When it comes to washing dishes we all have our issues—or ‘dissues’— and whether you have a dishwasher or not, there are inevitably some situations where you’ll have wash dishes by hand. So, in this video, we share some tips to make hand washing dishes a little quicker and easier.

whether you have a dishwasher or not you

are probably going to have to hand wash

dishes at some point whether it’s pots

pans silverware something super delicate

you’re not going to want to put it in

your dishwasher and of course if you

don’t have a dishwasher

you are the dishwasher using the sink

and your hands so in this video I’m

going to show you six ways to be super

efficient when you’re hand washing your

dishes because let’s face it there’s the

right way and there’s the wrong way and

the wrong way wastes a lot of time water

and your energy so let’s get to it and

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one of our key clean my space

philosophies is to have the right

cleaning tools whenever you’re

approaching a job that way things go a

lot quicker so when it comes to doing

the dishes it makes sense that I share

with you my favorite tools for actually

doing it efficiently so first things

first you need a really good pair of

rubber gloves you want one that goes

right up to the end of your forearm that

way you’re not going to get water

shooting down the cuff while you’re

watching your dish is not as super gross

you also want to make sure that it’s a

little bit tactile so things aren’t

slipping out of your hands also I

recommend a really good scrub pad or

sponge I prefer using a scrub pad only

because I find the sponge can sometimes

cling on to things like chia seeds and

other things and they kind of stain and

look funky and finally a good bottle

brush that really helps you get into

some awkward locations when you’re

scrubbing things that aren’t necessarily

square or circle we’ve covered off tools

so now let’s talk about products and

techniques so what I like to do is spill

one of my sinks with hot water and then

I will add one or two squirts of dish

soap to it now I like doing this instead

of running water and adding dish soap to

my sponge all the time it’s more

economical you use a little bit of water

a little bit of dish soap and you’re

good now if you want to sanitize those

dishes you can add about five drops of

therapeutic grade eucalyptus oil or tea

tree oil and that will effectively knock

bacteria from your dishwater lucky for

me I have a second sink so I’ll fill

that with just plain hot water and once

I finished washing my dishes I’ll dunk

it in that plain water before I put it

on the drying rack and that just allows

it to be cleansed from the soap without

me having to waste more water okay so

now that everything’s set up

I’m gonna take my dirty dishes and put

them into that sink filled with water

and soap and let them pre soaked in

cleaning you always need a method to

your madness and there’s no difference

here when we’re hand washing our dishes

when I’m doing that I like to wash all

of my like items together so all cutlery

is done at one time cups plates bowls

anything that you can imagine you just

want to group them together just think

about like Sesame Street for doing your

dishes now the reason we do this is

because we want to maximize the amount

of space on our drying rack if you do a

bowl a plate a cup like you’re gonna

take up so much space in that drying

rack and you’ll have to unload it

several times it’s just wasting your

time rather if you do everything

together you can be very efficient with

the way that you set up your dish rack

almost like playing Tetris and then once

all of your stuff is dry you can unload

it and that will be that doesn’t matter

how good of a cook you are we have all

been there and we have burned something

at the bottom of a pot or a pan and then

we kind of look at it we feel resentful

we want to leave it for a few days and

not think about it but there’s an easy

little hack that you can do to lift up

pretty much anything off the bottom of a

burnt pot or pan so here it is fill the

bottom of your pot or pan with a little

bit of water maybe about an inch or so

then you can shake some baking soda into

the bottom and bring that water up to a

boil on your element now once it’s

boiled rest the Potter pan on a silicon

trivet and what this will do is allow

the Potter pan and the water to come to

a cooler point then I’m going to use

this little silicone scraper here to

kind of scrape off any of those bits on

the bottom it’s kind of like deglazing a

pan but we’re using cleaning tools and

baking soda here now once that’s done

you can give it a good rinse and a

by the way this little silicone scraper

is actually really handy to use when

you’re just clearing off your dishes

after a meal what do you want to scrape

your food into the compost or if you’re

scraping it off before you rinse it and

put it into the dishwasher this is

something that restaurants use in dish

pits to get rid of food quickly we here

at clean myspace tests all of our

cleaning hacks and we will not recommend

anything unless we know it works so

here’s one that we absolutely love if

you have a really challenging pot or pan

and you want a quick fix for it here’s

another option you can find a piece of

tinfoil even if it’s one that you used

while you were cooking it’s just a great

way to upcycle it before you toss it out

but rather than going on in buying steel

wool to scrub off anything that’s burnt

onto your stainless steel pot or pan

crumpled up that piece of tinfoil add a

little bit of dish soap and water and

use that tin foil to scrub off any stuff

that’s caked on to the bottom it acts

like a piece of steel wool it’s pretty

cool it works and it’s economical even

though I know better in my wine drinking

days like before I got pregnant

sometimes I wouldn’t really want to hand

wash a wine glass they’d say you know

what it could go in the dishwasher

and it was a roll of the dice every time

sometimes the glass would come out and

it would be okay

other times there wouldn’t be a glass

anymore but there would be a little

cleanup job after that had its own

little occupational hazards coming along

with it so really what we need to do is

hand wash those wine glasses or any

delicate glassware now the technique to

do this is to fill your sink with just a

little bit of warm water and use a

little touch of dish soap you don’t want

to use too much the more soap you use

the more cleaning you have to do you

basically want to scoop up some water

and I just use a gloved hand but you can

use a cloth as well and I just like to

rub the inside to get rid of any of that

residue then I’ll give it a good rinse

and I hang the glasses upside down on a

wine glass drying rack to drip dry now

this is really efficient because it

helps all the water come out there’s no

condensation there’s usually no

streaking or watermarks but if you do

notice some the simple fix is to take a

flat weave cloth with a little bit of

white bit

and polish up any of those marks once

I’m done dealing with the dishes I’ll

take off those rubber gloves hang them

to dry and then I washed my hands dry

them and moisturize them because I don’t

know about you guys but even when I’m

washing stuff with gloves on I always

feel like my hands need a little bit of

extra TLC now that brings me to this

week’s comment question which is what is

the one thing that you cannot stand

hand-washing for me it is my stainless

steel water bottle I don’t know what it

is about that thing but it requires a

lot of extra attention so let me know in

the comments down below what’s that one

thing that you cannot stand to hand wash

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