5 AMAZING Baking Soda HACKS!

Baking soda has been a staple in my life since I started my cleaning company back in 2006. Since then, we’ve explored almost every way imaginable that you can use baking soda for cleaning, personal hygiene and general home hacks. This week we’re taking a look at 5 more great baking soda hacks!

ever since I got into this whole

cleaning thing I have become obsessed

with baking soda and you guys know this

because we’ve made tons of videos about

it and I’m always finding ways to

incorporate it into cleaning and there

are so many things you can do with

baking soda I’m still learning about

them today and some sneaky ways that you

can include them not only in cleaning

but even in personal care so in this

video I’m going to talk to you about

some more crazy baking soda tips that

you might not have heard of before and

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one box of baking soda at home baking

soda plus a sponge equals a DIY Magic

Eraser now when I started my cleaning

company in 2006 I figured this out

pretty quickly it saved me a lot of

money I just took a sprinkle of baking

soda and put it in my left palm how to


sponge in my right palm and I just

dipped the corner into the baking soda

pass it off and then I would go to a

wall or a baseboard where there was a

stuff a fingerprint a mark or even a

little grease spot and I always checked

in an inconspicuous area first just to

make sure that I wasn’t ruining anyone’s

paint didn’t need to deal with that but

once I knew that it was fine I would

give a gentle scrub in a circular motion

to the stained area and then I would

take a clean damp cloth and wipe the

baking soda off to get rid of any of

that residue voila

done and very inexpensive you can use

baking soda as an exfoliator pretty much

anywhere on your body if you notice that

you get bumps after shaving or waxing

you can use a little bit of baking soda

prior to doing that to just gently

massage the area just water and baking

soda rinse it off your skin will be

softer and you won’t get those bumps but

if you don’t even want to go that far

you can just add a sprinkle of baking

soda say about a tablespoon to a squirt

of body wash and then just do your thing

and you’ll see your skin comes out so

much softer I’ve also used baking soda

to exfoliate my hands my feet and even

my face guys it is amazing and it’s so

inexpensive now to make a hand or foot

scrub you can use baking soda and

wholesome nut oil you can just mix equal

parts together and use it as a scrub

rinse it off and your hands will be

stocked and they’ll also be moisturized

from the coconut oil if you’ve ever

wanted to remove labels from a wine

bottle say you’re making your own wine

and want some clean bottles baking soda

does the trick

start by filling your wine bottle about

1/3 of the way with water so it doesn’t

float then fill a pot with water enough

to fully submerge the label now we’ll

add a quarter cup of baking soda give it

a stir and then turn the stove on to a

medium heat we’re just going to bring

this up to a simmer and then turn it off

and let it soak for about 15 minutes as

you can see the labels come off really

easily but be careful because the bottle

might be a little hot this also works

really well for jars it doesn’t matter

if you’re a man or a woman if you use

hair products you probably have build up

on your scalp and if you notice that

you’re just not having great hair days

or that your hair just doesn’t look

shiny anymore or you’re just thinking

hello what’s going on out there I have a

really amazing solution for you and I’ve

been doing this honestly since I’ve been

about 15 I love this trick take a

tablespoon of baking soda and add it to

your shampoo just mix it together right

before you wash your hair and if you

want an easy way to do this I would take

a little bit of baking soda put it in a

tissue leave it right beside my shower

and then as soon as I was ready to do it

I would just drop that baking soda right

on top of my shampoo put it into your

hair and just shampoo is normal but give

yourself a really good extra massage the

baking sodas they help exfoliate your

scalp and get all the crud that’s built

up at the root of your hair off once you

rinse you’ll know that good feeling

immediately your hair will feel soft and

squeaky clean I promise you you’re going

to come out of the shower and have the

best hair day of your life now here’s a

baking soda tip that’s got to be one of

the most popular baking soda tips on the

planet and we’ve never talked about it

it’s adding some baking soda to your

toothpaste to help whiten your teeth and

break down stains and for anybody who

drinks coffee tea dark soda or smoothies

or actually red wine that’s another one

you know the pain of having stains on

your teeth so a great way to get rid of

those stains is to simply add a dab of

baking soda to your toothpaste before

you start brushing your teeth you can

squeeze your toothpaste on dip your

toothpaste little ball in a little bit

of baking soda and then quickly apply it

all over your teeth and start brushing

in quadrants now you should talk to your

dentist about how frequently you can

brush with baking soda because everybody

has different teeth and different enamel

but it does work it helps break down

those stains but I need you to be

prepared for the fact that should be a

little bit salty tasting don’t freak out

don’t swallow it it’s going to be fine

anyway I hope you guys really enjoy

those tips and I’d love to on the

comments down below where your favourite

use for baking soda whether it’s

cleaning or self care let me know in the

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