5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking!

The kitchen is an MIA (Most Important Area) for me. I spend quite a bit of time each day in the kitchen preparing food (and smoothies!) os keeping the kitchen clean is an important part of my daily cleaning routine. So, in this video, I give you 5 tips to help keep the kitchen clean while you’re cooking!

I love Thai food there is no question

about it but I usually find it quite

overwhelming to cook Thai food because

there are a lot of things going on enter

my friend Pye who has this book hot Thai

kitchen and a YouTube channel with the

same name or pylons kitchen you can

check it out now her and I are doing a

collab video and I am giving you tips

today all about how to keep your kitchen

clean while you’re cooking so you don’t

have a big cleanup job at the end of a

big cook-off and she’s giving tips on

her channel about little cooking and

baking hacks that you can use to reduce

mess and reduce cleanup so I’ll put

links for that down below and just a

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whenever I cook I always start with a

clean sink and an empty dishwasher that

way well I am cooking or well things are

baking or bubbling or simmering away I

can rinse dishes or load them into the

dishwasher I am telling you guys if

these two things are not done there is

mount dish more to deal with at the end

of the cook-off


when you cook you certainly make a mess

not only with pots and pans but also

with the ingredients that you’re cooking

with so for me I always keep a compost

bin right on the counter that way

anything that I chopped up or peel or

anything that needs to go in compost I

don’t even have to move it very far I

can literally just take it from the

cutting board dump it right into the

compost and the same goes for garbage

and recycling I keep my bins very very

close while I’m in the kitchen and

cooking that way I don’t have a big old

pile up of things by the end of my

cooking experience this is a splatter

guard and well it is not the most

beautiful item that you can have in the

kitchen it’s very functional what you do

once you’re frying something and it’s

got some oily stuff or tomatoey steps

splashing up put this on top and it

completely covers it off making sure

that splatters don’t go any further than

this mesh which is really easy to clean

now a way that you can reduce splatter

is by cooking things that are dry so

let’s say you have some oil heating in a

pan and you’re gonna pan fry some

veggies or some meat make sure that you

Pat those items down quickly with a

cloth or a paper towel before you cook

them by removing moisture you reduce the

amount of splatter isn’t that a good tip

once everything has been put in the oven

or is cooking away on the stovetop that

is your golden hour to get all of your

cleaning done think about it if you’re

using your time efficiently I mean you

have to be in the kitchen to keep an eye

on everything anyway you might as well

use that time to do a little bit of

cleanup so loading up the remainder of

your dishes wiping counters down getting

any of those grease splatters off that

kind of stuff now there are a couple of

benefits to doing this not only are you

going to sit down to a meal that will

essentially be happening in a clean

kitchen so you’re not really gonna have

to do too much cleanup aside from your

cooking vessels but you will also reduce

the amount of scrubbing that you have to

do because as I said earlier when you

let things cool they settle into their

surface and there

much more difficult to clean later so

the fresher the stain or the spill is

the easier it is to clean so remember

when you’re cooking clean and use your

time wisely if you’re not familiar with

a concept of pre-treating befriend it

pre-treating is amazing for keeping it

easy while you cook so that cleanup is a

breeze what I like to do is mix up a

solution of two cups water and a

teaspoon of dish soap and I use that to

pretreat pretty much anything as soon as

it is cooled off just a little now if it

cools off too much things can start to

take on and become really tough to clean

so what I like to do once it’s cool I

give it a quick spritz with the solution

and I just let it soak and be very

generous the more the merrier

in fact if there’s something that you

know is really gritty you can throw a

little bit of baking soda in along with

that solution and that will help provide

the extra abrasion you need to make

cleanup much easier I’d love to know in

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what is your favorite type of cuisine

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