6 Simple Habits for a Cleaner Home That You Can Start Today!

In this video, I’m sharing with you 6 simple, yet effective habits to help you keep your home clean! I have benefited quite a bit from these habits and I hope that you try some of these and get the chance to experience the change for yourself. You can do this!

If you feel crazy overwhelmed with keeping on top of daily housekeeping (let alone cleaning!) this video will help ease that, I promise :).

back in the day before I got into this

whole clean myspace thing I found

keeping house to be ridiculously

overwhelming I don’t know if you feel me

on that one but if you do or if you

don’t the way you can keep your house

clean is still the same obviously you

have to do the bigger jobs and we talk

about that stuff all the time and

knowing how to do the bigger jobs is

really important but the secret to

keeping a clean home is actually having

really good habits to keep a clean home

so this week I’m going to show you six

of those habits that you can start

implementing today that will make your

home cleaner just a quick reminder if

you haven’t done so already to subscribe

to the clean my space channel and if you

find habit videos helpful you think

they’re going to help you give this

video a thumbs up start a basket system

right now I cannot find my headphones I

have looked all over the house they’re

nowhere but Chad and I have what’s

called a basket system at home so

there’s a melisa basket and a Chad

basket it’s a system that works really

well for us so anytime the other one is

around the house and finds stuff that

belongs to the other person we will take

that and put that in that person’s

basket and then they know where to find

things that have potentially been

missing like hey they’re my headphones

or if they’re say a magazine that came

the mail for me Chad will put that in my

basket I’ll put his socks in his basket

if you have a family you can have a

basket for each person have a

centralized location for those baskets

and anytime there’s stuff that belongs

to that individual guess where it goes

and then it’s incumbent upon the

individual to empty out their own basket

just one thing a day let’s say you don’t

have a lot of time at home but you still

want to clean or at least keep dust at

bay well what you can do is pick one

piece of furniture every day and dust it

you don’t have to spend hours and hours

cleaning or even half an hour just get

yourself a microfiber cloth and might I

recommend a makers microfiber cloth some

water or a little bit of all-purpose

cleaner and dust that one item you can

probably do it during a commercial break

or when you have a couple of spare

minutes like you’re waiting for you know

your microwave to be for something like

there’s always a couple minutes that you

can squeeze in some cleaning and dusting

one item a day will help ensure that

your surfaces are dust free full hands

this is one of those habits that I

learned many years ago when I was

working as a waitress at a steak house

and it has stayed with me ever since

when it’s coming to cleaning or laundry

or organizing or anything around the

house and that is your hands always need

to be full the way this worked in the

restaurant was if your hands were empty

your manager would give you the old

stink eye

so it basically told you okay I better

go water some tables I better go clear

some dishes I better go run some food

you could not be idle when you were

working at this restaurant so when it

comes to taking care of your house what

I like to do is make sure I always have

something in my hands wherever I’m going

so for example I’m standing in our

family room right now I see a couple of

dishes on my way out I’m going to grab

those dishes and take them to the

kitchen and it’ll get on with my

business and what this does is it kind

of helps keep up the traffic flow of

stuff in the house and if you live with

other people you can try implementing

this rule with them and if you have kids

this is a great thing to teach them from

a young age eliminate junk drawers if

your house is feeling overrun with

drawers filled with random stuff two

things first of all you got to empty out

those drawers sort through the items and

get rid of the stuff you don’t need and

second of all you’ve got to eliminate

the concept of a junk drawer cupboard

closet dresser whatever in your house

there shouldn’t be a junk anything in

your house actually you should have a

purposeful place for everything in your

home and if for whatever reason you find

stuff and you’re like I don’t know where

to put it I’m just going to shut on the

old junk drawer well that’s a problem

because you’re kind of just sweeping

things under the rug so to speak so what

Chad and I have done is we when we

renovated our kitchen we set a specific

drawer that’s sort of a utility drawer

with scissors wine openers lighters that

kind of stuff that all stays in that

drawer but anything beyond that we kind

of get rid of or we don’t hang on to in

the kitchen because it doesn’t belong

there so remember if there’s something

that you’re bringing into the house and

it doesn’t have a purpose or a place you

shouldn’t be keeping it there anyway

dump the duplicate in our house for

whatever reason we have four flathead


drivers that I can think of right now

standing here there might even be more I

don’t know why we have them all over the

house but we do the habit is to find all

of those items as you come across them

route them together pick the best ones

find a place for it get rid of

everything else that way you’re getting

extra clutter out of your home and you

always know where that one item can be

found clean for ten minutes a day if you

find the idea of cleaning your entire

house overwhelming I get it I am right

there with you but what I can do is

spare 10 minutes a day and hopefully you

can squeeze 10 minutes a day in as well

frankly even if it’s not 10 minutes and

it’s 5 minutes or if you can do 20

minutes a day even better as long as

you’re doing something each and every

day your house is going to be in a much

better state and if you’re feeling

overwhelmed don’t worry because you got

to start somewhere so even if you start

in one room and give that room 10

minutes you look that much better now

here’s what you can do you can set a

timer and just fire up as much clean as

you can in that 10 minutes you can play

two to three songs that total about 10

minutes or you can take a page out of my

book and play a podcast for 10 minutes

whatever you do to get you going that’s

all that counts

implementing these small little habitual

changes will add up over time and can

help you have a cleaner house I know

they’ve made a difference for Chad and I

and perhaps they will for you to

actually forget the perhaps I know they

will this week’s comment question is

what is the one cleaning habit that

saves your skin each day let me know in

the comments down below I’m always

looking for new habits that I can

implement I’m not saying I’ll implement

all of them but if it’s a really good

one I might give it a try and I know

other people scour the comment sections

to find really good ideas too so

anything that you can put down really

helps there’s a button down there that

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journey to a cleaner life thanks so much

for watching and we’ll see you next time

well it’s that special time of the week

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I’ll see you next time

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