If you don’t stay on top of cleaning your car it can get pretty grungy pretty quickly. I noticed that our car needed a little TLC so I thought we would put together a video outlining some great car cleaning tips to help keep your car looking brand new!

I live in this suburb just outside of

Toronto and for those of you guys who

don’t know Toronto has traffic that

rivals only Los Angeles so it’s pretty

tough to get anywhere in this city and

that means if you’re in your car you’re

in it for a long time and your car is

kind of like an extension of your home

if it’s messy you feel stressed and

that’s certainly how I feel and because

I do have snacks and I do have drinks in

the car it can get a little messy from

time to time so in this video I’m going

to show you seven car cleaning tips that

you can use to keep your car looking

great no matter what time of year it is

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video a thumbs up if your car needs a

little bit of a scrub down when it comes

to car cleaning the devil is in the

details what I mean by that is the

actual detailing tools cars are just

full of little nooks and crannies and

seams and lines and areas that dirt and

food and like dead skin cells and hair

can get into question is sometimes I

look at those things and I’m like how am

I gonna get that out easy you get

yourself some detailing tools and

clearly they are not expensive you can

use an old toothbrush you can use an old

makeup brush this one I don’t know

dollar store or less but it’s very

useful I’ve used it a lot for cleaning

and if you don’t have those tools you

can always use a cotton swab and even a

pipe cleaner any of these little things

will be able to get into those cracks

crevices nooks and crannies around the

car and get rid of all those tiny little

things that you don’t want to see

anymore you have to excuse me I didn’t

want to burn my retinas here you might

actually be able to see Luke filming me

right now standing here by the

windshield wipers and tell me this have

you ever been driving and noticed that

you turn on your wipers and you get

these kind of weird streaky spots on

your glass then you wonder what you’ve

done so wrong in the world to deserve

that there is a simple answer and a

simple fix

as your windshield blade starts to build

up dirt on it when it wipes back and

forth on the glass it can’t do as good a

job giving you that clean streak-free

shine because it’s got debris or things

blocking it from giving you that look so

all you have to do is clean

blade and to do that just take a paper

towel and saturate it with a bit of

rubbing alcohol then hold the blade up

and give it one long stroke when you’re

done you’ll see all of that dirt and

other stuff come off on the paper towel

toss that and your windshield will look


whether you bring pets in the car and

have pet hair everywhere or you have

kids or frankly adults who make crumbs

where they eat snacks in the car having

a lint roller in the vehicle is a very

handy thing because you can easily zip

up little messes or spills or pet hair

patches quickly and efficiently here I’m

using the ever care home giant extreme

stick lint roller super handy to have

around not only to clean up pet hair and

crumbs but also to remove any pet hair

or crumbs on you before you have a big


I’ve kept one in my car for years and

honestly I use it several times a week

for cleaning your console and your

dashboard you can certainly buy some

products to do that sprays wipes that

kind of thing but you can also make up

your own DIY cleaner it’s a super simple

solution and it’s 2 cups of water a

teaspoon of dish soap and a tablespoon

of white vinegar put that in a spray

bottle and you can use that to clean

pretty much any surface on the interior

of your car but there is a caveat I want

you to always test in a hidden area

first and check with your car

manufacturer to see what is safe or not

safe to use on the interior of your car

case in point this car has leather as

well as plastic so I’m going to test it

on the leather I know it’ll be fine on

the plastic just to make sure that there

aren’t any weird streaks or anything

like that left behind your tire rims or

your hubcaps are to your car what your

sink is to your kitchen if they look

clean everything else kind of looks

clean too so when you are cleaning your

car make sure that you give your rims or

hubcaps some extra attention to do this

just make up a simple solution of one

liter or a quart of water real late no

one’s judging a half cup of baking soda

1/4 cup of dish soap mix that all up and

then you can use a sponge or a soft

brush to start scrubbing the rims or the

caps when that’s done give it a quick

rinse and then buff it dry it with a

microfiber cloth oh my gosh they’re

gonna sparkle like a diamond you are

gonna feel so fresh and so clean if you

ever noticed that your car smells a

little bit funky or you’re not getting

the kind of airflow that you really want

it probably means that it’s time for you

to change your cabin air filter now I

know out of sight out of mind

what is that and where is it well you

can check your owner’s manual it’s

usually right under the glovebox and it

will require a screwdriver and a new

part but it’s a lot easier than it

sounds now this intimidates you you can

actually get it changed the next time

you go and get your oil change it’s a

service that a lot of car manufacturers

and dealerships offer although it is

something that you can do yourself as

well and once you change it you’ll

notice that your car smells a lot better

and that your airflow function is

working much better as well it’s kind of

like when you change out your furnace

filter usually auto manufacturers

recommend you change this once every

twenty five thousand kilometers or once

about I don’t know according to my math

maybe 11 or 12,000 miles perhaps some of

the best advice I can give you is to

just keep your car clean on a regular

basis and to do this I recommend keeping

a microfiber cloth in your glove box and

yeah I have a makers in my glove box and

here’s what I do when I have a few

minutes to myself let’s say I’m waiting

for something I’m a little bit early

Chad’s gone in and I’m still sitting in

the car I’ll just grab the cloth take a

minute or so and give the dash the

console to screen everything like that a

quick wipe down might sound like it’s a

little fancy but I promise you it gets

rid of dust and schmutz another debris

that nobody likes to see in the car and

it really does make it look clean

between your bigger cleans these are all

quick high-impact and inexpensive things

that you can do to make your car look

amazing and that brings me to this

week’s comment question when you’re

cruising down the highway in the middle

of the summer are you that person that

likes to open all your windows in a

sunroof if you have one or do you keep

everything up and blast the AC me I’m a

windows down kind of person I mean if

the weather is this gorgeous I want to

be experiencing it as much

possible an AC is always a little too

cold for me but let me know what you do

in the comments down below a special

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