25 Ways To Use Microfiber Cleaning Cloths!

Microfiber cleaning cloths have changed the way I clean, the way my staff cleans, and the way you guys clean! We hear from people all the time on the variety of ways they use microfiber cleaning cloths in their cleaning routine. So, in this video, we thought we would highlight 25 great ways to use microfiber cleaning cloths in your cleaning routine!

when it comes to cleaning I’d say there

are only a few things I’m passionate

about and microfiber cloths that happens

to be one of them they are phenomenal

but you guys already know this and ever

since I got into this whole cleaning

game back in 2006 I have seen how

microfiber has literally transformed the

way I clean my staff cleans and the way

that you clean so there are hundreds

probably thousands of uses for

microfiber cleaning cloths around the

home and office and recreational

vehicles and anything else that you have

going on in your life but in this video

I’m going to show you 25 ways that you

can clean using microfiber cloths I feel

so strongly about cleaning with

microfiber but I actually found the very

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with microfiber I love seeing a kitchen

sink with a mirror clean polish so to do

this I spray it with some all-purpose

cleaner sprinkle in some baking soda and

wet a general-purpose microfiber cloth

which not only helps scrub everything

super super clean but also helps bring

the sink to that beautiful shine so once

I’m actually done all of the scrubbing

I’ll give the sink a really good rinse

and then I’ll use a cloth to buff the

sink to that perfect shine and here I’m

using our ultra plush cloth bath tubs

can be a bit of a challenge to clean

even the cleanest tubs they can have

water spots they can even have some

grody stuff left behind from any scrub

that you’re using so after you scrub

your tub with a sponge you want to make

sure that you give it a really good

rinse and then in order to get that

mirror-like finish you can use a buffing

cloth like this one here to get rid of

any moisture and any excess product that

is going to give you the cleanest tub

to clean a tablet or television spray a

glass and electronics cloth with some

electronics cleaner and then you can

wipe it down using the S pattern and I

like doing this with this particular

cloth because it’s great at removing

fingerprints and bacteria so you get

that nice glassy shine many of you asked

how to get your stainless steel looking

fingerprint free and like it just came

out of the factory simply use a mix of

equal parts vinegar and water and a

general-purpose microfiber cloth that

will not only remove fingerprints and

streaks and whatever else you have on

there but it’ll also buff to a nice

consistent shiny finish the office

really benefits from microfiber cloths

you can clean a desk that’s full of food

bits and finger prints and spilled juice

with some all-purpose cleaner and a

general-purpose cloth you can also use

it for dusting any office components

that you have and then of course for

your monitors or any glass finishes that

you have in the office you can use a

glass and electronics cloth and a little

bit of either glass cleaner or

electronics cleaner or whatever is

appropriate having a shiny faucet is

like the cherry on top of a clean

kitchen so I’ve just used some vinegar

and water here and a general-purpose

microfiber cloth it picks up anything

that’s splashed onto the surface and any

crusty bits that are stuck and otherwise

hard to remove I find it hard to

function with dirty glasses so rather

than buying a fancy glasses cleaning kit

I’ll use my simple electronics cleaner

water and rubbing alcohol and one of

these polishing cloths they remove

fingerprints dirt bacteria makeup all

that kind of stuff with simple quick

wipes then I can put them back on and I

can see clearly now when you’re cleaning

grout in tiles you’re using something

like a sponge or a little toothbrush or

a nylon bristle brush but once that’s

done you can wipe away all of your

cleaning with a general-purpose

microfiber cloth that’s been dampened

that will help remove any of the

grittiness left behind by the product

and reveal a nice streak free shine for

a lot of dish washing by hand

I use a general-purpose microfiber cloth

they don’t cling on to bacteria they

don’t smell they’re much more flexible

and easy to work with even when it comes

to heavier duty scrubbing especially if

you let things soak and of course waffle

we’ve towels are great for drying so

once I’m done I just give my cloth a

good rinse and a hang it to dry we’re

simple points of contact cleaner you can

mix equal parts water and rubbing

alcohol you can put in ten drops of your

favorite essential oil and then shake it

up this is all in a clean spray bottle

and this can be used to clean points of

contact around the house so any areas

where there might be a lot of bacteria

kicking around no I’m spraying this on

one of my flat weave cloths but you

