Everyone loves life hacks (or cleaning hacks at least) because pretty much everyone we know wants to make their cleaning routines as easy as possible. So in this video, Melissa Maker shares a few of her favourite cleaning hacks (including some cool DIY tips):

– Using rice to clean vases / decanters
– Using aluminum foil to make ironing easier
– Using a pool noodle to keep your boots in shape
– Using a dryer sheet to clean baseboards
– Using a safety pin to remove static cling

whether you enjoy cleaning or you don’t

like cleaning so much and I have to be

on this side you still want to find ways

to make cleaning easier and to spend

less time doing it and that’s why

cleaning hacks are so helpful so it’s my

job to find those cleaning hacks

research them test them tweak them and

then share them with you so this week

I’m going to show you five more cleaning

hacks that will save you time just a

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cleaning hacks save you time it’s always

fun to buy a nice glass picture or

revise or carafe but let’s be honest

they can be hard to clean sometimes I

mean how’s that situation happening so

there’s an easy fix for this instead of

buying a bottle brush all you have to do

is fill the vessel with a quarter cup of

white rice which acts as your abrasive

1/8 of a cup of water and a squirt of

dish soap

give it some really good swirls then

rinse it out and take a cloth and clean

the upper part of the inside of the

vessel rinse it out again buff it dry

and you’re all done aluminum foil has a

lot of great uses around the house and

in fact we have a video on aluminum foil

which I will link for you down below but

the one I want to talk about

specifically today has to do with saving

you time when you’re ironing because I

don’t know about you but i earning is

not my jam and if I have to do it I want

to spend the least amount of time

possible slaving away at that ironing

board so here’s what you could do remove

the ironing board cover and take a piece

of aluminum foil and start to line the

ironing board itself with the aluminum

foil do that until the entire base is

covered then put the ironing board cover

back on top and iron as usual what’s

happening is the heat from the iron is

then being absorbed into the tin foil

and then reflected back up onto the

garment so essentially your garments

getting a double whammy when it goes

down on the ironing board it’s getting

iron from the top and then heat it from

the bottom making ironing a lot quicker

which saves you time which means less

time in front of an ironing board and

more time living your life if you use

dryer sheets and you want to find a

second life for them before you pitch

them why not use them to clean

your baseboards after they come out of

the dryer you might notice that they’re

not as stiff they’re a little more

crinkly and they don’t have any of that

coating on them well that’s a good thing

when it comes to cleaning baseboards

your dryer sheets are still going to

have some electromagnetic charge to them

which means they can attract dust which

is always a good thing when you’re

dusting all you need to do is wipe your

baseboards as you normally would with

the use dryer sheet and then when it’s

done you can crumple it up with those

dust bunnies pitch it in the garbage and

know that at least you did a little bit

of upcycling pool noodles now have uses

all year round not just for swimming in

the pool which is something I’m kind of

thinking about especially considering

it’s now snowing where I live but the

reason pool noodles can be used all year

round is because they are absolutely

great for keeping your boots in shape

and while you might not think this is

important consider this if you’ve ever

put on a pair of boots and they started

to bunch and wrinkled at the ankles well

that’s because they’re not being kept in

shape when you’re not wearing them and

if you’re investing good money in a pair

of boots I like to do that because I’d

rather buy really good boots have them

last me for many years instead of a

cheaper pair of boots and have them not

last me you want to keep the actual leg

part of the boot standing up for as long

as possible because that will mean the

leather is in better shape and it won’t

get bunchy and wrinkly so take your pool

noodle cut it to size make a pair and

then when you’re not wearing your boots

stuff the pool noodle inside and it will

keep your boots upright and long lasting

most cleaning hats I share I try but I

came across one that I haven’t had a

chance to try yet but I really want to

and I want to know if you guys have

tried this one either so let me know in

the comments down below if you have and

it all has to do with getting static out

of your clothing especially in the

colder months and if you don’t like

using dryer sheets if you don’t have

dryer balls handy but you’re sick and

tired of static cling all you have to do

according to this hack is pin a safety

pin to something like a towel or a sock

and put that in with your load of

laundry that you’re going to dry the

idea is that the safety pin acts as kind

of a lightning rod to absorb all of that


drove static energy so that way when

your stuff comes out of the dryer it

doesn’t have static cling so I’d love to

know if you guys give this a try and if

it works for you in the comments down

below and if you haven’t tried this what

do you guys use for static cling rice

some tin foil a pool noodle a pin and a

dryer sheet these are probably all

things you guys have lying around the

house I mean we certainly did and there

are all things that you can use to make

cleaning a little bit easier so I’d love

to know in the comments down below what

is the one cleaning hack that you guys

use all the time at home that really

helps you doesn’t necessarily have to be

from what I shared here in this video

just something that you use that your

grandmother passed on to you I don’t

know just share the goods in the

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well it’s that special time of the week

where I get to throw you to a couple of

other videos I think you’re going to

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cleaning hacks this is not my first time

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it’s cleanmyspace.com hope you guys have

a great week and that you enjoyed this

video and I’ll see you next time

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