7 DIY Holiday Home Scents!

There are a number of reasons to keep your home smelling great during the holidays—it’s relaxing, it can conjure up fond memories of the past, and it makes your home feel fresh and clean when you have guests over. So, in this video, we’re going to look at a number of ways you can make your home smell great this holiday season—both DIY and otherwise!

I’ve talked about scent signatures of a

home before and a scent signature is

essentially what you smell when you walk

into your home or someone else’s and

typically when you walk into your own

home you don’t notice it when you walk

into someone else’s you most certainly

do so with the holidays upon us

it often conjures up memories of

holidays that we had when we were

growing up I celebrated Hanukkah so the

sense that I remember most were frying

latkes which is a fantastic smell any

time there’s oily fried potatoes going

on in the house and for Chad who

celebrated Christmas there were all

kinds of sense that were associated with

the holidays cinnamon mulling spices

cookies all that kind of stuff so we are

trying to find ways to incorporate scent

and change up the scent signature a

little bit in our home as the holidays

approach so in this video I’m going to

share with you some great ways to make

your home smell amazing especially for

the holidays and just a quick reminder

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have a scent that you absolutely love

for your home now these things have

different names but you should be

looking for something that’s called an

ultrasonic diffuser if you want one of

these I really like them because of

course they help add a little bit of

moisture to the air they’re not

full-blown humidifiers but they

certainly do add a bit of moisture but

more importantly they can help diffuse a

scent through your room beautifully so

you essentially fill it up with water

you add about 10 drops of your favorite

essential oils or a mix and you just

turn it on set it and forget it and it

just spreads joy all throughout your

space now we used to have a larger one

in our bedroom a lot of you asked about

it I’ll link to it down below it’s

called the human it’s made by tribest

and we just changed it up in our bedroom

we found it was a little too big for the

space so we actually got a smaller one

I’ll link that one down below for you as


either way we use it every day I’m often

changing up the scents and I love

changing them up for the season and

because I am such a fan of essential


I am always experimenting and having

with it now this has become my favorite

way to take a shower I don’t take backs

I will take baths when I have a

beautiful large bathtub which will

happen in my next house God willing

however until we get to that point when

I take a shower I put about five to ten

drops of essential oils or a mix into

the tub directly so before I turn the

water on the tub already has a few

little drops of essential oils floating

around now I won’t slip on them but what

happens is when the hot water and the

steam hit the essential oils it just

brings up this scent so it wakes me up

it can calm me down

whatever scent I put in there that’s

what I experience for pretty much the

entire shower and then the benefit of

that is once I get out of the shower the

bathroom has this really nice lingering

scent so if you are having guests over

or even if you want to make your own

bathroom and if it’s an extension of

your bedroom smell nice you can do this

little trick you’ll have a really

enjoyable shower or bath and your room

and rooms will smell great afterward if

you’re having guests come over and you

really want to up that scent signature

game in your home particularly in the

front entryway or the area where your

guests are going to be hanging out the

most you might want to make your own

room spray and there’s a super simple

recipe for it 3/4 cup of water 2

tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and

several drops of your favorite essential

oils you can obviously use more if you

want a stronger scent I would say the

minimum would be about 5 to 10 drops and

the max would be like 40 either way

shake it up keep it in a bottle and give

it a good spritz now it’s not like a

commercial air freshener where the scent

is gonna last for a really long time

this is natural stuff so it will feed

quicker than that

but if you want to refresh it you can do

so throughout the day or the night and

it’s pretty easy to do and very simple

to make one of the things that Chad

remembers most from his childhood in and

around holiday time was the smell of

baking cookies now this is not something

that’s exclusive to holiday time in fact

real estate agencies this trick all the

time they put out a sheet of cookies

they bake it and then the whole place

that they’re trying to smell regarde

of what it says signature was starts to

smell like cookie now I’ve been to

Chad’s holiday events with his family

and let me tell you it smells great

there whether it’s cookies or turkey or

cranberry sauce or sweet potatoes and

actually I’d love to know the comments

down below what holiday scent do you

absolutely love is it beacon cookies is

it pie is it Turkey let me know now that

