6 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things!

I know we’ve all heard the term ‘upcycle’ – but sometimes it’s hard to look at an ordinary item and find an alternative use for it – so this week, Melissa Maker helps by sharing 6 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things!

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I hope these life hacks help you in your home – let me know in the comments down below if you would like to see more videos like this one!

I know we’ve all heard the term upcycle

but sometimes it can be hard to look at

an item and figure out how you’re

actually going to use it for another

application don’t worry I got your back

my name is Melissa maker I’m the host of

the clean myspace channel and today I am

going to show you six extraordinary uses

for ordinary things you know what I

don’t like I don’t like spending money

on things that I don’t need case in

point a wrapping paper storage container

why would I do that I mean it’s true

wrapping paper does easily come

unraveled in your wrapping paper storage

area can kind of look like it’s in a bit

of a frenzy situation but an easy fix

for that and says going on and buying

something expensive is to take an empty

paper towel or toilet paper roll simply

cut a slit down the middle and then pop

that over the wrapping paper and that

way your wrapping paper will be kept in

check you can easily stand it up in any

old container or in the back of a closet

and everything will be meet and

organised for literally nothing next up

the ever-popular

coconut oil and I don’t know about you

guys but I have coconut oil floating

around the whole house because there are

so many different uses for it but one of

the really cool uses especially now in

the winter at least where I live is our

shoes get really dirty and full of muck

so an easy way to polish and shine up

your shoes is by applying a little bit

of coconut oil to a cloth not a good

microfiber cloth you want to use like an

old cotton cloth or a paper towel a lot

of dirts going to come up and this stuff

is oily and simply start massaging it

into your shoe now if it’s really dirty

you can wipe off that dirt ahead of time

and then you can massage in the leather

but normally you just put some on the

leather buff it in wipe off any excess

and your shoes are going to look shiny

and new now obviously this isn’t going

to work for a nubuck leather or patent

leather you know the kind of leather

this is going to work on and trust me it

works like a charm

and guys I’d love to know in the

comments down below what do you use

coconut oil for we have an entire video

dedicated to all kinds of different uses

for coconut oil and by the way I just

love this

so of course I’m trying to use it

everywhere I can the next time you get

an important package of documents from

your accountant you’re probably going to

get one of these with it it’s a little

dog clip and if you don’t have anything

better to do it that I mean of course it

starts from keeping your taxes together

you can use this as a great way to

corral your wires on the back of your

desk you can even line up two or three

of them to keep several of your wires in

check the cool thing is the actual clips

part pops off you can remove both of

them after you’ve popped this black part

here onto the side of your desk position

your wire and then put the two clip end

back on this is going to secure your

clip and that way you can easily pull

them forward and push them back as

needed without having wires all over the

place if you still get the newspaper

delivered to you and you’re looking for

a creative way to use it up aside from

just pitching it in the recycling box

what you can do especially if you have a

leaky smelly garbage situation is

crumple up some newspaper and pop it at

the bottom of your garbage bag before

you put it into your garbage can the

newspaper kind of asks is this growth

sponge and it absorbs any old odors any

liquid anything nasty and basically

contains it from leaking out onto the

rest of your kitchen floor

this stuff does come in handy and hey

we’re putting newspaper to a great you

so I’m just going in the recycling bin

I’ll take it if you find yourself with

some extra grapes and they’re about to

go bad rinse them up and put them in the


obviously frozen grapes make a great

snack and I’d love to know in the

comments down below if you guys love

munching on frozen grapes we eat them at

the house they are a fabulous snack but

they also act as a perfect ice cube to

keep your white wine and frankly any of

your cocktails cool without watering

them down the way an ice cube would and

the benefit is that you get a little

treat at the end of your drink for those

of you who follow me on Instagram you

know I am all about the nails

I have a lot of nail polish rolling

around the house but there’s a great use

for clear nail polish especially if

you’re a fan of button up top I have

several button up top and one of the

things that’s really frustrating is when

you start to see to the Reds popping out

obviously you’ll cut the threads off but

you want to cut too much off because you

know want that button popping out a

special the one right there

awkward so what you can do instead is

just paint a little bit of clear nail

polish over that thread and that will

help keep anything even if it’s a little

bit loose nice and secure so you won’t

have a missing button situation this

video has been brought to you by wow I

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