20 Easy Ways to Clean with a Toothbrush!

Ever since I got into the cleaning game, the humble toothbrush has been a staple in my arsenal of cleaning products. These handy little tools have a ton of uses when it comes to cleaning around the house. In this video, I’m going to share with you 20 ways you can use a cleaning toothbrush in your cleaning routine.

fun fact when I was growing up and

people asked me what I wanted to be when

I was an adult I said I wanted to be a

dentist well I am NOT a dentist but I

have found a way to incorporate the

toothbrush into my life aside from just

taking care of my teeth of course one of

the first cleaning tools I learned about

when I got into this whole cleaning

thing back in 2006 was indeed the


now I visit my dentist every three

months I got a new toothbrush every time

I go and there are multiple different

uses for cleaning toothbrushes you don’t

always want to use the same one for you

know different cleaning tasks around the

house so in this video I’m gonna show

you 20 ways that you can put this

toothbrush to work around your home and

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a cleaning toothbrush around your home

in the cleaning world we call a cleaning

toothbrush a detail brush and a tap or a

sink can always use a detail brush can

openers can use a little bit of love to

think about the last time you cleaned

yours my nose growth I dip my toothbrush

in a bit of white vinegar you can use a

little bit of baking soda give it a

brush a rinse and a dry

if you want your running shoes to look

so fresh and so clean you can accomplish

that here I’m using a cleaning

toothbrush as a baking soda and a little

bit of laundry detergent and then I’m

just cleaning the sneakers using that

paste and the toothbrush remote controls

can get crusty and disgusto so even

using a dry cleaning toothbrush is a

great way to clean them there’s no sense

in having a sparkly piece of jewelry if

it’s not sparkling take a cleaning

toothbrush plug in your safe add a

little bit of dish soap to it and clean

your piece of jewelry with care as a cat

mom I am all to use to carpet stains we

made a solution with dish soap and

hydrogen peroxide here and using a

cleaning toothbrush to brush it in and

of course to brush it out whoever thinks

to clean one of these but go look at

yours and you’ll see there are crusty

little deposits that need to be brushed

away don’t ever take cheese away from a

pregnant lady but honestly a cheese

grater can get gross easy way to clean

them without ruining your hands use a

cleaning toothbrush my hairdryer does

get lint II in the back and there’s a

quick fix for it just use a cleaning

toothbrush and brush that lint right out

if you happen across some dirty dirty

veggies just take a clean cleaning

toothbrush rinse the vegie under some

water and give it a good scrub with your

cleaning toothbrush take a dry cleaning

toothbrush and quickly detail any of

those little buttons and knobs in the



other nubs can become greasy and grimy

over time so there’s an easy way to fix

them make a degreasing paste and apply

it with a cleaning toothbrush let it sit

for a couple of minutes then scrub it

off and race electric grills can be hard

to clean because of those grooves but

use a cleaning toothbrush and your

scrubbing will be significantly easier

whether you’ve got a desktop keyboard or

a laptop keyboard tilted up to a

90-degree angle and then use your

toothbrush to get into those grooves and

brush out any dirt a cleaning toothbrush

is a great tool to use when you’re

detailing windows as well so you can

loosen dirt with it you can also educate

the dirt that’s stuck in there and then

wipe it out grimy grout is something

anyone who has tiles knows all too well

here in making a solution with hydrogen

peroxide and baking soda and I’ll apply

it and agitate it with a cleaning

toothbrush then after it sits I can

rinse it off and the grout usually looks

amazing if you’ve got a pile of garments

with a pile of laundry stains you can

whip up your own stain solution or use a

pre-mixed one and apply it with a

cleaning toothbrush

it’s also a great tool to use if you

need to clean those blender blades

that’s what people love cleaning

toothbrushes they really get to the

details many times in clean my space

videos you will see me stir things where

I don’t want to use my finger but I

don’t want to use a spoon the back of a

cleaning toothbrush is the perfect

mixing tool your grimy nails you can

make a little bowl filled with warm

water and a bit of baking soda dip

cleaning toothbrush in there a clean one

of course and use it to clean underneath

those fingernails it makes a big

difference and the bristles are soft

enough where it won’t hurt now when

you’re done using your cleaning

toothbrush or if you have one and you

need to use it in different locations an

easy way to clean it is to mix up a

solution with water and oxygen bleach

soak the toothbrush for 30 minutes give

it a good rinse and allow it to dry then

it should be cleaned and disinfected so

that you can use it once again and that

brings me to this week’s comic question

which is how do you use this jazzy

little cleaning tool around your home

you guys know how I do it so now I’d

love to hear how you incorporate the

humble toothbrush into your cleaning

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