5 Habits For A Cleaner Home!

We’ve combed through your comments looking for some great cleaning tips, tricks and hacks. In this video, we talk about 5 cleaning and decluttering habits which really can make cleaning easier and ultimately lead to a cleaner, more decluttered, life.

we went through we pulled out some of

the cleaning tips that you guys have

shared and passed user-submitted tip

videos that got a lot of thumbs up and a

lot of love we thought what better way

to say thanks to all of y’all than to

share them with you before we get into

those tips I want to tell you guys we

have a big announcement coming at the

end of this video that has to do with

two of my favorite topics Black Friday

shopping and makers cleaning cloths so

stay tuned let’s kick it off with

everyone’s favorite cleaning tool in

everyone’s favorite room of the house

this tip comes from Marlene st. Clair I

keep about an inch of toilet bowl

cleaner in the bottom of my toilet brush

container this way when you need a quick

clean just pick up your toilet brush and

swish it around in the bowl your brush

is preloaded with cleaner for the

holidays this is such a great time-saver

what a smart idea and a lot of people

feel uptight and uncomfortable around

the idea of a toilet bowl brush and for

good reason it’s kind of nasty so if you

have that toilet bowl cleaner already in

there it’s a great way to kind of keep

the brush clean Ashlee Earl’s shares my

best tip if you’re doing your whole

house start with the easier room to

clean and then move to the next easiest

room to clean

leaving the most daunting one for last

you’ll start to snowball that good clean

feeling to the rest of your place and

then you’ll just have to tackle the

daunting one and that way you keep your

my houses clean high up so this idea is

a really cool one I agree you know when

you start cleaning you definitely don’t

want to tackle the most overwhelming

space first because then you’re gonna

invest all of your energy into that

you’ll probably be zonked by the time

you finish and you won’t have time for

those easier spaces so what she’s saying

here is basically start easy and level

up each time and you can carry that

positive feedback loop those good vibes

into that really daunting space Rosa

Sierra says if I’m in a room and on my

way to another save from the bedroom to

the kitchen I pick up anything I see

along the way that doesn’t belong there

or needs a quick clean I find if I leave

it for later

I will prob

not get to it until the mess is

overwhelming so true and a really good

thing to keep in mind especially when

you have guests over for the holidays so

I love this particular idea because it’s

something that I call a clean person

habit or a clean person concept that’s

something that I have had to learn that

was not innate I was not born with that

microchip in my head and I’d love to

know for you clean people you naturally

clean people out there what other habits

do you have that help keep your space

clean on an ongoing basis let me know in

the comments down below

I like this tip from Lisa Bayer my tip

is to frame cleaning as an extension of

self nourishment we clean and groom our

bodies with care

I see our homes and workplaces as an

extension of the body once I made this

connection cleaning has been easy and my

perception is that I have nurturing

myself and my family rather than

completing a chore and the reason I

think this is such a great tip is

because with me at least cleaning is all

about a mentality when I used to resent

cleaning I used to feel really bad for

myself that I had to clean and I used to

be really miserable about it but what

Lisa’s managed to do is reframe the way

she thinks about cleaning and when she

puts it in that different mindset it’s

easier for her to do because she looks

at it pretty much as an act of self love

and self care so if you’re struggling

with cleaning this might be a really

cool connection for you to make as well

some of you might know the my nume

youtube channel brenda where she had a

really messy house and she went room by

room and she’s filmed her journey if you

haven’t seen her channel you should

totally check it out we’ll put a link to

it down below she left a comment she

said I start with the room I use the

most which is my kitchen when the

kitchen is clean and neat and organized

every time I walk in there I’m reminded

of how much I enjoy a clean area and

what an amazing feeling it is just that

feeling of satisfaction itself is enough

to help keep me motivated then I tend to

do the quickest fix the area that can be

clean and neat with the least amount of

time and effort this makes me feel like

superwoman and I feel like I can

accomplish anything

Brenda we

everybody’s are so proud of you and this

is something that anybody can

incorporate into their cleaning because

you know whatever gets you doing it

whatever gets you in that cleaning mood

that’s all that matters here and I’ve

seen a whole bunch of comments from

people they start with the messiest they

work their way to the cleanest they

start with the cleanest they work their

way to the messiest whatever it is that

keeps you on track that’s what you do

it’s sort of like cooking or eating well

or any Health Initiative that you take

you just have to find the thing that

makes you tick clearly that’s what

Brenda’s done and I know so many of you

have had similar experiences I promised

you I’d tell you about our Black Friday

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out this videos comment question is what

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