I get it – laundry isn’t the most exciting topic, but if I can make doing the laundry a little easier, and maybe help you out in a pinch with a clever laundry hack, then I feel like I’ve done my job. In this video, I’m going to take you through three simple laundry hacks that might make your laundry life a little easier.

you know what’s exciting ice cream you

know what’s not so exciting laundry but

that being said I have three laundry

tips that will be doing your laundry a

little bit easier I can’t help you with

the exciting part but you can always go

out for ice cream after you’ve done your


here’s a simple DIY bleach recipe cut

two lemons into chunks and add them to

your blender then add one cup of

hydrogen peroxide to the blender and

blend until it becomes a slurry add

about a gallon of hot water and the

lemon slurry to a bucket and finish it

off by adding one cup of washing soda

then add the garments you want to whiten

let it sit for eight hours right and

then launder as usual wool dryer balls

are a great way to help get rid of

static cling and also speed up the

drying process you want to add a little

pet to those dryer balls you can add a

few drops of your favorite essential

oils onto the wool dryer balls then just

throw them in the dryer and use them as

usual you’ll see your stuff will come

out of the dryer smelling a little bit

nicer if you notice your towels are

getting crunchy smelly or just nasty

overall there’s an easy way to refresh

them we’ll be running two cycles the

first cycle will be hot water with one

cup of white vinegar when that’s done

you’ll do a second load which will be

hot water with one cup of baking soda

this will knock out any buildup in the

towels and bring them back to life that

was easy right okay do your laundry go

get ice cream and then when you’re back

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