3 CLEVER Ways To Clean With LEMON! (A Minute to Clean)

Lemon has a number of unique properties when it comes to cleaning; it’s (obviously!) a natural cleaner, but more importantly, it’s a non-toxic cleaning product – which I love – and it smells great too – bonus! We’ve talked about how to clean with lemon a lot over the years here at the CMS HQ, but I wanted to share my 3 favorite ways to clean with lemon in this short video.

all right I am NOT putting juggling on

my resume but I do know how to clean

with lemon so check out some of my

favorite lemon cleaning tips you can

clean your microwave with the lemon just

take a lemon and cut it in half squeeze

the juice into a bowl and drop the lemon

flesh in there too then fill that bowl

with some water and pop it in the

microwave for about three to four

minutes this is going to do wonders for

a dirty microwave pull out that bowl

get yourself a cloth and give it a good

wipe down you’ll see how easily all that

gunk comes off if your kettles seen

better days you can descale a kettle

with lemon just take a quarter cup of

lemon juice and add a half cup of water

to your kettle boil it up unless the

lemon do its thing when it’s done dump

that water down the sink give it a rinse

dump it out and you’ll see that your

kettle looks brand new you can also

clean your cutting board with lemon just

sprinkle some coarse salt onto the

cutting board and use half a lemon flesh

side down to give the cutting board of

good cleaning I’m working in a circular

motion here then just rinsing it off

patting it dry and letting it air dry

until it’s done


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