get reviews and other shady sketchy ways

and those are the companies that have

all-perfect tens so what I like to do

and this is chattin Eyes policy on

reading reviews whether it’s for

restaurants or Amazon or service

providers we kind of ignore all the

perfect reviews we kind of ignore all

the bad reviews and we look at the

middle section one of the reasons why

service companies tend to be more

expensive than people who just post up

an ad on the side of a mailbox or on

Craigslist is because actual service

companies should provide bonding

insurance and workers compensation and

when you’re interviewing a company on

the phone or reading their FAQ page they

should definitely mention that they

offer that and if they don’t run in the

other direction now what that offers

bonding means that if something gets

stolen from your home there’s an

insurance policy that will give you back

whatever was taken or the financial

compensation for it insurance means that

if anything gets broken or damaged in

your home that the company has a policy

that can cover that

and finally workers compensation means

that if someone gets injured at your

home workers compensation will take over

and pay for whatever their recovery

expenses are now if you just hire

somebody off of a website where they

don’t have that kind of protection or

you just bring someone into your home

and pay them cash

none of those assurances are offered to

you and in the event that something goes

wrong you’re on the hook I always like

to know how long a company has been in

business for and also if they have any

professional affiliations or if they’ve

been accredited so for example we’ve

been in business since 2006

we’re accredited by the Better Business

Bureau and the way that the Better

Business Bureau works is they look at

how long you’ve been in business and how

many complaints have been registered

under your business and then they assign

you a rating so anyone can go on to that

our Business Bureau website they can

check out my company or anyone’s company

frankly as long as they’re part of the

Better Business Bureau and get that

accreditation rating and that’s really

important because credibility is huge

especially when you’re letting someone

into your home with all your stuff the

other reason why it’s important to know

how long a company has been in business

for is because it allows them to have

time to establish themselves and work

out kinks and sometimes there are

terrible companies and this actually

happened I know a couple companies in

Toronto like this terrible reputation

all they do is close down and open up

under a new name but it’s the same

owners the same management and the same

business structure with the same

terrible service so really understanding

how long that company’s been established

for and if they have any accreditations

or professional affiliations can really

benefit you as a consumer I also think

it’s important to find out if the

cleaning service company provides their

own cleaning products and tools or if

they want you to provide your own

cleaning products and tools now while it

might seem more convenient for the

company to provide the cleaning products

and tools as far as I’m concerned I want

to have control and if you guys know

anything about me and have learned

anything from the clean myspace channel

you know that having the right products

and tools is half the battle and you

know your space now the other thing to

keep in mind is that let’s say a company

supplies their own stuff well how do you

know that a mop that was used in house a

wasn’t cleaned before it was used in

house B think about a toilet bowl brush

think about a sponge I don’t know for me

that gives me the heebie-jeebies so at

my company we require our clients to

provide their own cleaning supplies and

tools we sell starter kits and we also

give them a shopping list so that

everybody knows what they need and we’ll

also talk them through their space their

particular requirements and we find out


what are your finishes and what do you

need so we can make sure you’re properly

outfitted and that way our clients know

that their stuff is only being used in

their house is the company that you’re

contacting an actual service provider or

are they kind of one of those sharing

economy websites so a service provider

tends to have a consistent roster of

employees that they’ll send out on a

regular basis and one of those sharing

economy websites well pretty much anyone

can put their information up on there

and get themselves a job so when we

interview part of our process is doing

background checks police check and of

course reference checks so we know who

we’re bringing in but when you’re just

hiring someone off of let’s say an

economy or a sharing economy an economy

website a sharing economy website or if

you’re just hiring somebody off of

Craigslist or something like that you

don’t know who they are and remember

they’re coming into your home where all

of your valuables important things are

and if something goes missing

what’s your recourse you want to know

who’s coming in how trustworthy and

reliable they are and what you can do in

the event that there’s a problem I have

so much more to say on this topic but I

didn’t want to put it all in the video

because I don’t want to talk your ear

off but I’ve got a link to a blog post

I’ll put that for you down below up on

cleanmyspace.com so you can check out a

few more of my tips and I really hope

that these have helped you and I just

want to tell you guys we are about to

hit 11 years in business @cleanmyspace

in Toronto and if you want to learn more

about the company you can visit clean

myspace da and of course if you want to

apply for a job as a cleaning specialist

you can go on that website and apply as

well you know what’s really funny now we

get a lot of applicants then they know

who I am so when they come into the

office they get really excited and it’s

really cute so yeah I’d love to meet you

guys if you are looking for a job and

you’re in the Toronto area but that’s

not why I made this video I just thought

it would throw that in there this week’s

comment question is what other questions

do you have about hiring a cleaning

service company or a cleaner in general

let me know and I’ll do my best to scour

the cost scour the

that’s one of my little cleaning jokes

in there and give you guys as many

answers as I possibly can or update the

blog or whatever it is that I can do

here are a couple of other videos I

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