6 Clever Uses for Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil doesn’t just smell nice (assuming you are cuckoo for coconut like I am), it works wonders on your body and around the house. It’s a super versatile oil and is readily available in grocery and health food stores (tbh I get mine at Costco!). The oil comes in either virgin form or refined form, both work and I explain the difference in the video. I’ve been using it around the house for various purposes for years now with great success and I am excited to share these great tips with you.

in our house there’s always at least one

container of coconut oil floating around

we use it not only for cooking but in

many different uses around the house so

today I’m going to show you some really

neat uses for coconut oil outside of

frying something up I love that smell if

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give this video a thumbs up if you’re

out shopping for coconut oil you’ll

probably notice there are two kinds

there’s virgin or unrefined coconut oil

and then there’s refined coconut oil let

me tell you the difference real quick

unrefined or virgin coconut oil like

this is typically hard when you get it

it’ll melt at a certain point so it’s

kind of like butter and then it gets

melty it’s got a beautiful coconut scent

that I’m obsessed with and a coconut

flavor as well

now refined coconut oil has basically

been deodorized and deep flavor eyes so

you don’t get that coconut e smell or

flavor and it’s also stable so it’ll

always be in a liquid format making it

easier to use if you don’t want to have

to melt it down but whatever you like

that’s the one that you pick up one of

the things I use in my kitchen on a

daily basis is my wooden cutting board

and I love it but I got to tell you

cutting boards are high maintenance

kinda high maintenance boyfriend or

girlfriend they need a lot of attention

now we did a video teaching you how to

clean your cutting board and we’ll link

that for you down below that’s obviously

important when it comes to maintenance

but moisturizing your cutting board is

also important if it’s not moisturized

it’ll become parched it’ll attract more

and absorb more bacteria which is not a

good thing and it can even start to

become misshapen

so keeping it in good moisturized

condition is really important to make

sure the board lasts now you can do this

with coconut oil unlike other food grade

oils like olive oil or canola oil and

here’s what coconut oil will not go

rancid which is a good thing when it

comes to putting it on a wooden cutting

board it won’t attract bacteria and it

won’t get that horrible rancid oil smell

if you’ve ever smelled it you’ll know it

so all you have to do is take about a

teaspoon apply it onto the

cutting board with a paper towel nice

and even do that about three or four

times three or four coats then let it

dry for several hours six seems to be

okay and then your cutting board will be

in great shape and you can do this about

once a month there are tons of uses for

coconut oil when it comes to beauty and

taking care of yo self the first use is

to use it on the ends of your hair as a

hair conditioner or moisturizer

now you don’t to put too much in there

because you don’t have greasy tips but

what you can do is take I don’t know

like a little tiny drop half a teaspoon

rub it in between your palms and gently

apply it to your tips and let the

coconut oil absorb into your hair and

moisturize it I will do this after a

shampoo maybe a day or two and it really

does add some beautiful shine and bounce

to my hair if you want you can also do

an overnight coconut oil treatment

basically everything from here down you

apply coconut oil kind of wrap your head

in a towel or something so it doesn’t

get all over your pillow and shampoo it

out the next morning your hair will feel

amazing if we’re moving a sticker has

ever been a challenge for you you got to

try this DIY googan recipe all you have

to do is mix equal parts of coconut oil

and baking soda together this stuff

keeps really well just to apply a little

slather of it onto anything sticky let

it sit for about 10 minutes and between

the oily oil of coconut oil and the

scratchy scratch of baking soda that

stickers going to come off no questions

asked once the sticker is removed give

it a good rinse with water and a little

bit of dish soap and Pat it dry and

it’ll look amazing I am militant about

moisturizing and I use coconut oil

exclusively after the shower and Ashley

Chad does as well and the method I use

is I leave my skin slightly damp and I

apply the coconut oil I usually it’s

just solid in my bathroom so I’ve

scooped some out massage it between my

hands and just apply it as usual

whatever is going on in coconut oil it

is so good and nourishing for your skin

and obviously it smells amazing just

keep in mind that you need to give it a

few minutes

before you get dressed so that the oil

can actually absorb into your skin and

I’ll transfer on your clothes because

then we got to deal with a grease stain

and nobody wants to do that you’ve

probably been in a situation before

where you’ve had to either remove gum

from someone’s hair or have gum removed

from your hair I have been in the latter

situation it is not pretty and if you

have a child or someone that acts like a

child get gum in their hair I have a

solution for you that’s going to make

gum removal from hair really really easy

all you have to do is use some coconut

oil get a clump of coconut oil work it

into the clump of hair with the gum and

it’ll slide right out

but don’t tell your kid how easy it is

to remove the gum you don’t want to

encourage the habit coconut oil is also

a great gentle makeup remover what you

do is put a little bit of coconut oil

again maybe half a teaspoon if you’re

measuring in the palm of your hands rub

it together you can apply it to your

skin gently massage it in Pat it off

with a tissue or cotton round and then

you can wash your face as usual for

whatever reason the oil really helps

remove some of your makeup now the only

thing you need to keep in mind is to not

use it on the old peepers I did that and

then I started to get body deposits in

my eyes and my eyes were all blurry and

anyway the eye doctor told me not to do

it anymore so I just use an oil-free eye

makeup remover but it’s great for

everywhere else whenever we put a video

together we always fact-check anything

that we share with you guys so even

though we know a lot of these coconut

oil tips and we use them ourselves we

just want to make sure that we’re always

sharing the best info with you and in

the process of doing all this

fact-checking one of the crazy things

that kept coming up and we’ve known

about this for years but actually it’s

something we’ve never done is oil

pulling and if you guys don’t know what

oil pulling is basically you put some of

this and here you swish for 20 minutes

spit it out and it’s supposed to cause

all kinds of oral miracles now we have

done a lot of research and we haven’t

seen any dental Association actually

back this practice which is why we

didn’t share it but to be honest it kind

of freaks me out and I’ve never tried it

because I think it’s gross

so I don’t know if you guys have tried

it before or if you think it’s nasty

anyway or if your dentist like let me

know in the comments down below what

your thoughts are on oil pulling this

week’s comment question is do you guys

use and love coconut oil or do you not

use it and you want to try it or you

hate the smell of coconut oil basically

I want to know your opinion about

coconut oil so let me know in the

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