4 Decluttering Roadblocks & How to Overcome Them! Letting Go Of Stuff

Do you get overwhelmed by the idea of decluttering?
Do you find it difficult to purge personal belongings?

You might be facing a decluttering roadblock – and in this video Melissa Maker shares some advice on how to let go of the clutter for good!

We all have a lot of ‘stuff’ in our home, too much stuff – just admit it – sometimes you look around and wonder why you need all the stuff you have in your home – well, you don’t need it..

when you see the same stuff each day at

home you start to get used to it it’s

kind of like if your house has smell you

get used to that smell well you kind of

start getting used to all of the clutter

in your home too but then if you take a

step back you kind of look around and

you think wow maybe I don’t actually

need all this stuff but then the

challenge is mentally and emotionally

preparing yourself to part ways with it

it’s kind of a Memphis gymnastics

required to say or a bar to the clutter

and I know a lot of you guys are really

into decluttering these days so this

week I thought it would give you some

tips for how to get yourself mentally

ready to get rid of your stuff I just

want to remind you that my book clean my

space the secret to cleaning better

faster and loving your home everyday is

available either for pre-order or for

purchase depending on when you’re

watching this visit our website clean my

space book calm to order and learn more

but my mom gave it to me when people

give you presents they want you to love

the present ideally they’re buying it

with you in mind now once they give it

to you they’ve done their job at this

point it’s your call what you’d like to

do with it

so rather than holding on to the items

resenting it trying to find a place to

store it and then remembering to bring

it out when they come over which is

totally fake by the way what you can do

instead is thank them and then take some

time to reflect on the gift and decide

if you really want it the person who got

it for you they care about you they

either are your friend or they’re your

family member and they love you they

want the best for you so if you don’t

love the gift return it we gift it try

and find a creative use for it so that

it goes to its highest and best use

that’s why people include gift receipts

these days whenever I give a gift I

always try to give a gift receipt

because if someone doesn’t love what I

got them or if it’s not the right size

like the worst feeling is knowing that

they’re just going to hang on to this

thing that they don’t want so just flip

the script and think about how the

person who gave you that gift or that

thing that you don’t necessarily want


think about how they feel they want you

to be happy but what if I need it later

this is something that comes up often


you’re in the decluttering mindset you

look at an item and you think oh my gosh

yeah I might need that later and then it

goes back into Keith’s pile and then it

builds up and guys this is how the

Potter cycle just persists and we’ve got

to put an end to it so I want you to

think about a couple things first of all

you probably don’t need doubles of

anything so if you have that extra

toaster or four screwdrivers lying

around then you can just get rid of all

of the extras and just keep one as long

as you know where it is

and then if something breaks you’ll

figure it out when that happens don’t

hang on to something because of the

what-if scenario not worth it secondly I

think this also has something to do with

not to be a psychologist here but like

childhood trauma and memories about

things that we might have had to lose or

give away and then we regretted it later

on as adults just remember that might

have been true for something very near

and dear to you when you were young but

that’s not going to be near and dear to

you with those plastic fork and knife

combos that you get in your takeout you

don’t need to keep that stuff there’s no

worries about losing it it’s kind of

Vista wartime mentality when you meet

people who have gone through War or the

Great Depression or anything like that

they often have this need to hang on to

everything and it’s perfectly

understandable as to why but we also can

realize that today we live in a place

where we have abundance we have lots of

resources and typically we have what we

need so we’re okay to part with the

extras but there’s so much to declutter

this is another roadblock that comes up

and there’s a simple solution to that

start small so for example if you decide

that you want to declutter your closet

mazelTov great move but you feel

overwhelmed and then you kind of feel

down because you’re like I don’t have

nine hours I want to spend my old day on

it cool all you need to do is pick one

area that you want to start with so for

example let’s say you start with your

jeans all you need to do is look at your

jeans and decide which ones you’re going

to keep and which ones you’re going to

part with then once you declutter your

jeans area of your closet you can decide

that you want to move on to something

else or you

pick up a day later sometimes chunking

it down makes it feel more manageable

but if you’ve done the jeans and you

feel really good you kind of have that

high you can ride the wave and that

positive reinforcement cycle might help

carry you through to declutter other

things in your closet too you never know

until you try but what if I regret

giving that item away this is another

stumbling block for people when they’re

decluttering so there’s a quick easy

solution for this and it’s called

decluttering limbo the state between two

states mine or not mine set up a box or

basket somewhere in the house perhaps

from the basement or the garage if you

see an item and you’re thinking well

it’ll really use it but I might need it

hand mixer put it into this limbo into

this way station want to sit there for

three six months see what happens if you

actually need it go pick it up from

limbo use it and keep it clearly it’s

important to have however if you don’t

use it after six months give it away you

clearly don’t need it at home but the

memories guys I get it I have

sentimental stuff to tickets from

concerts I won two in high school but

let me tell you something I kept those

for a long time and you know what I

never looked at them my grandchildren

will not care that I went to see Bush in

concert in 1997 they just won’t the idea

with this is to extract the memory from

the physical item and there are a few

ways that you can do this because the

item itself represents the thing but if

you take the thing away the memory still

exists and you can honor that memory by

writing in a journal you can take a

picture of it digitize it put it up on a

blog share it on Facebook or keep it

private whatever it is as long as you

can take you know capture the moment of

that object without keeping that object

you’ll still honor the memory without

having to keep the kwatak obviously you

know the benefits of decluttering but if

you need any more reasons to do it it

frees up space for the things that

you really love it also makes your home

more airy and open and feel more

spacious it is also easier to clean a

house that has less cluttered and on the

topic of cleaning I have a book coming

out it is out March 7th it is called

clean my space

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