6 GENIUS Uses for Mesh Laundry Bags!

I’ve been using laundry bags for years, mostly for my delicates, but also for some other non-laundry related tasks. Because of the mesh construction of these delicates bags, they are suited for a number of household tasks. In this video, I share with you 6 genius ways to use a mesh delicates laundry bag outside of their normal use.

the humble laundry bag this mesh bag

here we know because we use it to wash

our delicates or separate things out

when we’re doing our laundry but did you

know that laundry bags mesh bags

delicates bags whatever you choose to

call them have so many different uses

around the house as well as in the

laundry room so in this video I’m going

to show you six genius ways that you can

use a mesh laundry bag and just a quick

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if you like laundry hacks to dirty

running shoes have never been trendy

clean running shoes are always in style

one of the ways that you can clean them

is of course by machine washing them

always make sure you check the care

label first but then the question is how

do you dry those shoes because if you’ve

ever put shoes in the dryer you know

that it sounds like someone very creepy

is running around your laundry room so a

good solution is to pop the shoes into

your mesh bag and then you can loop the

top and the bottom of the bag around the

door of your dryer close the door so

that the laundry bag is effectively

sitting against the back of your dryer

door and then you just turn it on you

can do other laundry as usual and your

shoes will be dry as well without all

that banging if you’re fortunate enough

to be headed to a beach you might be

thinking ahead about how you’re gonna

keep that cell phone those car keys your

sunblock and all of your other Beach

accessories together well a great

solution is to use a mesh bag to do that

think about it

you’ve got the mesh so it’ll allow

anything to flow through it that needs

to for example sand but it’ll keep all

of your items together you not only have

a great way to corral all of your items

but you’ll make sure that you’re not

bringing a whole bunch of sand home with

you at the end of the day another great

way to get your kids acquainted with

doing laundry early is to use mesh bags

to sort their favorite toys so whether

they’re stuffed animals or other types

of toys you can have one bag where you

put all of the toys or stuffed animals

at the end of the day it’s a great

organizing solution you can even hang it

on a hook at the back of their door or

you can have a couple of different bags

and because they’re mesh the kids can

see very clearly what’s inside the bag

take down the one that they like or

depending on how high it’s hanging they

will ask you to take it down and it

makes tidy up a lot easier

of course mesh bags are great for

delicates so any items that you want to

keep from getting snagged or pulled in

the wash but they are also great for

separating out any garments that you

don’t want to go in the dryer and it

saves you time because when you’re

moving your load over from the wash to

the dryer you don’t actually have to

worry about picking through each and

every garment and pulling out the things

that you don’t want to dry if you put

those items into a mesh bag like this

you can just pull out that bag and you

know to hang those items Chad does this

with a few of his t-shirts and I mean

this guy can’t afford for his t-shirts

to shrink so it makes perfect sense to

me now the other thing that you can keep

in mind is that if you are prone to

losing socks and I think that probably

goes for all of us you can probably just

throw all of your socks into a mesh bag

before you launder them and then that

way they’ll go straight from the wash

into the dryer they’ll come out and you

will not be short a sock if you buy a

lot of onions and potatoes and foods

like that you know that you’ve got to

keep them in a cool dark place and you

want them to breathe so they don’t

sprout ears and eyes and green things

that are terrifying looking and make you

not want to ever eat them so a great way

to store them is to get yourself a

little mesh bag it contains everything

and allows your produce to breathe it

keeps it fresher for longer and if

you’re looking for a way to save space

you can get yourself a hook and you can

hang your mesh bag on that hook too

something that parents are all too

familiar with is their kids obsession to

put toys in their mouths or get toys

very very dirty and then often times

they’ll worry about how to clean the

toys because god only knows what’s going

on on the surface of the toys well a

great way to do that of course making

sure that the toys are safe to be

cleaned is to pop them into a mesh bag

and from there you can either put them

on the top rack of your dishwasher or in

the washing machine and then of course

depending on the type of toy you might

not want to use any product at all so

for something plasticky like for example

Lego you can just put those on the top

rack of the dishwasher and use the

sanitize cycle no products or if it’s

something that’s a little bit fluffy you

can again check the care label but you

can put it

to your mesh bag pop it into your

washing machine and use very gentle

detergent and that brings me to this

week’s comment question and I’m quite

curious about this what’s your take on

cleaning kids toys how often do you do

it or do you think it’s not a big deal

and it’s just good to help them build up

their immune system and if you do clean

them how do you clean them talk to me in

the comments down below about your

thoughts on cleaning kids toys a special

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