We talk a lot about essential oil here at Clean My Space, and for good reason! Essential oils are great for cleaning, but they can also be used in a number of other ways around the house (aside from cleaning hacks). In this video, we look at 5 essential oil hacks that you have to try!

we talk about cleaning with essential

oils quite a bit on the clean myspace

channel and for good reason they smell

amazing and they have a lot of wonderful

properties but did you know that there

are lots of other ways that you can use

essential oils in your life in this

video I’m going to share with you five

of those ways central oils go well

beyond just cleaning just a quick

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if you love essential oils if you have

stinky shoes don’t be embarrassed it’s

part of the human condition there’s a

great way to get rid of that shoe stink

take a couple of cotton balls and your

favorite essential oil or if you want to

get real fancy you can mix a couple of

your favourite together and just – about

10 to 15 drops of your essential oils or

a combo on each cotton ball then place

them in the shoes leave them overnight

and when you take the cotton balls out

in the morning your shoes will smell

like essential oils and not like cheap

something you guys might not know about

me is that I have what they call the

sweet blood and let me know in the

comments down below if you have the same

thing it basically means that you’re a

magnet for mosquitoes and all kinds of

other bugs well if that is a problem for

you and you want a quick fix

get yourself a cloth or a bandana

something you don’t really care about

and put up to 10 drops of one of the

following or a combination of these

essential oils tea tree lemon lavender

or peppermint by doing that you are

going to start repelling bugs so the

next time you’re camping hiking or just

sitting out on your patio having a drink

tie it around a body part and just watch

the bugs buzz off one of the things that

unites us as a human race is that we all

go in the bathroom and well it’s not

always the most pleasant experience

there is a solution for making it smell

a little bit better now you guys might

have seen our video on DIY poo spray but

if you haven’t seen it I’m going to link

it for you down below by the way if

you’re a fan of creepy Carl you really

need to see this video now why am I

talking about it because it involves

essential oils and they are crucial to

making the spray work so you should

definitely check it

and try it for yourself or give it to a

friend who really needs it you want to

take the wonders of essential oils with

you on the road there’s an easy way to

bring them into your car or frankly any

air vent what you’re going to do is get

yourself a wooden clothespin that’s raw

so no varnish no paint then you’re going

to take your favorite essential oil or

essential oil blend and drop a few drops

of essential oils onto the clothespin

not too many you don’t want to be

punched in the face for the smell while

you’re driving just two to three maybe

up to five if you’re feeling really


the wood will just absorb the oil then

the next time you get in the car just

clip it to one of your car vent and

crank the AC the next thing you know

you’ll be driving listening to great

music and smelling your very favorite

smell if you find that your nails are

brittle week in you can never quite grow

them essential oils you might be able to

help you can use either a combination of

or either or tea tree or lavender oil to

help strengthen your nails on a clean

nail bed simply drop one drop of your

preferred essential oil onto your

cuticle area and rub it in gently and

then you’re just going to start working

the oil up your nail that you can do

this once a day and it’s really

important to make sure that you get it

right at the cuticle so that it can

affect your future nail growth that’s

going to make it much healthier now this

will take a couple of months because you

know you don’t just sprout nails

overnight but over time you’ll start to

see stronger healthier nails all thanks

to your favorite essential oils with

essential oils come one small caveat you

need to check it out with your health

care provider or your vet if you’re a

pet parent to make sure that they are

safe to use in your home your pregnant

breastfeeding or if you have a certain

illness or on a certain medication or

your pet has a certain issue you might

want to avoid using certain or all

essential oils so just make sure that

you check it out before you start

getting heavily involved in the EO

movement this week’s comment question is

what is your favorite essential oil and

what do you like to use it for guys I

can’t actually pick my favorite

essential oil you

seeing what my Essential Oils shop looks

like I get sent a lot of them and

sometimes when I’m at the store I will

even pick one up so it’s really hard for

me to pick a favorite but if I had to

say a few peppermint seeds grapefruit

lime vanilla geranium oh god I got to

stop okay guys let me know in the

comments which ones you love I’ve done a

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