5 Important Tips When Planning a Home Makeover

Big news! We’re doing some home renovations this summer here at the CMS HQ and we wanted to share all of the details with you as we get these projects going. However, before getting started we wanted to avoid some of the pitfalls we’ve encountered in the past, so we decided to put together a video on how to plan for a home makeover or renovation project in your home.

I’ve got some big news we’re planning a

few makeovers here at the clean myspace

HQ and we’re inviting all of you to come

along for the ride

chan and I are taking on three areas in

our home our back yard our basement in

our living room and we’re going to

remake remodel and reinvigorate space to

breathe some new life into our home it

needs it these jobs are bigger than

anything I can handle alone

so I’ve recruited Chad my six foot five

burly husband for these videos and he’ll

be overseeing each project and helping

us document the journey in some upcoming

videos because preparation is so

important measure twice cut once

in this video I decided I’d go through

some tips and best practices that Chad

and I will be following and that might

help you with any upcoming home

improvement projects that you might be

undertaking we all need to mentally get

ready to have the house be turned upside

down for a while when we run out our

kitchen some of you guys might remember

that we underestimated the time by about

three weeks and not having access to the

kitchen for that time was a real

unplanned inconvenience for us so the

takeaway here is to be prepared for

things to go wrong for a project to take

longer than expected and for unforeseen

issues to pop up along the way so the

idea here is to clarify your motivations

before you start focus on your end goal

and don’t let the chaos consume you it’s

really easy to get overwhelmed when

things inevitably go off track but you

can do this so long as you prepare for

it this one’s all about the money and I

know it sounds pretty basic but it might

be the most important part of the

planning process make sure that your

goals are realistic you can afford what

you want and that you’re specific is

possible during the planning process you

don’t want your money to run out in the

middle of a project and in addition to

your base cost it’s a best practice to

factor in a small percentage of the

total budget for overruns and unforeseen

expenses also I know it’s tempting but

be sure to stick to your budget while

you’re strolling the hall with a

hardware store and you come across that

fancy faucet that you really

but do you really need it it’s only an

extra 40 bucks

this is needs versus want and that’s why

it’s great to have a budget it keeps you

on track last time we did an overhaul

project specifically the garden we just

went to the local garden center had some

fun bought a bunch of stuff and tried to

plug it into our backyard wherever it

would fit it was kind of a junior mint

approach but this time we want to be a

little more strategic and really plan

out each space before we get started and

decide what we want to replace and then

of course exactly what we want to

replace it with we want to share all of

the different inspirations we have and

make time for the creative process to

flow this should be one of the most

enjoyable parts of the makeover so we’re

going to take our time and really enjoy


kind of like window shopping together

but separately and we’re both quite

visual people and we take our

inspiration from anywhere from magazine

snippets to when we’re wandering around

a store and see something we like to

when we’re online surfing and find that

perfect piece of furniture and some

random picture in the past I would end

up with tons of magazine cutouts

pictures on my phone chat ends up with a

bunch of handwritten notes and stuff

saved on his computer it’s all kind of

random so this time we’re being more

efficient and we’re using this free app

from Adobe called Adobe scan which

really just lets us bring all of our

ideas together and organize them so that

we end up with a final design document

that we can agree on and stick to while

we’re budgeting we have a budget we know

what we want to do now we actually need

to schedule in this project so that it

gets done and keep in mind that your

time is not unlimited you have to be

realistic about the time you actually do

have you don’t want to overburden

yourself and you’ve got to be sure to

account for time where other family or

work obligations will interfere or might

be impacted by this project so you

literally want to pull out your calendar

and start blocking off time and working

through conflicts and remember just as

you did for your budget remember to

think about the time overruns and how

that may impact

in your family as much as we want to be

able to do every part of our makeover

ourselves the truth is that we know

sometimes it just makes more sense

budget-wise as well as timewise to bring

in a professional to get things done and

let’s be honest Chad does not have the

skills to lay an entire hallway with

hardwood floor and that’s why this time

we’re bringing in a professional to do

our floors and you might want to do the

same thing if you run into a job that

just isn’t in your skill set I had a

plumber come in a few months back

plumbing issue and he made a great point

if you need your taxes done you hire an

accountant if you have a lawsuit you

hire a lawyer and if you need something

done with your pipes you hire a plumber

in other words sometimes a professional

is just the best way to get the job done

right I’m super excited about our

upcoming makeovers we’re going to be

documenting and sharing as much as we

can and let me know in the comments down

below if you have any upcoming home

projects which you’re planning on

tackling maybe painting a room replacing

a sink or moving the garage to the other

side of the house summer is a great time

to do this so I bet you guys are

planning a lot whatever it is let me

know down below a special thanks to

Adobe for sponsoring this video

the handy little app that you saw Chad

and I using throughout the video is

called Adobe scan is a free app which

allows you to use your phone or tablet

to capture images and transform and

combine them into versatile PDFs it’s

got so many uses this is just one of

them and it helped us keep all of the

inspirational images magazine clippings

notes and documents together and really

collaborate and plan for upcoming

makeovers here at the CMS HQ so if

you’re interested in learning more you

can download the apps for free from the

Apple App Store or Google Play here are

two other videos that you can check out

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cleanmyspace.com there’s a button down

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