there are so many things in your house

to keep track of honestly who has time

for it life is busy but these things do

need to be cleaned every now and then

and even though they might not be

screaming clean me

we still need to pay attention to them

so in this video I’m going to show you

five of those things that we are all

pretty much forgetting to clean and I’m

going to show you the quickest easiest

way to clean them so if anything it’s a

little nudge from your good old friend

Melissa telling you hey it’s time to

clean those five pins and just a quick

reminder if you haven’t done so already

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if you’ve got a vacation on your mind I

sure do and I want to know if you guys

are in the same headspace as I am we lie

on them we sit on them we lean on them

and honestly over time they get dirty

there was a while ago where I was

fluffing up a pillow and I got this like

plume it was like a plume of smoke it

was dust it was pretty gross so it

reminded me yeah pillows need to be

cleaned and I’m specifically talking

about throw pillows or decor pillows

here not bedroom pillows we actually

have a video on how to do that of course

I’ll link it down below for you but

let’s talk about those decor pillows for

a minute now there are a few different

types and I’m going to try and touch on

all of them pretty quickly the first one

is the type of pillow where you have a

removable pillow case and a little

filler pillow on the inside so you don’t

to worry about cleaning that filler

pillow necessarily and of course if you

did for whatever reason you can watch

that bedroom pillow cleaning video and

that’ll give you all the instructions

let’s just talk about the pillow covers

here for a sec check the care label I

always tell you this but it’s super

important and see if it’s machine

washable if it is go ahead put it in the

machine I always recommend using gentle

detergent and cold water you don’t want

any problems with your pillows now once

they’re done take them out and hang them

to dry never put them in the dryer or

else they’re probably not gonna fit on

that pillow again if it’s not machine

washable you can spot clean it with a

little bit of all-purpose cleaner or a

stain remover and make sure that you’re

blotting it with a lot of water so that

you don’t have any soapy residue

left behind and of course use a clean

cloth as well then just hang it to dry

and beaker and place it back on your

pillow now if you notice that it’s a

little bit smelly but you don’t

necessarily want to wash it you can use

either a vacuum with a brush attachment

and just give it a quick brush you can

use a lint roller and pick up any of the

schmutz left on the pillow and you can

make or use your own DIY fabric spray or

a store-bought one whatever you prefer

and you can spritz your pillows let them

air out and that will really help

freshen them up let’s talk about other

types of throw pillows you know the

really expensive ones well do yourself a

favor do not machine wash them take them

to your local professional cleaner like

a dry cleaner and let them handle it

they will know all the techniques I

promise you you will ruin it if you try

a purse or a murse or a laptop bag you

are carrying something around with you

often and more than likely it’s got a

lot of build up in their receipts gum

wrappers crumbs for me it’s like bobby

pins parking stuff I don’t know like I

just get all kinds of stuff floating

around my purse and the funny thing is

recently I downsized from a big purse to

a little one because I thought well if I

have less space there’s gonna be less

crap in there I don’t know how this

purse houses so much stuff but it does

so for me every now and then I need to

clean out my purse and what I do I feel

like a new woman so I’m gonna walk you

through how I do it quickly take your

purse or murse or whatever it is find a

clean space and just dump it out

everything’s gonna rain out of that

purse I always think how many lip

products do I actually need it’s

ridiculous then start sorting through

put back into a pile anything that

you’re going to replace into your purse

and then anything that you’re not gonna

have in your purse keep that in a

separate pile and then you can just

either throw it out file in a fitter if

it’s receipts or you can put anything

back where it belongs next you’re gonna

get yourself a little lint roller if you

can find one if you have a little bag or

a big lint roller is fine too and just

start lint roller

around the inside of your purse that’s a

great way to get rid of any crumbs or

anything that’s stuck and if there’s a

sharp corner that you can’t get the lint

roller in you can rip off a piece of

lint roller paper you can crumple it up

