6 EASY Habits For a Cleaner Home!

When cleaning becomes overwhelming – which I know happens a lot – taking a step back and trying to adopt some simple habits into your daily routine can really make an impact. In this video, we look at 6 more simple habits that can help make keeping a cleaner home easier, and less stressful.

one of the easiest ways to fight

overwhelm when it comes to cleaning is

to have good habits in place because

once you set those good habits all you

have to do is focus on the work and then

you don’t have to worry about actually

thinking about cleaning too much and if

you have great habits you’ll actually

clean less because you’re doing more and

more each and every day so this week I

figured we would do another great

cleaning habits video we have a few of

them already but I wanted to share some

more with you just a quick reminder if

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cleaning habit videos this is rule

number probably three in the cleaning

world when you’re cleaning

professionally you waste a lot of time

scrubbing and then rinsing only to see

that the surface that you are just

cleaning and thought was clean is

actually still dirty then you got to

start all over again at square one so

instead what I’ve taught my staff to do

and what I’ve learned to do over the

years and it makes a huge difference is

to clean a surface entirely to the best

of your ability then use your hands to

feel see if there’s any remnants left

over you’ll kind of notice surface

tension or bumpiness whether it’s you

know a dirty pot or a tub with soap scum

you’ll know where the dirty areas are

and then you can just go back and keep

cleaning those areas before you actually

rinse it and then that way you know by

the time your rinsing is done you can

polish it up and then you can move on

from that task instead of wasting your

time continuing to clean rinse repeat

clean rinse repeat it also wastes a lot

of water you know furniture is in a

space so that it can fill it out and it

could look good but it is not there as a

storage solution for all of your stuff

and I’m guilty of this too I’ll come in

and I’ll put something down and then I’m

too lazy to deal with it later and

unfortunately that’s when things start

to pile up so the habit here is to keep

your furniture surfaces as clear as

possible if you have stuff that dawn

there say a lamp or a decor item it’s

there deliberately but anything else

really doesn’t belong there so make it a

habit not to put down stuff on a

furniture surface

when it comes to cleaning multitasking

doesn’t always work well it’s really

hard to talk on the phone or answer a

facebook message or even think about

doing another cleaning task when you’re

trying to clean a particular space you

just lose focus and that’s when you

start to forget things so one of the

reasons why I’m such a huge proponent of

following the 3 wave system which is

something you guys have seen my videos

or read the books you know I am a big

fan of its because it keeps you focused

it tells you exactly where you need to

be and what you need to do each time so

that you don’t get off-track I know this

is a challenge for me too you know I

have a lot of things going on and then

the dryer buzzes but here’s what happens

if I leave my clothing in the dryer it’s

it’s it settles the heat starts to

dissipate and wrinkles set in and then

I’m just left with a pile of laundry

which I will get to at some point in the

future which usually never comes and

then I just have a pile of laundry that

I need to deal with and it just

perpetuates from there instead what I

found works is as soon as that buzzer

goes off I pull the clothing out and I

fold it and put it away immediately

not only does it help prevent wrinkles

but it means that the folding is

actually going to get done right then

and there because I can promise you if

it’s not done when the buzzer goes

there’s a really good chance you’re

going to put it off for another time

which might never come whether you’re in

the kitchen or in the bathroom looking

into a dirty sink that’s just asking for

the rest of the space to get dirtier so

if you’re in the kitchen and you see

dishes in the sink or even food scraps

at the bottom or like grunge enos along

the side of the sink or if you’re in the

bathroom and you see this stuff or

toothpaste splatters your sink is only I

swear do its magnetic like it just

starts to attract more nastiness to it

so the idea here is to clean your sink

after you’ve finished using the space it

doesn’t need to be anything serious just

a quick little wipe down with a

microfiber cloth or if you don’t have on

even a paper towel is fine but just keep

it clean because if you see a clean sink

you’re going to want the rest of your

space to be clean too quite like

sticking to any goal perseverance is

really important

you know if you have something that you

really want you got to remember even

during the biggest struggle while you’re

doing it that’s called grit and you do

need a bit of it when it comes to

cleaning especially if you’re not a fan

of cleaning like this guy so what I like

to do is go into a space before I start

cleaning it and just look around

sometimes we’ll do this with my eyes

open or sometimes it with my eyes closed

either way I kind of envision what I

want my space to look like when I’m done

with cleaning and this really helps me

focus my efforts and stick to my goal so

when you’re cleaning do the same thing

walk into a space have a look at it

think about what you really want it to

look like and then that’s your goal and

you can start working toward it and a

lot of what I talk about in our free

kickstart your cleaning series which is

a ten part video series designed to help

get you motivated and encouraged to

clean and I kind of walk you through

each space a lot of what we do in those

videos is share this kind of information

to really help you get on track and stay

on track with your goal and I’ll put

links to that down below this week’s

comment question is what are your bad or

good cleaning habits let me know in the

comments down below if they’re bad


I’m going to try and think of some ways

that I can get you around them and if

they’re good habits we might include

them in an upcoming video I also wanted

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