We LOVE reading all the great cleaning tips, tricks and hacks that you guys share in the comment section of our videos. That’s why we made this series – to share these amazing cleaning tips with the entire Clean My Space Nation! So in this video, Melissa Maker shares 5 awesome cleaning tips and cleaning hacks to make your daily cleaning routines a little easier!

without fail at the end of each of my

videos I’ll ask you guys a comment

question and that’s just not a YouTube

thing I’m asking you for a reason

I really value your opinion and I know

that you guys have some brilliant ideas

whether it’s cleaning hacks or the way

that you do something different or

better than the way that I do them the

comment sections are veritable gold mine

of cleaning wisdom so in this video I’m

gonna share with you guys 5 cleaning

tips from the clean my space nation that

I just need to share with the rest of

you and if you’re ever looking for

cleaning inspo or good ideas you should

just read the comment section after you

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the first one comes from Sheena Planet

Advocate and she says wet a cloth with

water put in a new dirty microwave and

set it for 30 seconds then wipe clean

with said towel learn this from working

at a restaurant tada

no need for additives or prolonged time

this is a great idea and it goes right

in line with what we always talk about

with putting a bowl of water or vinegar

in your microwave I would just advise to

make sure that the cloth is super wet so

that it doesn’t dry out or worse in the

microwave and second of all when you

pull it out if you’re sensitive to heat

you might want to make sure you’re

wearing the glove when you wipe it down

but that is a great tip thanks Sheena

here’s one from

some of your names are really hard to

pronounce so I’ll just pop it up on the

screen and y’all know who you are my

best cleaning tip ever is to give

yourself a treat after a good cleaning

session yeah I’m with you on that one

for me the best after cleaning changing

bedsheets included is taking a relaxing

shower I put some clean pajamas on sit

on my couch and admire my hard work and

a clean smelling home so this night I’m

gonna sleep like a baby in a clean bed I

love that I’m all about the reward you

know if I have to do something and you

guys know I don’t love cleaning so when

I do something cleaning related I always

come up with rewards how else am I gonna

motivate myself this is a great tip

Janette Duran puts this tip in and I

have to totally agree with her on this

she says timers when you think you don’t

have time to clean set a timer for 15

minutes and you’ll be amazed at what you

can accomplish in that small amount of

time for when you do have time but don’t

want to spend all day cleaning hi there

try a Power Hour so set yourself a timer

for one hour as well as a playlist and

accomplish a set of cleaning tasks I

really think that a lot of us feel so

overwhelmed by the thought of cleaning

but if we just chunk it down whether

it’s 15 minutes five minutes or an hour

have a set list of things that you’re

gonna do it is true you can really

accomplish so much so if you’re feeling

a little bit demotivated but you know

you have a lot to do set a timer listen

to Janette it’ll work Amanda Marie

Mullins says I like to sprinkle baking

soda and some essential oil at the

bottom of my wastebasket bag now this is

good because if you put them in the

bottom of your bag it means you’re

actually containing the mess so you

don’t get any of that powdery residue at

the bottom of your garbage can which I’m

okay with

but this is even smarter because it

actually contains everything and the

baking soda is really great at trapping

odors the essential oils helped even

further to make your garbage smell a

little bit more pleasant so that’s a

great tip Amanda Morgan says while we

have a lot of Amanda’s in the audience

hello okay she says I have a hard time

staying motivated to clean I found that

if I watch a clip of hoarders or some

other equivalent TV show then I imagined

I feel the urge to clean everything in

my house gets clean in no time so I

should point out that this comment was

the number one liked comment on that

video it has well over 200 thumbs up so

I take it that a lot of you feel the

same way and I’ve heard this from you

guys in the past you certainly use the

hoarders thing to motivate you to clean

and I kind of do the same thing with

cooking so when I watch a cooking show

I’ll be like you know I can step up my

tomato sauce game a little bit you know

and the next time I make tomato sauce I

try to do it a little bit better a

little bit more like the chef did on TV

so I think it’s sort of the same thing

when you watch hoarders and you see like

you want to make sure your house doesn’t

look that way plus you kind of overhear

what the therapist is saying so you can

kind of pocket that information and take

it with you while you’re working it

definitely can kick you into gear so

yeah give it a try if you’re feeling a

little demotivated flip on an episode of

Hoarders see what happens we thought

this series and we’ve done videos like

this in the past is a great way to

highlight and compliment some of you

guys who just come up with brilliant

ideas and are genuinely interested in

helping other people by sharing your

good info so in the comments down below

let us know your best cleaning tips and

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