and you can kind of use that to dab

those awkward corners now if you notice

any stains on the inside of your purse

and you have a nice purse that you

really love you notice spend your time

cleaning it with a harsh product I

wouldn’t even go as far as a baby wipe I

know people talk about that sometimes

for me I’m just gonna use a little tiny

bit of all-purpose cleaner on a

microfiber cloth I’m gonna use my finger

and just give it a quick wipe and then

allow it to dry once that’s done I’ll

carefully replace all the items back

into my purse I am scrutinizing like

crazy here by the way making sure I’m

not slapping around anything that I

don’t need and then my purse is clean

I’ve had these experiences where I’ve

gone to people’s homes before and hey I

don’t judge listen it didn’t life his

life it is what it is but sometimes I’ll

go and make myself some hot water or

some tea but you guys probably don’t

know about me is that I love drinking

hot water anyway so I’ve seen a lot of

kettles in my day and I’ll flip open the

kettle to add water in and even though I

know that hard water and that white

crusty stuff at the bottom of a kettle

is completely harmless it’s just really

gross to look at so as soon as mine

starts to get that white crusty build-up

I just give it a quick cleaning and

honestly it could not be easier and it

does double duty so what I do is I fill

my kettle all the way up with plain

white vinegar then I just boil it I let

it rip I let it go once it’s boiled I

just dump that vinegar down my sink so

it’s a great little drain cleaner as a

fun byproduct of this cleaning task then

I give the kettle a quick race and it’s

good to go it looks nice and clean

literally no elbow grease on my end and

I have a beautiful shiny kettle now a

lot of you guys know I hate vacuuming

with a passion and what’s worse is

vacuuming with a machine that’s just not

doing its job and of course you all know

to empty the canister and change out the

bag that’s not what I’m talking about


but I just want to tell you guys quickly

we have a whole video on how to clean

your vacuum I’ll link that for you down

below but what I’m actually talking

about is the beater bar so the beater

bar or the power head is that thing

that’s at the bottom of your vacuum with

those rotating bristles and those are

designed for carpets to lift up and

dredge out dirt hair debris spring

strings overtime your beater bar starts

to get your hair and strings and all

that kind of stuff tangled up in it well

if the beater bar is full of stuff it’s

not going to be able to effectively do

its job and you’re not going to get that

good quality vacuuming that you are

looking for so get yourself a seam

ripper or a pair of scissors flip over

that beater bar and start to remove all

of that hair and those strings and all

that weird stuff caught in there you can

just start pulling it out should take

you under two minutes but I promise you

once that’s done you’ll see the quality

of your vacuuming will go way out I

don’t use the microwave that often in

the house but I’ll tell you who does my

husband and he makes macaroni and cheese

and this guy we’ve been together 11

years I’ve asked him please just put a

lid on the macaroni he never does so our

microwave overtime just gets like

macaroni crust all over the place

cleaning the microwave is something I

become definitely an expert in and I

will tell you exactly how to do it I get

a bowl and I fill it about halfway with

white vinegar take that bowl put it in

the microwave and heat it up for about

three minutes now when you take it out

make sure you’re wearing gloves remove

that bowl carefully and if you want you

but rubber gloves on and get yourself a

good quality microfiber cloth you can

start to wipe down the sides and the

base of the microwave the vinegar and

water will help loosen up any of that

crusty debris on the side of the

microwave and yes this has got enough

old crusty macaroni this works so well

it’s the easiest way to clean your

microwave and I promise you it’ll look

like new now we’ve made a lot of

specific tutorial videos on how to clean

the items that I’ve talked about today I

know I went through it briefly but I


you guys to see those videos in full –

if it’s important for you to clean these

things so I’m gonna link all of those

down below and that brings me to this

week’s comment a question you guys know

I’m very honest I hate vacuuming it is

to me the worst cleaning job in the

world I will pretty much clean anything

else but when it comes to vacuum I am

one miserable sucker so I’d love to know

in the comments below are you for

vacuuming or are you like me and

absolutely against it does it make you


let me know in the comments down below

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