5 Tricks to DUST PROOF Your Home!

Dust is a fact of life, and while we’ll always need to be dusting and vacuuming to keep the dust at bay, there are a few tricks that we can employ which will really help reduce the amount of dusting we have to perform in our weekly cleaning routine. In this video we’re going to look at 5 tips to dust proof your home and reduce your dusting duties!

dust in the wind you see my face right

now guys Chad literally just begged me

to sing that clearly you can see that I

don’t make youtube videos where I am

singing because I am NOT a songstress

but I can tell you about dust because

it’s something that we all deal with and

no matter how diligent we are about

cleaning dust comes back in fact the

average American six room home brings in

40 pounds of dust a year and it’s full

of all kinds of stuff that you don’t

care about and I don’t care about all

you need to know is that it’s coming in

and you got to stay on top of it so in

this video I’m going to show you some

strategies that you can use to stay on

top of dust and also to help reduce how

much dust is actually coming in your

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hear me sing in a video again your shoes

are responsible for about 80% of the

dirt and dust that comes into your home

so logically it makes sense to have mats

at every entrance

whether it’s your back door your garage

your mudroom or your front door make

sure you have a cute mat out there that

can catch all that dirt and prevent it

from coming in your home make sure that

your guests or you wipe your feet before

you step in and then you can even have a

mat inside the front hallway so that

your shoes can stay there and that will

trap even more dirt and finally make

sure that you have a shoes off policy

because when shoes are being worn inside

the house they are tracking dust and

dirt around and that means more cleaning

for you later on I love fresh air as

much as the next guy trust me but having

your windows open all the time can

actually bring a lot of dust and dirt

into your home so just be mindful about

how much you’re leaving your windows

open and if it’s a particularly windy

day make sure that you’re closing them

you can also think about leaving your

windows on your upper floors open and

your lower floors closed that way some

of the low-lying dirt won’t be able to

blow in but in general open windows do

mean more dust comes into your home area

rugs cushions and pillows of the

or a lot of dust and dander and debris

and even when you vacuum them or launder

them sometimes not everything gets out

there quite trapping that way they

really trap a lot of that stuff in so

what you can do a few times a year is

give them a really good whack so take

them outside

get yourself a tennis racket or some

other whacking device and old wooden

broom hockey stick I don’t get creative

make sure your neighbors aren’t watching

because they’re going to think you’re a

little crazy


and then just give it a really good

beating you know get out your anger

think about those people who screw you

how much tax dollars you’re paying just

take it all out on that stuff what

you’ll see are these disgusting puffs

come out of these items and it’s just

dust that you’re releasing so your anger

can actually be used in a really

constructive way so vacuuming is great

do that as often as you need to or

launder your items as often as you need

to but three to four times a year get

rid of the dust by giving those items a

good beating your air filters should be

changed a couple of times a year

ideally four times a year once with the

change of every season but if you

haven’t done it in a while go get

yourself a new air filter and change it

your air filter is kind of like a

hairbrush no use a few times it really

works but once it gets clogged up with

hair it really can’t brush your hair

effectively and it puts a lot of crap

back into your hair that you don’t want

there so if your air filter hasn’t been

cleaned in a while it’s not going to be

removing all of those particles that

you’re trying to not breathe in and it

might actually affect the quality of

your air or your airflow as well your

vents around the house you can remove

the vent covers give those a quick

vacuum or dust and replace them this

will affect the quality of your air and

your air flow as well ditch the fancy

feather dusters and go for microfiber if

you put a feather and a microfiber cloth

under a microscope you would see that a

feather has like six thick six strands


microfiber cloths have these teeny tiny

strands that are cut into a little pie

and all they do is trap dust and dirt

all day so when you’re dusting with a

feather duster you’re literally just

pushing dust everywhere and it’s just

going to land on the same darn surface

that you were trying to clean whereas if

you’re using a microfiber cloth those

little pizza slices are going to trap

your dust and make sure that it does not

return so a lot of you guys know that I

have my own line of microfiber cloth

makers cleaning cloths and I don’t talk

about microfiber so they have nothing

better to do guys when I started my

cleaning company 11 years ago I was

using that feather duster and it did

nothing for me so when I got into

microfiber and realized how amazing it

was for cleaning particularly for

removing dust I was sold this week’s

comment question is what’s your take on

the shoes off policy do you wear shoes

in your home and not really care about

taking your shoes off like it doesn’t

affect you or are you adamant that shoes

come off the second you walk in your

home let me know in the comments down

below here at the CMS HQ we take our

shoes off and if we do want to wear

shoes in the house

we have indoor shoes or slippers now

occasionally someone will wear shoes in

the house and I’ve actually it give them

the old raised eyebrow awkward face and

ask them to take your shoes off they get

it it’s me and all is good but I’d love

to know what you guys think about this

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