10 Things To Toss Today! ( Ep. 4 ) DECLUTTERING HELP!

Our 10 Things To Toss Today videos are always popular with the Clean My Space Nation and for good reason, decluttering your house is the best way to make your space cleaner, simpler and more peaceful. So, in this video, we share 10 more decluttering secrets which will help you part ways with clutter around your home. Remember, decluttering doesn’t have to be difficult!

it’s pretty rare it clean my space that

we come up with a concept and it just

keeps doing amazing and you know what

that’s our 10 things to toss today

series which is why today I’m going to

share with you 10 more things for the

4th installment of things that you can

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this first up canned food I’m sure you

have an old can of cream of something

soup or some beans or wax beans what

what even are those anyway you can

probably go through your cupboard and

check for canned food that either you’re

not going to eat or that has expired yes

even canned food has a best before date

and once you sort through it if the food

doesn’t need to be tossed but you just

know you’re not going to eat it anymore

you can donate it at a drop off center

like a police station or a fire station

even some grocery stores have drop-off

boxes so that’s a great thing to do and

of course if the food is expired make

sure that you dispose of it properly

either way I’m sure your cupboards will

appreciate that little extra bit of

breathing space once you get rid of your

cans and speaking of cans when it comes

to DIY stuff like using an old soup can

to keep your pens or an old mason jar to

keep some salty stuff or even these

candle jar collections that we’ve kind

of made over the years if you have a lot

of DIY crafts or stuff in waiting that

you have the best intentions to use but

you never actually do use it’s time to

get rid of those as well most of this

stuff is recyclable and what’s really

important is to just be honest when

you’re actually keeping this stuff in

the first place you know you’re not

gonna get to it or you don’t really have

a use for that candle jar you just

recycle it to begin with and speaking of

pens I think my office could use a

little bit of pen decluttering because

for those of you who don’t know I have a

little bit of a pen obsession and even

if you don’t have a pen obsession which

is totally natural by the way

according to me you can probably do with

getting rid of some of your pens first

thing you want to do is decide what are

the Pens that you constantly skip over

and what are the Pens that you know

maybe aren’t working anymore but you

know you’ve spent money on them trust me

they’re never gonna work again those are

the Pens that you really just have to

say goodbye to and the Pens that you

don’t like so much well you can bring

them to your office or you can donate

them but either way you should only have

pens that you love using and that

actually work in your office and when

you’re in your office you should keep an

eye out for any excess office supplies

that you don’t need I don’t know one

human that requires this many paper

clips to be honest and these came from

my office so even though they’re in a

cute container there’s no need for me to

have 500 paper clips floating around so

starting through your office supplies in

deciding what do I need what do I not

need what did I think I would use but I

actually didn’t use the truth is that in

one calendar year you’re going to use

everything that you could possibly need

to use in your office so if you have an

extra 500 paper clips and you only

needed twelve that year maybe you really

don’t need 500 so just get honest about

it office supplies actually hog quite a

bit of space so once you can free

yourself from the shackles of multiple

office supplies you’ll feel a lot better

one office supply product you might have

our thumbtacks which you will often use

to pin up your photos which brings me to

the next item that needs to be

decluttered old photos and guys let me

tell you I’m right there with you I

found a big old box of old photos and

honestly they are embarrassing I don’t

want anyone to see them I don’t even

want to look at them so the question is

like why do I even have them like I

shuddered I shudder to think what people

would say if they saw these pictures so

why do I have them in my house and I’m

sure that you have some photos like that

as well so if you go through your

pictures and you kind of have this like

little reaction to a picture put it in a

pile you never want to see it again the

world doesn’t need to see it you can

shred those pictures and that’s gonna

slim down your photos quite a bit and

then for the pictures that you do like

you can have a smaller container

and a really cool thing that you can do

if you don’t want to have the physical

photos anymore or even if you do you can

just digitize your photos by scanning

them into your computer and that’s a

great way to hang on to the photos that

are really meaningful to you without

necessarily having to have a lot of

clutter and now that you’ve decided to

digitize your photos giving yourself an

endless stream of TVT pictures you can

put them on your computer but then what

do you do now you might have a bunch of

digital clutter so the next thing you

can do is go through your photos on your

phone on your laptop in the cloud and

you can just get rid of any of the

pictures that you don’t want digitally

either that’s something we don’t often

think about but then we run out of space

when we absolutely need it the most and

then we were left in this situation

where we have to like last minute delete

photos and it’s really heartbreaking so

just do yourself a favor declutter some

of your photos now and free up that

space and while we’re at the computer

getting rid of any old computers or

computer equipment that’s something that

needs to be done as well when we moved

offices last year @cleanmyspace I think

we had like six large computers that we

just needed to get rid of and you know

who was holding me back the fact that

there was data on those computers so I

figured out a way to bust that data so

that no one could ever access it again

and then I figured out how to either

donate the computers that were still

salvageable or dispose of them safely

yes there are safe disposal sites

available you can also take your

computer back to the place that you

purchased it they can oftentimes wipe

your hard drive and then they can figure

out a safe way to dispose it but trust

me once you get rid of your old

electronics you start to find a lot of

extra space in your home you know what

else you’ll find a lot of wires cords

cables plugs things things that frankly

I don’t even know what these are and to

be honest I’m not the cable hoarder in

our house that is totally a Chad thing I

mean at least he knows what they are but

the truth is sometimes they’ll find

cords and cables you don’t

know what piece of equipment they came

from and frankly you don’t even know if

you can use them ever again well at

least I don’t and I’m certainly not

going to spend the time to look it up so

here’s what I think if you have a piece

of equipment and it has a cable and

you’re currently using it cool keep it

however if you have a spare cable lying

around and it’s just hogging space

clearly you don’t need it and you’re

probably not gonna need it anytime soon

find a recycler a responsible recycler

who will take them and do away with them

properly and you can find this list on

the EPA’s website if you’re in the USA

or you can go on your government’s

website and find out a list of safe

recyclers where you live

going from cables to cable knits your

scarves are another thing that need to

be decluttered as well you know cold

weather a lot of people say they love

cold weather because they get to bundle

up I don’t understand those people but

either way in the winter I have to

bundle up I’ve got to wear a lot of

scarves because I’m always cold

truthfully there are an abundance of

scarves in my house and I’m willing to

bet that if you live in an area with

cold weather you probably have a lot of

scarves too and there are some that you

probably just favored over others so if

you have some scarves that kind of

falling out of favor now’s the time to

get rid of them especially with spring

being here now and you can keep the

scarves that you love and you can get

rid of the ones that you don’t with

seasonal changes we often think about

decorating for the holidays and one of

the things that you guys kept mentioning

you need to toss where old holiday

decorations and I can totally agree with

that we have some stuff that’s

definitely seen better days

or better holidays should I say either

way go through the stuff that you kind

of pick over and you’re not so proud to

display anymore you know everybody

upgrades every year a little bit here a

little bit there so the old stuff or the

broken stuff that can go and then that

way when you’re decorating for the

holidays you’re only showcasing your

most beautiful stuff

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and I just want to thank you guys for

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