Whether you’re having a dinner party, a backyard bbq or just having a few friends over for drinks, you want to make sure you prepare your house for your guests. In this video we take a look at 7 quick ways you can prepare your home and get it ready to host a dinner party, bbq or whatever other party you happen to be hosting!

it seems like there are so many more

parties happening during the summer

people take less time to work and more

time to relax and enjoy kids are off

school and there always seems to be a

barbeque or a pool party happening and

if you’re having guests come over you

want to make sure that your house is

clean and ready to receive them I know

for me I’m having a party here next week

and there are some things I’m going to

do that you would expect vacuuming and

cleaning the kitchen the bathroom that

kind of stuff but there are some extra

things that I like to do and I’m going

to share them with you this week to show

you how you can really get your house

prepared for a party and just a quick

reminder if you haven’t done so already

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if a summer barbecue is one of your

favorite things

your first area to prime is your front

entryway because that’s what people are

going to see and remember you don’t get

a second chance to make a first


not a Melissa maker original quote but

definitely meaningful one you want to

make sure that your front entryway looks

clean and welcoming so clean those

windows if you have them make sure that

there is no grime or dirt on the floor

and the vestibule also ensure that there

is enough hanging space if for whatever

reason people need to hang something up

as well as ample shoe space whether it’s

in the closet or out in the hallway and

one thing that I think is an absolutely

brilliant idea because I’m always

looking for one is to have a DPA or a

designated purse area that way anyone

bringing a purse with them knows exactly

where they can put it it’s safe and

they’ll know where to find it active


I’m not saying you have to do this in

every room but look at the space that

your party is going to be in and clean

the windows in those rooms on the inside

and the outside when people come over

they want to peek around they want to

look out and we don’t often think about

windows but when there are fingerprints

or splatters or dirt on the window it

really does affect how clean and

beautiful your space looks so I have a

video on how to clean your windows

really quickly I’m going to link that

for you down below I do it it literally

takes seconds and it makes a huge

difference there’s no doubt that your

guests are going to use your bathroom

and if you have multiple bathrooms and

you have a powder room where your guests

are going to be amazing you’ve got less

work to do but you still have stuff but

if you’re in a smaller space and you

have one bathroom you have a little bit

more homework first up check your

medicine cabinet because if you don’t

your guests will and you don’t want them

finding that blah blah blah cream or

those special pills you can just put

those away

next up and this goes for every one hand

towels make sure you have clean hand

towels nothing’s worse and this just

happened to be on the weekend then going

to someone’s house seeing a big bath

towel and using that to dry your hands

because you know what people do with

bath towels I don’t want to be touching

that you also want to make sure that

you’ve got a lot of toilet paper because

people are going to go through that so

don’t make them search for it ensure

that you have a plunger there in case

there are any slow toilet moments you

don’t want people having to peek their

head out purple in the face asking for

one awkward and of course ensure there’s

enough hand soap so that way people can

always wash up and feel comfortable stay

on top of your clutter when people come

over they don’t to be tripping over

things and you know what even if your

house is in pretty good shape it’s still

a good idea to go through and remove any

visual clutter this is something that

Chad and I do before we have guests over

I mean our house is pretty okay but when

people come over we just want it to look

streamlined and clean so we’ll take a

few minutes we’ll put stuff in a

temporary holding zone not a permanent

holding zone and then once the party’s


we’ll put it back or put it in a

different spot where it actually belongs

as well you want to remember to get rid

of anything that is expensive or pretty

or that you might not want broken

because at parties people tend to get a

little clumsy for various reasons and

the last thing you would want and I’m

sure the last thing they would want is

for that special thing of yours to get

broken stained stained or damaged so

just put it away if you really love it

and then bring it out once the party’s


there are two kinds of parties there are

the fancy formal parties where you break

out the china and there are sort of more

informal parties where you eat on

disposable dishware and you know those

ones are good because you tend to not

run out of things clean ups a lot easier

and it’s a great way to just save

yourself some time for me I always like

to look for more environmentally

responsible options but really when I’m

throwing a party it does make things

easier and I also find that people are

quite respectful if you lay out your

garbage you’re recycling and your

compost bin they’ll certainly want to

help ensure that they put the food where

it belongs in the compost bin and

anything that’s recyclable so long as

they can see the recycling bin they’ll

know exactly where it goes and same for

the garbage so if you clearly line that

stuff up it’ll make things a lot easier

for your guests and a lot easier for you

and if you are using formal dishware it

does look beautiful but you do need to

spend a couple of extra minutes making

sure that it looks nice so if any of

your silverware is spotty or has like an

old piece of cheese on it just make sure

that you dip it in some hot water and

vinegar and give it a good cleaning with

a flat weave microfiber cloth that will

really polish it up and get rid of

anything that shouldn’t be there because

nothing is grosser than picking up a

fork with a chunk of something on it or

drinking out of a glass with some weird

floaters or lipstick seen the way your

house smells definitely affect people as

soon as they walk in the door and you

want to be that guy that has the house

that makes people smile when they walk

in not the one that makes them do a

little extra so what you can do have

some fresh flowers

light a candle defuse some essential

oils all the clean my space favorites I

have lots of videos about how you can

make your house smell great and I will

link some of those down below but other

things to think about

if you have cats like I do we make sure

that our litter box is empty enough a

litter is changed because no one

appreciates the cat pee smell and if you

have pets linkage for pet beds you might

want to launder those too you can also

spray a fabric refresher on any

upholstery and make sure that you vacuum

it just to get rid of any gender to be

respectful people who have pet allergies

well you don’t want to expect the worst

you certainly have to be prepared for it

recently when I had a party a friend of

mine had a few of these and dropped one

of them on the floor but thankfully it

wasn’t too much of a challenge because

in the next room we had a big pile of

microfiber cloth we ran in grabbed one

and the mess was cleaned up in second it

really helped our friend not feel bad

about the spill and obviously we made

sure that our hardwood floors did not

get ruined so when you’re having guests

over make sure that you have a little

cleaning emergency preparedness kit

somewhere easily accessible so you’ve

got stain removers you’ve got things to

blot up spills and thrills and other

stuff and I’ve got a video on that which

I’ll link down below for you it just

makes a lot of sense that way people

don’t feel bad or awkward and you know

exactly what to do in the event that a

mess happened and trust me you’re having

a party a mess is going to happen this

week’s comment question is what is your

favorite thing to bring to a summer

barbecue me

I don’t bake so I like to make guacamole

and recently I’ve been experimenting

I’ve done mango guacamole I’ve done

regular guacamole it always works out

really really well

and no matter how many avocados I mash

up they’re all gone I’d love to know

what you like to make is it something

that you bake I’m not a good baker so I

never go the baking route is it like a

healthy kind of veggie dish or is it

like a crazy junky but delicious dish

that everybody goes crazy for let me

know in the comments down below here are

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