5 Genius Dish Soap Life Hacks You Need to Know!

We are always sharing cool little life hacks and cleaning hacks here at the CMS HQ – but it’s been awhile since we talked about dish soap and just how awesome it is at cleaning and more! So in this video, Melissa Maker shares 5 genius dish soap life hacks that you need to know!

about four years ago we did a video all

about dish soap and how to use it aside

from just using it for your dishes and

since then I’ve learned a lot more about

dish soap and some very cool uses for it

so in this video I’m gonna share with

you some of those great new uses for a

dish soap and just a quick reminder if

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video a thumbs up if since finding clean

my space you too will have become

obsessed with this so let’s say that you

have a sweet door hinge or a window

that’s not opening properly or in our

case our screen door to our backyard was

just not opening and if you don’t have

wd-40 long around you might be wondering

what can I use instead well dish soap is

your answer just take a little bit and

apply it to the squeaky hinge or that

stubborn door whatever it is that’s

bothering you and you’ll see it starts

to slide or not squeak immediately now

don’t use too much you don’t want dish

soap all over the place just use enough

to make sure you can get your thing done

effectively without making a mess now

not that this happens to you every day

but when it does happen and you get a

little panicky dish soap can come to the


let’s say you put too much hair product

in your hair or you’ve done some sort of

oily treatment on your scalp and it’s

just not washing out guess what

dish soap will save the day and allow me

to do a demonstration for you because in

our last video on dish soap I put some

stuff in Chad’s hair and that I use dish

soap to get it out and you know what

guys it was so much fun then I just

threw this tip in there so I could do it

all over again and show you exactly how

it works

it’s really easy to make your own ice

packs and it could be a handy thing to

have on hand because you never know when

you’re gonna need one all you have to do

is grab a zipper lock bag and fill it

about 3/4 of the way full throw it in

the freezer and what will start to

happen if you’ve ever seen those gel ice

packs they don’t actually freeze but

they kind of get a little crunchy and

they really retain the cool from the

freezer that’s exactly what’s going to

happen with the dish soap they’re super

effective easy to make and very


amazingly dish soap can unclog your

toilet and we made a video on this a

couple of years ago it’s got well over a

million views the tip itself is

incredible but I think the video when we

filmed it I think I laughed probably the

hardest at this video it’s either this

or the DIY food spray but honestly

anytime there’s a toilet situation I am

laughing really hard so if you guys want

to learn how to unclog your toilet with

dish soap or if you want a really big

laughs check out the video I’ve got the

link for you down below and finally dish

soap makes a great DIY countertop

cleaner now I know I’ve talked about

this one a lot but I I feel like I can’t

talk about it enough because it is just

that good it saves you so much money and

it works so effectively and I’ve tested

all kinds of different concoctions and

this is the recipe I keep going back to

it’s just 2 cups of water a small squirt

of dish soap something about the size of

your thumbnail maybe half a teaspoon if

you’re measuring it out and if you want

to get really fancy you can add in 10

drops of your favorite essential oil

that will probably mask any scent from

your dish soap and leave a nice fresh

scent of your choosing behind it works

really well on all surfaces that you

would use any all-purpose cleaner on so

I use it on my quartz counters you can

use it on marble and granite laminate

you can use it on wood surfaces it’s

just a great general purpose cleaner

that’s safe and effective this week’s

comment question is what is your

favorite use for dish soap whether it’s

something I talked about in this video

one of the older videos or use that you

have I’d love to know about it so

definitely drop it down below here are a

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