5 Great Ways to MOTIVATE Yourself to Clean!

We all struggle when it comes to staying on top of our resolutions—cleaning or otherwise—we have good intentions, but sometimes we get side-tracked and lose our way. The good news is it’s never too late to get back on track! So, in this video, I take you through 5 great tips which will motivate you to get back on track no matter where you are with your cleaning and organizing habits.

was this the year that you resolved to

clean your house on a weekly basis or

lose a certain amount of weight and

three quarters of the way into the year

those resolutions have kind of fizzled

out we have all been there myself

included but I want to tell you this

does not need to be the be-all and

end-all for that resolution you can

easily get yourself back on track before

the end of the year or before January

1st so in this video at least when it

comes to cleaning I want to give you

five tips to get yourself back on track

no matter where you are with your

cleaning and organizing and just a quick

reminder if you haven’t done so already

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if you’ve had a New Year’s resolution

that sort of fizzled out I know I have a

super underrated way to get yourself

motivated is to visualize in your mind’s

eye what it is that you want and this is

something that I use a lot not only for

cleaning but for goals or things that I

want to get or have or decorate in my

home whatever the case may be

visualization is great because it gives

you a mental roadmap and you can refer

back to it any time so when it comes to

a clean space if you are in a room let’s

say and it’s a little bit messy you can

look around and you can start to

visualize what the room might look like

when it’s clean and then you have

something to work towards so when you’re

actually cleaning you know where it is

and where it needs to be and then the

kicker here is once your cleaning is

actually done snap a photo of the clean

space on your phone this is a great tip

that we got from one of our audience

members many years ago and we’ve kept it

in mind for a long time and she said she

takes a photo of her space when it’s

clean and she refers back to that this

is the swiping motion whenever she needs

motivation if you’re one particular

space feels like it’s stuck in a bit of

a rut perhaps you need to consider

changing up the look or the feel of this

space by adding in some new accessories

changing out a small piece of furniture

or bringing in some new artwork whatever

it is if you change the look of your

space you’ll change the feel of

space and that will change your

relationship to the space and believe me

when this happens you start to feel

inclined to take better care of it I

don’t know about you guys but when I was

a kid I used to rearrange my bedroom

from time to time and it felt like I was

walking into a brand new place so

whether it was because my bed used to be

this way and now it was this way or I

caught a new set of bed sheets my room

just had a different feel and I started

to care about it a little bit more so if

you feel like you’re stuck in a little

bit of a rut with your room definitely

give it a bit of a changeup and you’ll

see that spark to give it a good

cleaning or a good decluttering

treatment it will be there and I’d love

to know the comments down below did you

guys ever reorganize your room when you

were a kid simplifying and minimizing

your stuff is one thing but for me as a

business owner the biggest thing I need

to simplify and minimize is the amount

of paper that I have to deal with

between contracts documents mail tax

stuff government banks tape oh my gosh

guys it’s ridiculous I have so much

paper and mail that I need to deal with

and one of my resolutions this year was

to cut the paper clutter so what I’ve

done is I’ve started using the Adobe

scan app which has made things

significantly easier basically I take my

document lie it on a flat surface snap

an image of it with my device turns it

into a PDF saves it to the cloud I can

file it securely and I can send it

securely to anyone who needs to see it

and then I get to shred all the papers

at the end so that has taken a big load

off for me a friend in need is a friend

indeed especially if that friend is in

need of some cleaning help or if you are

that friend in need of some cleaning

help enlist someone else to come over

and give you a hand

you can reciprocate the favor and trust

me you could make this a fun afternoon

or a fun morning I know it sounds kind

of crazy but hear me out you can play

all your good songs that you used to

love back nostalgic in the day or you

can listen to the latest and greatest

hits whatever it is that appeals to you

you can crack open a bottle of wine you

can work

gather and get some stuff done I promise

you it is a lot more fun than it sounds

you’re spending quality time and you’re

actually getting something done and

you’re helping someone or they’re

helping you and then you get to return

the favor sometime down the line scent

can be a great way to get you motivated

and energized and it can also change up

the feel of a space so if you’re

struggling to get yourself back on track

one of the things that you could do is

get yourself kind of excited about

cleaning by adding either a scent to

your cleaning product so many of the DIY

recipes that we talked about you can

just add essential oils too you can have

a lot of fun with it you guys know I

talk about this stuff all the time

the other thing you can do is defuse an

essential oil in your space while you’re

cleaning and this is something I love to

do and I have to tell you lately I don’t

know if it’s the pregnancy or what it is

but grapefruit has been my go-to it is

so energizing and so fresh I just want

to go so no matter what time of year it

is remember if you need to clean your

space it’s never too late to get started

and use these tips to help you get there

and that leads me to this week’s comment

question which is what do you do to get

motivated to clean when you’re stuck in

a little bit of a rut let me know in the

comments down below because you guys

know this girl does get stuck in a

cleaning rut from time to time so I

could definitely use some of your best

tips a special thanks to our friends at

Adobe for sponsoring this video that

handy little app that you saw me use was

organizing all my papers that’s called

Adobe scan it’s a free app that allows

you to use your phone to capture images

and documents and transform them into

versatile PDFs if you’re interested in

learning more you can download the app

for free from the App Store or Google


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