5 Simple Tricks To Freshen Up Your Home!

One of the more common topics we get asked about here at Clean My Space (aside from cleaning), is home decor and how to freshen up your space. We love trying new things and continue to update and freshen up our home all the time, so in this video, I’m going to give you a few tricks that we’ve used to freshen up our space!

lately we’ve been taking on a lot of DIY

home decor projects here at the house

they caught me thinking there are so

many different ways that you can freshen

up the look of a space and one of the

questions we get asked about the most on

a clean myspace channel as a whole aside

from cleaning is how we chose to

decorate the inside of our home and

anytime we do a project lots of you guys

comment about it asking detailed

questions so in this video I’m going to

show you some really easy simple ways

that you can brighten and freshen up

your space and just a quick reminder if

you haven’t done so already to subscribe

to the clean my space channel and give

this video a thumbs up if you’re

thinking about doing any freshening or

brightening of your space when you think

about brightening up a space you might

think initially that means getting more

lamps or light bulbs involved that is

not necessarily the case you can

brighten up a space and make it feel

fresher by just using lighter colors and

reflective services so bringing in

elements like mirrors or metallics are a

great way to go and also including light

fabrics in your decor choices now if you

have a dark sofa you can bring in light

accent pillows and blankets to help

brighten it up as well an area that we

will sometimes not think about is the

floor but it’s such a vast area in our

home that it’s important to make sure

that we give it some attention as well

when we’re thinking about freshening up

a space then you could go get a rug but

you’re always gonna have the same look

with a rug and that’s why we like using

carpet tiles and for those of you who

have seen videos shot in our kitchen

before you’ve probably seen the trial of

peel and stick tile mats that we have

and we’re always mixing up the patterns

chad has a lot of fun coming up with

different ideas they have so many

different colors that we can play around

with the best part is that you can spot

clean them you can throw them in the

washing machine we don’t leave any

sticky residue behind and of course the


they’re just endless you can use them on

any hard floor surface in your home so

front hallway laundry room mudroom

bathroom kitchen the list goes on

whenever I open a home magazine I always

see beautiful rooms with gorgeous paint

colors and I have to admit like that’s a

little bit overwhelming for me to think

about a whole room that’s like flamingo

pink but something I can handle is an

accent wall so in our house we have

really nice neutral paint throughout but

then we’ve accented and I’m sure you’ve

seen with this deep dark aubergine

purple and that has been really fun we

get a lot of compliments on that and

upstairs we’re planning on painting an

accent wall in our family room a really

dark blue so I’m really excited to see

how that turns out and it’s so nice

because that accent wall will allow you

to bring in color elsewhere but it’s not

overwhelming and it won’t overtake the

space or make it look a lot smaller

if paint isn’t your thing you can always

wallpaper an accent wall I was at a

big-box store not too long ago and even

big-box stores are carrying gorgeous

wallpapers now if you don’t want to do

either of those another thing that we

love to do is to get really colorful art

so even on your neutral walls you can

bring color in particularly in a color

scheme that you like and place it on

your wall and that will allow you to

decorate according to the art which is

really really nice and hey if you want

to challenge yourself you can always

paint your own piece we’ve done that and

it’s a lot of fun a wonderful way to

breathe life into your space is to bring

plants and flowers home now as a pet

parent I have to be really careful about

the plants and flowers that I bring home

because my cats just look at it like

it’s a side dish but for people who

don’t have pets or even if you do as

long as you’re making good decisions

about the plants that you bring into

your home they can really spruce a space

up not only will they look gorgeous

but many plants are actually great at

cleaning and purifying the air in your

home now you can hang them from the

ceiling you can have them on plant

stands or make your own beautiful

planters either way plants are known

to help reduce stress and bring calm and

serenity to a space if you’ve ever

noticed when you watch a show where they

demonstrate a before and after shot of a

room one of the biggest changes that

you’ll see is that the room is

decluttered having less clutter or no

clutter in a space and only items that

you really need or really love on

display can make the space feel a lot

bigger more airy and more curated and

that’s a really nice way to go rather

than having a lot of visual clutter

going through and picking out the items

that you don’t really want or love in

the space will make all the difference

now not only that you can sell those

items make money off of them and then

buy stuff that will really suit the

space but again you want to go for

minimal because the less clutter there

is in the room the more beautiful it

looks and the more time you’ll want to

spend in it I’d love to know in the

comments down below what room in your

house are you planning to freshen up and

what are you planning to do in that room

really excited to hear about some of the

projects that you guys are taking on and

Chad is doing a lot of work around our

house in preparation for the baby so you

guys can see what he’s doing over the

next few months he’ll be putting some

videos up of that as well a very special

thanks to our friends at trial us for

helping to make this video possible for

the last two years we’ve been using

their peel and stick towel mats we love

them you’ve seen them in our kitchen and

anytime we film a video with them people

always ask us about them so I’ll put a

link down below for you to check them

out there at Trilok home comm and you

can also buy them on walmart.com here

are a couple of other videos I think

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