5 Laundry Hacks That Make Life Easier & Your Clothes Cleaner!

In this video Melissa Maker shares a few handy laundry hacks which make laundry day a little easier!

it’s my first time back in the laundry

room after a little hiatus we’ve been

doing a lot of filming in the bathroom

lately and you know what this is a great

change of scenery when you compare it to

looking right down the face of a toilet

bowl so I’ll take it anyway this week

I’m going to share with you some laundry

hacks to help make your laundry a little

bit easier if you follow me on instagram

i’m @melissamaker you probably know that

in August Chad and I went to beautiful

Sedona Arizona and while we were there

we did some hiking which happened to

change my shoes from white to red so

when I machine wash the shoes obviously

they will go into the dryer as well well

they’re machine washing they’ve got a

bang around and do their thing but when

they’re in the dryer they don’t need to

knock around as much because you know

it’s noisy and it sounds crazy when

you’re drying your shoes so there’s a

couple of easy ways that you can prevent

all of that banging around from

happening when your shoes go in the

dryer the first thing you can do is

actually take your shoes by the laces

hang the laces over the door and then

close the door so that part of the laces

are still sticking out this will keep

your shoes from banging around during

the drying cycle now if you don’t want

to do that you can also put the shoes in

a delicates bag and then you can hang a

portion of the delicates bag outside of

the door close it and then that will

have the same effect grease stains seem

to come at the most inopportune times

and they are so so challenging to get

rid of but if you get one there’s an

easy fix for it you can do it really

quickly and really conveniently all you

need is a little piece of chalk you

canyou can carry it around with you in

your bag and when you get a

grease-stained simply color over it with

the chalk and let that chalk just do its

thing what it’ll do is start to draw out

the oil from the fabric

leave that for up to a couple of hours

depending on the severity of the stain

and then you can gently scrape off the

chalk pretreat the stain and launder it

in laundry conversations you might hear

people talk about colors fading or

colors bleeding while there’s a quick

fix for that and all you need to do is

add half a cup of salt to your wash

cycle run it through as usual and what

the salt will do is help lock in any new

clothing colors or it’ll help freshen up

and revive older clothing that has sort

of fading colors if you want a quick

cheap way to whiten your whites well

nothing can get cheaper then the Sun I

mean I couldn’t bring the Sun in here so

this is going to have to do all you have

to do is line draw your white items in

the Sun for whatever reason UV rays do

amazing things to white garments whitens

impressions and lightens them it can

even help get rid of stains we’ll cover

that in another time and it also helps

deodorize so the Sun is a good thing for

your clothing but your white clothing in

general if you notice that over time

your towels start to age which they do

they start to get a little crispy a

little crunchy and crackly against your

skin they start to have that Towelie

odor there’s an easy way to fix that I

mean first of all your towels age so

this is going to happen to everybody and

second of all if it’s easy to fix why

wouldn’t you do it all you have to do is

run through two cycles with your towels

the first cycle is going to be hot water

with one cup of white vinegar when

that’s done you’re going to do a second

load again hot water and one cup of

baking soda

this will help knock out any old buildup

in the towel whether it’s so body oils

or even fabric softener or laundry

detergent and it’ll also help lighten up

the fabrics to keep them softer and it

will help deodorize them as well

fabric softener is a nice thing to add

to your laundry routine but if you don’t

want to actually use store-bought fabric

softener or dryer sheets you can make

your own and a lot of people prefer this

option because store-bought options we

tend to leave a residue or coating on

your clothing which actually helps keep

static away but some people might be


to the smells or the texture or they

just might not want the extra additives

in which case all you need to do is whip

up your own and this works so well I use

it all the time now keep in mind you put

this in with your detergent in an

appropriate tray and then your machine

will dispense it at the right time

during the wash cycle then the recipe

that I’m using here is a liter of white

vinegar and 10 drops of your favorite

essential oil I always tend to favor

lavender whenever it comes to laundry

because it has a lot of good

antibacterial properties that help your

laundry smell good so mix that up give

it a good shake and put about a cup in

your machine each time you run a load

through on the topic of fabric softener

and vinegar many of you guys don’t use a

dryer to dry your towels and that can

actually lead to pretty flat in kind of

a crispy texture on your towels when you

take them off of your drying rack or off

your drying wine now there’s an easy way

to fix this all you need to do is use

this kind of fabric softener instead of

a commercial kind of fabric softener

this won’t leave a residue behind so it

works really really well if you notice

that your towels are still coming out

kind of crispy you can run through a

second load with regular hot water and

you can add a cup an extra cup of the

fabric softener run that through again

and your towels should come out nice and

fluffy when you hang them to dry now if

you find that they’re still coming out a

little bit crispy you might want to

knock it back a notch on your detergent

because if you’re overdosing on your

detergent you still might have some

soapy residue left behind and that will

leave your towels flat and kind of

unpleasant for the touch laundry really

is a neverending story and I know it’s a

popular topic with you guys because

you’re always asking your laundry

questions which is totally cool that’s

what I’m here for

so I hope this has helped you out a

little bit

your laundry like a little bit easier

but I’d love to know in the comments

down below what is your biggest laundry

challenge let me know and I’ll see if we

can tackle it in the future video now

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well it’s that special time of the week

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