5 Bad Habits You Need to Break! (Cleaning Motivation)

Do you have any bad cleaning habits? I do and when we last talked about breaking bad habits we had hundreds of comments sharing your bad habits, so we decided to make another video about it!

do you have any bad habits that you need

to break so do i and we did a video a

few months back about bad cleaning habit

and how to break them and that video did

so well and got so many comments about

some of your worst cleaning habits so we

figured you would put another video

together sharing with you some of this

top habits that need to be broken and of

course how to fix them and for those of

you who don’t know me my name is Melissa

maker and I’m the host here at clean my

space and just a quick reminder if you

haven’t done so already to subscribe to

the clean my space channel piling up

clothes we all know the chair we also

all know the floor robes these are just

areas where our clothing ends up when

we’re too lazy to put it away but

unfortunately that piled up looks

terrible and stresses us out so the easy

solution obviously is to never do that

again what it means is when you’re

getting undressed put your clothing in

one of three places the hamper a hanger

or in the drawer and something that I do

that I find super helpful is it might

sound silly but I get undressed in

different parts of my room so that it

makes putting stuff away easier so for

example the outfit I’m wearing today

everything is pretty much clean I’m not

doing any heavy-duty work so this

sweater can probably have another wear

out of it as well as my team so what I

would do is get undressed in my closet

hang my sweater right up in my closet

hang my jeans right up in my closet and

then make my way into my bathroom where

my laundry hamper is and I would take

off all of my undergarments and put them

in there

it makes changing so much easier and the

floor drove in the chair are a thing of

the past

I’ll get to it later you probably won’t

get to it later if I know you if you’re

anything like me you definitely won’t

get to it later if you need to do

something it’s really important that you

do it now or you find a way to schedule

it in and then honor the commitment that

you’ve scheduled that is the best way to

make sure that things actually happen

it’s similar to work you know if you

have a meeting or if you have something

important for a deadline you schedule it

in to get it done if the stain was

cleaning if you treat cleaning with the

same amount of respect that you would

treat other tasks like work-related or

other family or friends commitment you

will have a much easier time getting the

stuff done but just don’t ever tell

yourself I’ll do it later

you’re not going to happen stuffing

everything into a drawer doors are not

chicken we do not stuff them we three

drawers with respect and rather than

taking everything on a surface and

dumping it into a drawer which feels

really convenient and frankly solves one

problem of the surface now being clean

your drawer cannot be over stuff if you

can’t feed to the bottom of it and you

don’t know exactly what’s in each and

every drawer you’re not using your

drawers properly so think about it like

this each drawer serves a specific

purpose t-shirts underwear socks

whatever your organizational structure

is fine and when you put items in there

rather than just doing it willy-nilly

please deliberate about it you keep in

mind when you have a nice clean

organized drawers you’re not going to

want to tuck something in there just to

see this convenience trust me you won’t

want to mess up your hard work so I find

that clean begets clean if your drawer

looks great I want to keep it that way

all or nothing now this was a really

popular comment on the last video that

we did about this and I know when you

think about cleaning you think I’ve got

to do it all right now and that makes it

feel super overwhelming and it

definitely makes it feel like something

you don’t want to do and guys that’s

part of the reason why I wrote my book

by the way which I got links for down

below rather is in feeling that you have

to do everything all at once I don’t

recommend taking it in chunk start with

baby step do one thing one surface one

drawer one room whatever it is because

honestly any time that you invest in

cleaning is time well spent

you don’t have to do it all today but

starting somewhere that’s what matters

it’s just not worth the effort sometimes

when you look at an area that is so

messy and you think I got to clean it

but it’s too much work

forget it I’ll just do something else

and then you kind of look at the space

and it bothers you and annoys you but

you just don’t have that motivation to

do it we’ll think about it like this

living in the clean space feels so good

but yes it can be hard to get there so

all you need is a quick little fix to

help you get from A to B and one of our

audience members share this great

tip with us a while back and we have not

forgot it so here it is when you finish

cleaning your space clean my face take a

photo of that room and then look at it

look at it like the way a bodybuilder

looks at a big old giant guy when he

thinks about how he wants to look after

going to the gym so what you can do is

use that photo as motivation for you to

clean your space and then when you

remember how good it feels

perhaps that will help motivate you more

it is worth it it’s always worth it to

clean and by the way cleaning and

getting a clean room way easier than

working out beginning a six pack this

video was born out of our last bad

cleaning habits video and I just want

you guys to know that when you leave

comments in the comments down below we

actually spend a lot of time reading

them and thinking about them and

deciding how we can incorporate them

into future videos you guys are geniuses

so do me a favor let me know in the

comments down below what some of your

bad cleaning habits are because there

obviously are tons of them that we

haven’t covered and perhaps we’ll make

another video about the same topic if

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