5 DIY BORAX Cleaning Tips!

Borax is a lesser known, but very effective, DIY cleaning product. Borax is a natural disinfectant, and is great at fighting mold and mildew, so in this video we take a look at 5 great ways that you can add borax to your cleaning routine and your roster of DIY cleaning recipes.

in your surfing online you might have

come across articles about borax and you

might be a little bit hesitant to use it

since it’s sort of a lesser-known

cleaning product but in this video I’m

going to show you five ways that you can

use borax around the house it’s super

effective stuff it’s relatively easy to

find it’s inexpensive and it works and

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I know many of you have laundry

challenges and borax does amazing things

for your load of laundry all you have to

do is add half a cup to each load so if

you have a front load high-efficiency

washer that just means taking the powder

and adding it directly into the drum

before you add the rest of your clothing

now borax can do so many things for your

laundry it boosts the power of your

detergent so it kana is like your

detergent on drugs and then it also

offers brightening and whitening so it’s

a natural alternative to color safe

bleach it helped deodorize your clothing

that’s always a bonus and it is amazing

at getting rid of stains and as an added

bonus it also helps to soften hard water

if you have a box of borax handy and you

happen to have something that’s a little

gooey sticky or adhesive you can make

your own DIY googan with a little bit of

borax and water all you have to do is

mix two parts borax so let’s say two

tablespoons four X to one part water so

one tablespoon water create a little

solution of paste and then apply it on

to that sticky surface you can let it

sit for a while I would say about ten

minutes is sufficient and then you can

take an old cloth or a sponge and you

can sort of just start working it off

now sometimes it might come off right

away other times it might be a little

above elbow grease elbow grease I think

is what I was going for there you might

need a little bit of elbow grease and

then all you have to do is just rinse it

off and Pat it dry but it works really

well and it’s an inexpensive fix now

here’s a tip I shared when I was on The

Today Show a couple of years ago and I

told Al Roker about this

and he loved it so eval likes it you’re

gonna like it too

borax is the laziest way that you can

clean your toilet take a cup of borax

and sprinkle it around your toilet bowl

and a little bit in the actual toilet

bowl itself before you go to bed now

borax has the ability to do lots of

things and have given a little bit of

time to work it can do those things even

better it can break down stains mold and

mildew so that pinky-orange e stuff that

you have in your toilet it’ll get rid of


toilet rings odors any of that stuff so

by the time you wake up in the morning

get your toilet bowl brush out now I

know you’ll probably want to do

different things in the morning then

scrub your toilet but this will take you

seconds and you’ll see how quickly and

easily it works so give your toilet a

quick little scrub flush it and you’ll

see toilet rings odors mildew mold all

that stuff will be gone

speaking of mold and mildew another

place that we see a lot of that creeping

up is in grout especially in showers or

baths it’s really hard to get rid of

because it’s a high moisture area it’s

warm dark damp you get a lot of stuff

going on there so often times you’ll

find mold and mildew building up but

there’s a quick fix involving borax just

make a paste with two parts baking soda

to 1 part borax so here I’m going to use

half a cup of baking soda and a quarter

cup of borax and to that I’m going to

add hot water to create a thick paste

then I’ll apply it onto the grout with a

soft brush now here I’m wearing gloves I

want to protect my hands and of course

don’t splash this stuff in your eye

that’s probably gonna warrant some eye

injury care you don’t want to go there


take a soft brush and scrub it into the

grout and let it sit for about 20


once that’s done all you have to do is

rinse it off and if you want brownie

extra bonus points you can use a

squeegee to get rid of any of that water

left behind your shower tiles but more

importantly your grout will Sparkle and

here’s a fun little recipe that you can

try if you or your kids are so inclined

to play with slime borax is one of the

key ingredients and I’ve got the whole


cleanmyspace.com so i’ll link that for

you down below but you only need three


water glue and borax now if you can find

clear glue even better here I’m just

using white glue but the cool thing

about this slime is is very customizable

so you can use food coloring or you can

break it into two bits you can use one

color of food coloring for one little

bit the other little bit you can use

another type of food coloring you can

mix them together I mean there are tons

of videos on how you can play with all

this slime you can add sparkles in there

have fun the point is this is a really

easy DIY toy kids love it you will

probably love it too so again I got that

recipe up for you on cleanmyspace.com

speaking of slime and being sort of a

weird thing that you see on YouTube I’d

love to know in the comments down below

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you’ve seen on YouTube is that ASMR

videos or slime or sand cutting guys

I’ve seen some pretty funky stuff on

YouTube so I love to know what sort of

making you raise an eyebrow in the

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