7 Cool Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide!

We usually find Hydrogen Peroxide in the first aid aisle or in a first aid kit, but there are so many extra uses for hydrogen peroxide aside from taking care of wounds, scrapes and burns.

In this video, Melissa Maker shares 7 cool ways to use hydrogen peroxide around your home!

you usually find hydrogen peroxide in

the first-aid aisle or in your first-aid

kit at home but there are so many extra

uses for hydrogen peroxide aside from

just taking care of wounds and scrapes

and burns so stick around and I’ll show

you seven cool ways you can use hydrogen

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so what’s the deal with hydrogen

peroxide and why does it work so well

I’m glad you asked

hydrogen peroxide you normally find in

your first-aid kit because it’s really

great at cleaning your wounds you put a

little bit on the wound

it helps bubble up any of that bacteria

or dirt right to the surface and it

really keeps things clean helping you

not get an infection so think about that

science and kind of apply it to cleaning

it disinfects as well but it does so

many other things too now something to

know about hydrogen peroxide it remains

in this brown bottle at all times until

just before you’re going to use it when

it’s in this brown bottle its protected

and the minute that it’s exposed to

light like the rest of us it becomes

unstable not like the rest of us so you

want to make sure that it’s always

locked up until you actually need it

let’s start things off in the

application that most of you guys know

about already hydrogen peroxide as a

stain remover it’s a great alternative

to bleach except it’s not chlorine

bleach and you use it for first aid so I

feel a lot better about using hydrogen

peroxide the way I like to use hydrogen

peroxide is in a solution of two parts

hydrogen peroxide and then one part dish

soap mix that all together blot up your

stain first apply this solution to your

stain let it sit for about 5-10 minutes

and then launder it as usual this

solution really helps NAB those stains

and you can also use it on carpet stains

or upholstery stains I don’t know about

you but I’m really not into ingesting

pesticides thank you very much so a

great way to deal with that is to make a

solution you can use one liter or one

quart of water they’re about the same

two that you’re going to add a cup

hydrogen peroxide there’s your solution

dump in your produce that you want to

wash leave it there for a few minutes

give it a good rinse give it the old

patent dry and that way your produce

will be ready for you to eat no bacteria

and no pesticides we get asked a lot

about how to clean grout and recently we

had a little bit of a garbage spill at

the house and some garbage juice got

into a grout line and there was a really

quick solution for that using hydrogen

peroxide so I will share that with you

guys all you need to do is mix two parts

baking soda to 1 part hydrogen peroxide

get out a cleaning toothbrush give it a

good stir apply that paste to the

affected grout line leave it for a few

minutes give it a good scrub with that

cleaning toothbrush rinse really really

well because the baking soda is going to

leave a fine gritty kind of feel behind

so you got to get rid of that but once

that’s gone your grout is going to look

amazing a lot of people use bleach to

clean their toilet bowls and here’s a

quick distinction bleach doesn’t

actually clean it disinfects and it can

help whiten stains well if you don’t

want to use bleach you can sub in

hydrogen peroxide all you need to do is

pour about a cup to a half cup whatever

you got lying around in the toilet bowl

leave it there for a couple of hours

then get your toilet bowl brush give it

a really good swish in that bowl get

under the rim go nuts on the toilet bowl

then give it a flush and what that will

do is help break down stains and get rid

of any lingering bacteria hydrogen

peroxide is incredible in the laundry

room the same way you would use bleach

you can use hydrogen peroxide but

frankly I’d argue that hydrogen peroxide

performs even better not only does it

white and white but new moms who asked

me all the time how to deal with baby

stains or cloth diaper stains here’s all

you have to do take a cup of hydrogen

peroxide add it to the bleach

compartment in your machine or just add

it to your wash as you normally would

with bleach let your machine do its

thing hydrogen peroxide has this amazing

ability especially with protein stains

to break the bond between the dirt and

the material and that way your stain

will loosen up it’ll be able to wash out

much easier and you will have better

looking laundry if you’ve ever looked at

your toothbrush and got in a case of the

loo then this is what you need to do

fill a cup halfway with hydrogen

peroxide and take your toothbrush and

dunk it in there leave it for about 30

minutes or so the hydrogen peroxide will

help get rid of any bacteria on your

toothbrush making it smell better if you

ever sniff your toothbrush just take my

word on it it will smell better and it

will also be free of bacteria which will

help keep you healthier especially with

folding folding flipfold inclu season

coming up that would be cold and flu

season coming up if you’re looking for a

quick easy disinfectant in your kitchen

look no further than the friendly brown

bottle of hydrogen peroxide now quick

note here you want to make sure that you

test it in a hidden area on your kitchen

surface before you actually use it in a

wider spread application just to make

sure you don’t get any weird

discoloration after all hydrogen

peroxide does technically have the

ability to bleach things so if you want

to use it in a kitchen to disinfect an

area say you’ve got some meat on the

counter you want to give it a good

cleaning afterward here’s what you need

to do take some hydrogen peroxide and

spray it onto the surface or you can

just sort of sprinkle it out from the

bottle on the surface leave it for about

10 minutes that will give the hydrogen

peroxide the ability to do its thing

then you want to wipe the surface clean

and then if you want to you can give it

a good final rinse and the surface will

be clean and mostly bacteria free one of

my favorite things about doing all of

this clean my space stuff is that I get

to share with you guys all of the great

applications for household items like

for example hydrogen peroxide that you

would find in your first-aid kit we

talked about baking soda rubbing alcohol

dish soap vinegar lemon salt all kinds

of stuff so if you haven’t seen those

videos I recommend that you check them

out and if you have any interesting uses

for hydrogen peroxide let us know about

them in the comments down below because

this stuff is super versatile and very


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