10 Things to Toss Today! (Ep. 3)

Each time we release a 10 Things to Toss video you guys leave us great comments on what you need to declutter around your home. So, we decided to make another decluttering video featuring 10 more things you can toss today to declutter your home!

every time we’ve released a 10 things

you can toss video you guys have freaked

out in a good way you stopped the video

gone around your house found those items

put them at the front of your house and

decluttered all because you just watched

this video so what we’re doing is we’re

giving you 10 more things that you can

toss because well it might be a little

selfish but I kind of like doing these

too because I actually go through and

toss things from my house and that feels

really good so I hope the trickle-down

effect takes place and you guys do the

same thing so let’s find those 10 things

and start tossing before we get to

tossing if you haven’t done so already

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video a thumbs up first up cleaning

products that you’re no longer using

kind of like other products that you buy

to try and maybe decide that you don’t

love them cleaning products can really

stock up and waste a lot of space under

your cupboard or in your laundry room or

wherever it is that you keep your

cleaning products so go through pick out

the things that you don’t use anymore

and either decide to give them to a

friend or someone who you know might use

them or go on your local municipality

county or city website and find out the

proper way to dispose of these products

down the drain and down the toilet not

the right way and by the way if you want

to save space on cleaning products why

don’t you try making your own a couple

times a week I like to relax and unwind

with the delightful fumes of nail polish

that’s right I do my nails a couple of

times a week and every now and then I

will treat myself to a new bottle of

nail polish now the issue is I also have

old bottles of nail polish that I

continue to skip through kind of like

clothes you keep going through your

closet you’re looking I’m not going to

wear that today kind of the same deal

with nail polish so what I am going to

do is sort through my pile of nail

polish pick out the ones I don’t use if

they’re old and yoonah toss them and if

they’re just not my taste anymore I’m

going to

them away you should try the same thing

plastic containers are another big

clutter issue in homes mine as well in

fact I don’t know where half these

things came from and a lot of these are

just there and they don’t have lids or

they don’t have bottoms go figure

so I guess what happens over time is you

visit some friends or family they give

you some to go items and then you bring

it home in a container and then you’ve

got to keep the container you have to

remember to bring it to them next time

it’s a whole thing so what we’ve done

here is we’ve actually transitioned over

to glass containers and I think in the

future we are just going to bring stuff

to friends houses or family and then

that way we can take home our own

leftovers I mean not to be presumptuous

but it is kind of better than collecting

OPC other people’s containers it’s fun

to decorate your house and find nice

things to replace the not so nice things

but the question is what are you doing

with that not so nice stuff are you just

stockpiling it for a rainy day or are

you moving on from it in our case we

mostly get rid of stuff we donate it but

every now and then some weird stuff

manages to I don’t know find its way

into our basement and just stay there so

what I would recommend is go through all

of your home decor items that have

fallen out of style or favor and give

those away do you guys know where this

lamp is from if you do let me know in

the comments down below

nothing says memory lane like lahia your

old cell phones and fortunately in this

house we can do that because Chad keeps

all of his old cell phones in fact he

has an old startac flip phone that I

think he was too embarrassed to put on

display here point is I don’t know why

he keeps these items I’m sure our

children won’t care about these items

but for whatever reason he’s clung on to

them for dear life I say get rid of the

old electronics go on your municipality

or County or city website find out the

safe way to do it where you live and

just bid them farewell if you want to

see them go to a museum and you never

know you might even be able to get some

money for them as well if you’re a fan

of take out your junk drawer is probably


full with this stuff chopsticks coloring

napkin single-serve condom and salt and

pepper packets you know the drill you

have all that stuff from takeout sitting

there cuz you kind of feel bad about

throwing it out oh I’ll use it next time

but you never do you end up getting more

sticking it in the old junk drawer and

then the next thing you know you’re

overwhelmed with all kinds of plastic

one use disposable stuff so rule number

one ditch all of this stuff for once and

for all if you do have the ability to

use it use it if not dispose of it

responsibly and going forward when

you’re getting takeout this is what I do

I ask them not to send anything that

single-serve I have all of that stuff

available to me at home for free zero

environmental impact so do yourself in

the environment a favor and just say no

to disposable one you stop from what I

know there are two reasons people have

kids one to carry on their legacy and

two to provide them with copious amounts

of artwork kids are art machines and

when they come home from school or a

friend’s house or any after-school

endeavor that they have they’re always

producing cute little drawings and

summer who was our little volunteer

today allowed me to look through several

of her drawings and I believe this is

just from one week’s worth we have a

whole pile here I don’t know how her mom

deals with it but what you can do

instead of keeping all of this art

stockpiled is find an app or some sort

of website that helps you collate all

the art and digitally store it that way

you can keep the physical stuff that you

really love but everything else you can

put into some sort of scrapbook I

believe the one that we found that we

really liked is called archive app calm

so you can go to that website we’ll put

the link for you down below you can

either upload everything or there they

have a concierge service who knew you

can send all your kids artwork to this

service and they will catalog and do all

kinds of interesting things with your

kids art I don’t know but anyway I hope

you do it because it’s a great way to

declutter a big pile of paper recently

I’ve gone through my jewelry box I put

everything in my new one but honestly

even I find broken or

our single pieces of jewelry that should

be pairs of earrings or whatever and the

point is if you go through your jewelry

box on a fairly regular basis and call

out the things that are tarnished things

that are out of style single items or

broken items that you swore you are

going to fix but never have if there’s

something that you really love that you

want to polish up go ahead and do it we

have a video on how to clean your silver

but if you have something that’s broken

or out of style perhaps it’s time to

move on from it it’s a valuable metal

you can always sell it and get some

money you know those commercials or if

it’s something not so special but

something you don’t want to hang on to

anymore you can probably find a young

girl in your life who might really love

to glam up wearing your jewelry or

someone that loves scrapbooking who

would love to craft with what you have

be sure to pass it on have you seen this

man or if not Hulk Hogan another

character painted on some other glass

that you have lying around your house

you probably do have these cups and mugs

and glasses lying around this one

happens to be Chad’s I just did some

math he had it when he was 14 years old

fun I married that anyway though he’s

laughing the point is if you have these

glasses lying around your house and they

don’t fit into your everyday decor and

you don’t use them on a regular basis I

get it I know it’s sentimental but

honestly it takes up real estate in a

cupboard and it’s not worth hanging on

to so if you can find the glasses cups

and mugs that you’re done with wrap them

up and put them in your donation bin

that way somebody else can enjoy them

as a business owner and frankly as a

human being I get cluttered up with a

lot of receipts they are frustrating to

deal with and they take up a lot of

unnecessary space we over the years have

decided to get rid of all of this paper

clutter by finding a digital solution

for receipts and bills and all that kind

of stuff you can find lots of different

options online we use one called receipt

Bank but honestly there are lots of

great one the point is you want to get

rid of this paper clutter and find a

safe way to digitally store this

information that way after you snap a

picture you can safely shred your items

and know that it is safe online for you

to access at any time the goal with this

kind of video is to get you mobilized to

declutter and I know we love doing them

here at the CMS HQ because it certainly

gets our butt in gear when it comes to

decluttering some of the stuff that’s

taking up far too much real estate in

our house I’d love to know in the

comments down below what item or

collection do you have that’s really

difficult for you to get rid of maybe we

can help you with it or if you’ve used

these videos let us know your success

stories all in the comments down below

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