6 Amazing Cleaning Tips!

In this video we are sharing amazing cleaning and organizing tips from the Clean My Space Nation!! That’s right, all of these tips were found in the comment section of our recent videos and we thought they are so good that we just had to share them with our entire community!

in case you haven’t noticed the comment

section on any of our clean my space

videos tends to blow up with cleaning

comments and tips and tricks and

questions and you guys are amazing at

coming up with solutions and ideas and

sharing your own tips and tricks with me

and the rest of clean my space nation so

this week for the first time ever we’ve

decided to share some of your best tips

and tricks with the rest of our audience

and if you guys like this concept we’ll

do it again so let’s get started and

hear some of your best tips a quick

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things off with a great comment from

Patti Dover and she says put baking soda

in a dish like you used and add a few

drops of essential oil and stir makes a

great air freshener I also put a tea

light candle in the center for added

decoration and the heat makes the smell

pop now we already do this baking soda

air freshener thing around our house

with essential oils we love it and I

also love the idea of adding a tea light

brilliant here’s a comment about my

least favorite cleaning tool the vacuum

and it comes from Alexandra Meg looook I

hope I pronounced your last name

properly and she says a seam ripper

works really well to clean up a brush

roller slash beater bar I find it even

easier than snipping hair and thread off

with scissors and that’s true what we

usually do is use a pair of scissors to

cut any hair out of the vacuums beater

bar but a seam ripper something that

wasn’t in my sewing kit but now will be

in my sewing kit or perhaps my cleaning

kit definitely works better great tip

Rebecca McGill says I use dish soap and

vinegar to clean with is simply done

ultra combined with hot vinegar and

spray it on all of my shower doors the

soap scum just melts off microwave 2

cups vinegar approximately 2 minutes and

add 1/8 cup of dawn also works on carpet

stains and lots of other surfaces so I

guess what’s working here is the

eat from the vinegar really helps

accentuate the cleaning powers of

vinegar and dish soap the important

thing here is to make sure that the

vinegar isn’t so hot that it scorches

you or burns your plastic bottle but

otherwise sounds like a great idea to me

Vivian Soros says if you know that

you’re not going to travel for a long

time you can put away clothes in your

luggage that’s what I do and that is a

really smart idea because essentially a

suitcase is a rolling container that you

can use to store anything you want

really and mine doesn’t get used to

store anything it’s just sort of an

empty shell so this makes so much sense

especially if you’re tight on storage

space you can put your out-of-season

clothing into your suitcase and then if

you need to travel take it out leave it

on your bed or somewhere else and when

you get back put it back and store your

luggage that’s a super helpful tip

especially if you’re short on storage

space orange moonglow’s says I use dr.

Bronner’s baby soap for everything from

cleaning my face to the kitchen to the

bathroom to my hands I prefer the plain

soap because I can just add my own

essential oil for scent if it needs to

be diluted though that’s how you save


I got a 32 ounce bottle for 9 bucks from

Whole Foods on sale it lasts forever

think about how much individual cleaning

products costs more than three dollars a

container not sure how you got the idea

it actually costs more not true so let

me clear that up for you in that video

we said to use castile soap and we just

warned and said hey you know it’s a bit

expensive but this person orange

moonglow’s says it’s actually

inexpensive because it can be diluted

and as it turns out if you go on the dr.

Bronner’s website which was the soap

that I used in the video but really any

castile soap is fine it is actually fine

to dilute it so that’s a great way to

stretch your dollar and make the soap

last longer if you’ve clicked on any of

our videos you’ve probably seen in the

comments section there are tons of great

ideas and you guys are so generous and

awesome with your great information and

it’s so nice to see you guys helping

each other out and that’s why we wanted

to share your best tips and tricks in


kind of video because we want to make

sure that you guys are being heard and

congratulated for your great comments so

this week’s comment question is I want

to know what is your best cleaning tip

or trick maybe you’ve left it in another

video and we haven’t gotten to it yet

this time let me know because we are

going to use this comment section to put

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