7 Clever Products For Your Home – Clean My Space HQ Mail Bag!

Melissa is all about clever products that help organize and optimize routines and spaces (and if they’re cute too.. bonus!). In this first installment of CMS HQ Mail Bag, Melissa takes us through some recent items we’ve received which will help you organize and simplify your daily routines.

as you can probably imagine being a

cleaning and organizing YouTube channel

we get a lot of products sent to us and

we go through all of it we open it up we

test it out we keep some of it but

honestly we give a lot of it away to

friends and family because we just can’t

keep everything and this week I wanted

to show you some of our favorites that

have come through our mailbox lately and

just a quick reminder if you haven’t

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clean my space channel and give this

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share cool new products if you’ve seen

even one it clean my space video you

probably know that I’m obsessed with

scent and one of the things that I use

to spread my joy of cents around the

house are aromatherapy essential oil

diffusers and this brand is called House

smile and they have a line of several

different aromatherapy diffuser and they

all have this nice wood grain look to

them so a lot of you guys like the

essential oil diffuser I have in my room

that one’s made by tribest is called a

human but it’s big so if you want

something that’s small and maybe a

little bit more modern that can

seamlessly fit into your decor this is a

really interesting brand you’ll notice I

am comfortably seated on these beautiful

tile mat and for those of you who have

been watching clean my space for a while

you’ll probably recognize them they’re

made by Trilok and they’re called plates

and stick tile mats they are a fantastic

product we saw them at the I HHS show in

2016 we featured their product and then

we saw them again at the show this year

the guy was doing a demo when I ran over

and like hey we still love your product

and he’s like hey I’ve got some new

colors so he shipped us this brand new

shade it’s sort of like a teal / aqua

green so we decided to replace some of

our other carpet tiles with the new

shade and they look really pretty and

the great thing is you can customize

these to any design that you like you

can pull them up and stick them down on

a flat surface they won’t move that they

don’t leave residue behind you can

machine wash them when they get dirty

and trust me I’ve spilled like

everything on these carpet tiles and it

washes right out and you can also vacuum

over them so you don’t have to remove

them every time you want to do a

cleaning they’re super convenient and

we’ve had a lot of good success with

this has been my bag holder for the last

seven years and it adhered to the

cupboard door with this little piece of

tape for about 42 seconds and then 43

seconds into the whole ordeal it fell

off the cupboard door and ever since

then we jammed it in the back of the

under the kitchen sink cabinet and every

time we need a garbage bag or a shopping

bag we have to like do an old reach-in

like fish out a bag it’s very awkward we

have struggled but we have made it work

enter this guy it is made by spectrum

this girl I should say it’s made by

spectrum diversified it’s called the

Ashley over the cabinet bag recycler so

that’s a lot of words but let me tell

you it does it sits as you can see here

it just sits right on your cabinet now

we have something like this already but

we’re going to replace it with the

Ashley because it is so much smarter you

still get the towel bar on this side so

you can hang your cleaning cloth to dry

but on the inside you have this slim

profile bag holder so you stuff your

bags in on top and you pull a fresh one

out down here this is way better than

the alternative

sometimes it can be hard to get excited

about products when they come in and

they all kind of same old same old but

when we got this box from peleg designs

things were a little bit different

because their stuff is smart but really

freaking cute the first thing that we

opened is jumbo it’s this little

elephant where you can put your cutlery

after you can washed it basically the

cutlery will drain it drains in the

water pooled and then the elephant trunk

is where all of the water comes right

out and goes directly into your sink

it’s a super cute design

there’s also mr. sponge which is a very

finely appointed gentleman whose suction

cups onto the back of your sink and you

pop the sponge in there to dry off the

sponge looks like his bow tie classy and

then there’s the soap opera which is a

diva sitting in a bathtub and her hair

is steel wool so you pull off the steel

wool you use it to clean and when you’re

done you put it back on her head and

then it just drips right into her

bathtub so you don’t get any of that

gunk on your counter when I’m finished

cooking I usually put leftovers in

containers or in mason jars but I

usually use

containers and I also like to write the

date as well as what the food is on the

jar now the challenge is getting that

permanent marker off the jar once the

food is empty and that’s why this

product amazing way was created and when

they sent it to us were like okay

everyone called all the stuff amazing

all the time but we tried it we sprayed

it right on the glass after writing

something on a mason jar and it

literally liquefied the permanent marker

so it won’t get it off your clothing but

it will get off permanent marker from

surfaces like plastic glass and tile so

it definitely comes in handy if you need

to remove permanent marker on a regular

basis some of you might recognize this

black kitty over here and the brand is

called cozy oh we met them at the eye

HHS show back in March you guys probably

saw that section where I talked about

the cute cat stuff this is one of the

awesome little cat products that they

have it’s a cat paper towel roll

also known as part of my German as a

couch and rollin halter just sand and

the cool thing about the Koziol line of

products is that the plastic is all

recyclable and bpa-free

so it’s a product that you can actually

feel good about using they also have

several other coop rocks they basically

stock like half of their product line in

a box and shipped it from Germany over

to Ontario so China we’re very excited

when the box arrived this little sweeper

we really liked it’s very convenient to

have a handy sweeper like this the thing

I like about their products are really

well weighted so they’re very

comfortable to use a very ergonomic they

also have this little vegetable dish but

it’s not a dish brush a vegetable scrub

brush and they also have this dish brush

which as you can see we’ve started to

use again weighted really really well on

the feet so it doesn’t tip over all the

time the product line is really cool the

brand is Koziol they have all kinds of

functional products with really cute

design you guys know about my love

affair with a scraper right I’ve been

talking about the scraper pretty much

since we started to clean my space

channel it’s one of the first products

that I got my hands on and got a chance

to review and we’ve been using it here

ever since I know a lot of you guys have


the scraper as well it’s very helpful

but the scraper is a company that

innovates they’re actually called handy

home and they make a whole bunch of

different types of products one of the

products that we have around the house

and that they’ve just shipped us a bunch

of is called the spreader and it looks

like this it’s a very cool product not

necessarily a cleaning product but it

will help you clean out an almost empty

jar of peanut butter you see it’s this

bendable knife slash spatula so it’s

great for spreading things on a bagel

like peanut butter soft cheese or Jam

it’s also great for people who love

baking to spread on icing and the cool

part is it can bend so it’s very

flexible some of them come with this

serrated edge so it’s great to give kids

because as you can see it won’t cut your

skin but it will cut bread or a bagel

so the spreader is definitely a cool

little product that you can keep around

in your kitchen that’s just a tiny

fraction of what we get in the mail

@cleanmyspace honestly the UPS guy the

FedEx guy they all know us they all come

with huge boxes are like what do you

guys do so yeah if you have any products

that you want us to try out I will put

our p.o box information in the

description box so you can send us

something and maybe they’ll make it in

one of these videos and I’d love to know

in the comments down below if there’s a

product that you guys want us to try out

and we’ll reach out to the company and

see if we can get our hands on it I hope

you guys enjoyed this video where I go

through and test things out and also let

us know in the comments if you want to

see more videos like this where we share

other cool things that come in the mail

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