aside if you want to make your house

smell great a really easy way to do it

is to just bake cookies and we kind of

cheated we just used a roll from the

grocery store for this and Chad loved it

because he kind of likes to eat the

cookie batter




it wouldn’t be a clean myspace video if

we didn’t talk about actual cleaning

products right so when you are getting

your house ready for the holidays

whether it’s making your own DIY hand

soap which we have a recipe for I will

link it down below or making your own

cleaners whether it’s something for the

counters or the floors you can always

incorporate scent into that and that’s

why I love essential oils they are so

versatile they’re potent they make

anything smell incredible and you can

always mix and match now what’s the

holidays you can make special or custom

products based on what you want your

house to smell like and I’ll talk about

that in a sec but there are so many

different fun scent combinations that

you can try for different products and

hand soaps that you’re going to be

making yourself candles are a really fun

way to make your home smell great Plus

having that nice flickering light just

really helps brighten things up

especially around this time of year when

it gets dark at 4:30 in the afternoon so

candles or decrement Plus now the issue

is with candles there really is a

spectrum you’ve got cheap and disgusting

toilet smelling candles and then you

have super expensive crazy $100 candles

so there has to be a meet in the middle

solution and what we like to do is we go

in Canada it’s called winners home

scents in the States I think you guys

have home goods and Marshalls and some

other home stores like that but Chad and

I have found you can often find some

pretty high quality candles there

soy-based that kind of stuff for really

good prices now of course you have to

invest time and smelling everything to

make sure that you like the smell but

it’s totally worth it we’ve got some

great ones and we paid like 15 bucks for

them growing up I never experienced the

smell of a fresh frankly or a fake

Christmas tree in my home but I have

since experienced the scent of a real

Christmas tree and oh my god it is

intoxicating ly delicious so if you want

to bring the smells of the holidays into

your home and you celebrate Christmas

consider a real treat now I know it’s a

bit of a mess but there are ways to

mitigate the mess and honestly your

house will smell incredible

time that you have a tree and shortly

thereafter now if you’re like me and you

weren’t brought up celebrating Christmas

but you still want to have that nice

scent and decorate your home for the

winter most grocery stores sell branches

of coniferous trees that you can put in

your home on your mantle so it still

looks holiday but it doesn’t necessarily

make it Christmas and you’re still going

to benefit from that wonderful scent

come the cooler months there are sense

that most of us really crave and I’m

going to go over some of the scent

families and then some great scent

combinations that you can try and we

have lots of videos about essential oils

and I will link those for you down below

so the first family is the mint family

and the smell of mint is very refreshing

but it’s also very wintery so you’ve got

spearmint peppermint and wintergreen and

think about it if you mix peppermint and

vanilla you’ve got yourself a nice candy

cane scent I also really love rosemary

it’s a more horrible scent but it really

does remind me of the cooler months in

the holiday season and that mixes so

nicely with lemon and vanilla that is

honestly one of my favorite scent

combinations next we’ll look at the tree

scent so we’ve got balsam fir cedar wood

cinnamon leaf frankincense clove these

you know they’re not all trees but

they’re horrible they’re woody and this

is a really nice way to bring in the

warmer holiday scents into your home now

these I find mix really nicely together

or sometimes with citrus like if you mix

these with orange that’s really nice

alright and then I have kind of the

rogue ones but they’re still important

to talk about I’ve already talked about

vanilla I love vanilla essential oil

it pretty much mixes nicely with

everything that I talked about orange is

another great one mixes really well with

those woody kind of cents or those

mulling spices scents and then the blend

that I really love and I’ve talked about

this a lot is thieves and it’s a very

warm kind of mulling spice scent but it

also has lemon and rosemary in it as

well so you can pick up thieves or a

version of thieves somewhere and you can

use it all throughout the holiday season

you will absolutely love it either way

the saint’s combinations that work for

you you are gonna have so much fun

playing around with them and that brings

me to this week’s comment question which

is what are your favorite holiday scent

combinations you can clearly see I am

obsessed with scents and essential oils

so I would love to know what you guys

like whipping up so I can try it at home

this year too so let me know if you want

to see some of the holiday fun that I’m

up to this year you can follow me on

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