could also use a general-purpose cloth

and that’s just gonna help lift up any

bacteria or fingerprints I think that

you don’t want to be touching on a

regular basis when you’ve removed

everything from your fridge give it a

good spray with an all-purpose cleaner

and then grab a general-purpose

microfiber cloth and start wiping from

the top to the bottom this cloth not

only will help remove anything that’s

sticky or any debris but it’ll also help

dry at the same time and that’s what’s

so great about using microfiber to do a

task like this even the most stubborn

stains on stove tops can be tackled

relatively easily here I’m using an

enzyme cleaner and the important thing

with those are that you let them sit for

about five to ten minutes to work their

magic and then rather than scrubbing and

wiping I’m just using a big chunky

buffing cloth to not only remove product

but also reveal a streak-free shine so

I’m really doing a two in one job here

this is a trick that I learned working

at restaurant if you have any silverware

with water spots or that looks sort of

dull and kind of not great you can dip

them in vinegar and then just use a

polishing cloth like this one to remove

the vinegar and reveal a beautiful shine

now this isn’t something you’re gonna do

every day but if you have guests coming

over it’s a really quick easy thing to

do it makes a difference

to clean any glass or windows simply

give it a quick spray with your glass

cleaner of choice and then use a

polishing cloth to wipe from the top to

the bottom to remove not only streaks

and fingerprint but marks as well and

the cool thing is one wipe and no

moisture is left behind

washing machines can get kind of smelly

if you keep them closed so what I like

to do is pour some vinegar on a buffing

cloth like this

wipe the door inside and out I also give

the gasket a good wipe down now I

actually do this after every wash just a

quick thing I do you don’t even need the

vinegar but you can also use this cloth

to clean inside the drum and that’s

going to remove any product build-up or

any weird odors this is a great way to

maintain your machine you can use

microfiber cloths to clean the interior

of your car the reason I love it so much

is because of that electromagnetic

charge that these cloths have they

really attract dust so I always keep one

in the car I use it to clean my – remove

any fingerprints from the nav system or

even any marks on the glass that I don’t

want to see mirrors are really simple to

clean with microfiber I’m just whipping

up a glass cleaner here with water and

vinegar giving my mirror one quick

spritz using a polishing cloth and the S

pattern of course and the great part

about this is the cloth not only removes

streaks but also I only need to do one

wipe now it’s not wise to clean copious

amounts of grease with a microfiber

cloth you always want to use something

like a sponge or a cotton cloth first

because grease really doesn’t come out

of microfiber all that well a little

bits okay but not too much but once

you’ve actually cleaned that surface you

can use a microfiber cloth to wipe up

product and buff dry at the same time

getting that nice beautiful shine that

we all crave so here I’m just using a

general purpose cloth microfiber cloths

are famous for dusting because they have

that electrostatic charge that just

attracts dust you can use it with a

little bit of product on the cloth or

you can just use the puff dry and it’s

great at picking up dust so here I’m

using it for blind

effectively any surface that you need to

dust you can use a dry or slightly damp

microfiber cloth to cleave your

cellphone I’m just whipping up a little

solution here of rubbing alcohol and

distilled water equal parts

there’s my electronics cleaner mm-hm

this was fun

and I’m going to spray my polishing

cloth or a glass and electronics cloth

same thing and get my phone a quick wipe

this removes ear stuff make up bacteria

and finger grease I use general-purpose

microfiber cloths in the kitchen every

single day to clean the counters I just

doused the counters in product just an

all-purpose cleaner and then I wipe the

counters down using an S pattern with

one of these general-purpose cloths it

gets rid of crumbs debris and it doesn’t

leave any streaks behind so it’s a one

and done job cupboards are something you

don’t have to do all the time but they

do build up mess and dirt and

fingerprints over time so again I just

spray a section and then once it’s

sprayed I’ll use general-purpose

microfiber cloth to wipe them down and

this will remove fingerprints and crumbs

and stuff from your instant pot that

exploded it’s pretty amazing it works

well and you only need to wipe it once

and now you have 25 more ways to clean

better and faster of course using

microfiber cloths and that brings me to

this week’s comment question which is

what is your favorite use for microfiber

cloths around the home and I’ll also ask

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