5 CLEVER PRODUCTS For Your Home – Clean My Space Mailbag!

Yes! We’re back with another installment of the CMS Mailbag! It’s been awhile since our last mailbag video, and in that time we’ve received a number of clever and fun (and cute!) products for your home. So we’re going to share five of the best home products we’ve been sent recently to help you better clean, organize and just plain enjoy your home!

as a YouTube channel you guys know we

get ship things all the time if you send

us an email our P o box comes right back

at you so you can imagine we get sent a

lot of products and whenever we find

some really good stuff we like to pull

them together and create what we call a

CMS Neal back video so this week I’m

going to show you some of the coolest

things that have come to us lately and

maybe you’ll find them interesting too

all of the products that I talked about

today I will put links for them in the

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mailbag videos first up is grime boss

now you guys know I don’t always

advocate for disposable wipes but there

are certain situations where you just

shouldn’t use a good quality microfiber

cloth or frankly another cleaning cloth

just won’t do and that’s when you need a

heavy-duty disposable white now grande

boss is really cool because it’s great

for the DIY person whether you’re a

mechanic a gardener whether you like to

go camping whether you like to garden

fish take care of plumbing bikes all the

things that I probably wouldn’t do it

would make Chad do run boss is a

wonderful way to clean up not only your

hands but any of the surfaces that

you’ve worked on afterward you don’t

have to worry about the cloth getting

dirty but this is very heavy duty and it

does say it’s family safe no harsh

chemicals so that makes me feel good and

you know what to have a package of these

lying around the house it’s actually a

pretty smart idea better life sent me

their laundry detergent this one does

sixty four loads and is lavender scented

I get sent a lot of different laundry

products and I’ve really enjoyed using

this one so far obviously it’s a

non-toxic brand if you guys haven’t

heard a better life you can check them

out but I’m just gonna read you some of

the cool stuff off the back of the

package it’s plant and mineral derived

cleaning agents so the product is

actually made from carbonate corn and

coconut hello and it does a great job at

cleaning clothes that’s why you can see

I’ve been using a lot of it lately and

you only need half of this teeny tiny

miniature cap to do an entire load of

laundry now the thing I love about it

being lavender scented you guys know I

love putting lavender scent

oils into my detergent before I run the

laundry I can still smell it now and

what that does is it helps prevent mold

and mildew especially if you forget your

load for a couple of days which I’ve

been doing a lot of lately so this

actually comes in handy and I found it

to be a really good laundry detergent as

a certifiably insane

cat lady you guys know that I love

getting pet products in the mail and

scouts honor recently sent me a kit of

their finest and I’m really excited to

try them out they’re an environmentally

and socially responsible company so

anytime you buy a product they give a

pet food for a day which i think is

pretty cool because there are a lot of

pets that need to eat out there the kid

that they sent me contains stain and

odor remover urine destroyer odor

eliminator and the one I’m excited about

probably the most is the litter box

deodorizer so these products obviously

are safe for you safe for the pets

they’re biodegradable non-toxic

eco-friendly pH balanced no harsh

chemicals chlorine or formaldehyde and

you know what when you’re talking about

your pets your family members and

frankly if you’re using the products to

you want to make sure that they are safe

for you and safe for your little guys

and gals so you know what I’m excited to

give scouts honor a try on the topic of

pet Parenthood well I don’t have a dog

have always wanted one I do hear from a

lot of you guys who own dogs and I know

that dirty paws can be a real problem at


so there’s a really cool solution this

is called the mud buster and it’s made

by DEXA so I can’t use it on my dogs

because I don’t have any but I do have

friends with dogs and family members and

I have given this to them and they

actually really love it so here’s the

deal inside this container you’ve got

these little silicone nubs you take the

dirty paw you put a little bit of water

in here and you stick the pie in you

kind of shake this thing around and then

you pull out the pot and you blot it dry

and of course you can blot it dry on one

of our waffle weave towels we actually

have a lot of people who do that for

their little pups and they say it works

great so the thing that’s cool about

this it’s easy to clean it’s easy to

reuse it’s pretty small and compact you

can keep it by your front door and it

really does help not only is it gentle

on the dog’s paw but it also really does

help get

dirt debris and other stuff that your

dog might have picked up while it was

out on its walk when you get things in

the mail

sometimes you see same old same old but

every now and then it company comes

along and they make stuff that it’s

functional and freakin adorable and

that’s what Oh Toto has done so they’ve

sent me a bunch of products two of the

ones that I’m really loving are this

little guy it’s called Astro the fruit

and veggie keeper so essentially you

take your half tomato you pop it in this

guy’s little space helmet you put it in

your fridge and it keeps it nice and

fresh it’s also dishwasher sink and then

there’s grizzly which is kind of their

take on a bearskin rug but it’s a trivet

and you can also use it to lift off your

pot lid it’s silicone so it’s you know

very heat resistant easy to use easy to


they make cute stuff and it’s functional

we included quite a few pet products in

this particular video and that makes me

wonder what are some of the pet products

that you guys absolutely love or on the

flip side what pet challenges do you

face the most because maybe I have a

product that I can recommend for you so

let me know in the comments down below

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