15 Essential Cleaning Tips & DIY Recipes!

Because we’re on vacation in sunny California at the moment, we decided this would be a great time to put together a collection of our favorite cleaning tips from past Clean My Space videos. Enjoy!

you might notice that I’m not in Canada

right now in fact Chad and I have been

on holiday in the most amazing state in

the USA California for just about three

weeks now and here we are in wine

country this is just outside of Napa

Valley we’re in a little place called

Calistoga and we’re staying at a

beautiful resort but I didn’t want to

leave you high and dry this week so we

decided to pick 15 of our favorite

cleaning tips and recipes and put them

together for you in a video so I hope

you enjoy it I’ll see you next week from

my house in Canada no palm trees the way

I like to use hydrogen peroxide is in a

solution of two parts hydrogen peroxide

and then one part dish soap mix that all

together lot up your scene first apply

this solution to your stain let it sit

for about 5-10 minutes and then launder

it as usual this solution really helps

NAB those things grab a piece of tinfoil

either one that you’ve just used to cook

with there’s a great way to upcycle or a

brand new one crumple it up into a ball

add a little bit of dish soap and water

to your pot or pan and start scrubbing

you’ll see all of that stuff starts to

lift off you might love this so much you

never want to buy another metal scrubby

again warning here you can only use this

little hack on a pot or pan where you

could otherwise use a metal scrubby in

your container mix 1/2 cup of baking

soda and a quarter cup of hydrogen

peroxide give it a quick stir until it

turns into a runny paste apply it to

your grout with the cleaning toothbrush

leave it for a few minutes and then

scrub away some people say that they

don’t dust because they don’t have

dusting tools well if you have a single

sock you don’t have an excuse put the

sock on your hand run it along any old

dusty surface and you’ll see it just

comes off in fact dusting with a sock is

proven to be 100 percent more effective

than not justing at all if your counter

in your bathroom is kind of floating

with stuff you’re probably dealing with

the case

a counter sprawl which is very easy to

counter do they do there

by a simple maxim of Kleenex and that is

have a place for each item and an easy

way to do this is to have a tray or a

bin you can get some really nice ones I

happen to pick up an antique one which

looks a little bit classier if I may say

so myself and it makes putting items

back in my bathroom a lot easier so I

wash my face but the face wash back on

the tray the toothpaste the floc

whatever it all goes back on that tray

and it is kept my counter so much more

clean and organized I highly recommend

it so the way to get these absolutely

clean is to make a solution of equal

parts baking soda and laundry detergent

mix that together in a bowl and then

apply that to the stained area using a

cleaning toothbrush now you don’t need

too much product here just enough to

make sure you can start agitating that

dirt off so rub it a few times with the

toothbrush then you’re going to use the

sponge rinse it with a little bit of

cool water and Pat it to dry you should

see those things come right off coconut

oil will not go rancid which is a good

thing when it comes to putting it on a

wooden cutting board it won’t attract

bacteria and it won’t get that horrible

rancid oil smell you’ve ever smelled it

you’ll know it so all you have to do is

take about a teaspoon apply it onto the

cutting board with a paper towel nice

and even do that about three or four

times three or four coats then let it

dry for several hours 6 seems to be okay

and then your cutting board will be in

great shape and you can do this about

once a month so to get things started

fill up a bucket with hot water like

boiling hot water and then add in a few

scoops of OxiClean or degreaser or

whatever you choose to use and then dunk

the filter in there now leave it in

there for about 10 to 30 minutes

depending on how gross it is and if you

need to once you pull it out you can

scrub it with a bristle brush rinse it

and once it’s dried you can replace it

one of the great mysteries of our time

is why stainless steel is called

stainless steel when clearly it’s safe

an easy way to get rid of fingerprints

and shine up any of your

sciences or even your kitchen sink it’s

just to spray a 50/50 solution one part

water one part white vinegar on two

stainless steel give it a quick bust and

when you see your stainless steel is

nice and shiny I’ve probably talked

about these bags in I don’t know 40 of

our videos but a good reason they serve

a lot of purposes and rather than using

this for laundry I’m going to use this

for the dishwasher specifically for

dishwashing all of those smaller kitchen

items that will sometimes crawl through

the top rack of the dishwasher these

bags are dishwasher safe so load them up

no pun intended with any of those

smaller kitchen utensils thrown in the

top rack and you’re good to go

now you want to find something with a

bit of a drag to it so a damp clean

sponge a dampened rubber glove or even a

rubber squeegee will do the trick

just rub the item along the upholstery

and watch the hair come up now I prefer

this method to lint rollers because it’s

less wasteful and it’s cheaper castile

soap is pretty amazing when it comes to

cleaning makeup brushes as well I’ve

been using it now for several months who

needs to make a recipe when you can just

basically put a few drops of this into

your hand swirl the brush into the soap

rinse it well and hang it to dry it

works like a charm a great way to make

your full house well at least your

main-floor smell incredible is to simply

boil up some nice smelly ingredients in

a pot with water or you can also do this

in a crock pot and let it simmer all day

the concept is the same fill your vessel

half way with water add any combination

of nice ingredients so here I have

cinnamon clove oranges and vanilla

extracts the goal here is you’re going

to bring this to a boil or you’re going

to heat your slow cooker on low you’re

going to let the slow cooker sit all day

in simmer and once this has hit a boil

you’ll then bring it down to simmer and

you’ll let that go for a couple of hours

if it’s the pot on the stove make sure

it’s attended then

thankfully can be left unattended create

a thick paste of borax and water apply

onto that moldy area and just let it sit

overnight in the morning I didn’t even

have to scrub I just brushed away the

loose powder and rinse the rest off it

turned out beautifully – your spray

bottle and a quarter cup of rubbing

alcohol and a quarter cup of distilled

water now because this spray bottle can

hook on to my pants I had to be a little

dramatic branded products onto your

cloth then wipe your electronic items

and you’re done I hope you guys enjoyed

that video and let me know in the

comments down below

what is your favorite place to visit I

have to say in all of the US and try to

I have been to a lot of states here we

love California the most so I’d love to

know in the comments down below what’s

your favorite place to visit now if you

don’t mind it’s just about happy hour

and we are in wine country so I’m going

to let you guys go but I’ll see you next

week same time same place thanks so much

for watching and I’ll see you next time

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