I haven’t always been a cleaning expert, in fact, when I first started my cleaning business I was a complete rookie. I spent tons of time in those early years researching and practicing to come up with the best cleaning routine and cleaning tips to use in my growing cleaning business. In this video I’m going to go over 7 expert cleaning tips that have proven to save time and frustration in any cleaning routine.

I take my job on YouTube here pretty

seriously and my job is to teach you

guys how to clean like a pro and you

might not know this but I have a

cleaning company I started it in 2006

and over the years I’ve researched

studied practice I’ve learned a lot from

other people and of course I’ve trained

hundreds of people and taught them how

to clean too so here on YouTube I always

love sharing with you guys those little

pro tips and secrets that have helped me

build a company and of course clean

better because clearly I had no idea how

to clean before I started this company

so in this video I want to share with

you my seven favorite pro cleaning tips

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the first tip is cleaning from the top

to the bottom and from the left to the

right and you’re going to do this

simultaneously when I first started

cleaning I was going all over the place

I was sort of like the Tasmanian devil

and I wasn’t getting everything done and

I was spending so much more time I was

forgetting things it was kind of

ludicrous so when I learned about this

top to bottom left to right business and

I started implementing it I really

noticed a change and if you don’t clean

this way now you should totally give it

a try and it’s really easy to do when I

take clean talked to bottom the reason I

suggest that is because dust and dirt

falls from the top to the bottom so when

you’re wiping something obviously you’re

going to have nuts fall from the top to

the bottom if you wouldn’t want to clean

your counter first only to clean your

cupboard and then have all the crumbs

from the cupboard fall onto your clean

counter never do that again

who ever would want to clean a surface

twice and when I clean I always wipe

everything onto the floor because I know

I’m cleaning a floor laughs now when it

comes to working your way from left to

right or right to left you pick just be

consistent it means that you’re never

going to skip the spot so that way I

know every corner every section of the

room is going to be clean because I’m

working in this consistent manner that

way when you’re cleaning you always know

you have a pattern you commit it to

memory and to get everything done very

efficiently in effect

so when I first started my cleaning

company I did not follow this

information and I would just continue to

run back and forth to a kitchen and

really it was in my best interest to get

the cleaning done as quickly as possible

so that I can move on to the next client

or just give myself a break but either

way when I finally decided to start

doing this I would take all of the

products to the center of the space that

I was cleaning in that moment so that

way I wasn’t running back and forth it

is a big waste of time and guys I used

to time myself and it made a big

difference so the next time you’re going

to clean a particular room or space in

your home get all of the products and

tools that you need ahead of time you

can just think about it quickly get

everything in the center or a very

easily accessible space within that area

or room and then get to your cleaning

before I started my cleaning company and

I would watch cleaning commercials this

is what you would see and you know what

that’s how real life guide that is not

the way it works because when I was

doing my cleaning company and I did that

and wiped I was like hello this product

doesn’t work so what I learned by

reading the instructions on the back of

the product great idea is that you’re

supposed to let a product’s dwell or sit

for a certain period of time and that

has two main effect the first one is

that the product will clean something it

just needs time to do its work so it’s

sort of like hair dye you can’t just

dump hair dye on your hair and then wash

it off and expect to have a new color

it’s got to sit it’s got to do its thing

so it’s the same thing with a cleaning

product so with a product spray it on a

surface let it sit the products will

then be able to do a sink then you can

wipe it off and you’ll get those great

results and that goes for DIY products

as well as store-bought products now the

second reason it’s important to do this

is because if the product type is

disinfecting property to it the products

going to need between five and ten

minutes to actually kill that bacteria

so if you’re using the products apply it

let it sit there for a few minutes then

wipe it off that way you’re getting the

clean that you want and the disinfecting

that you need start with the safest most

gentle product and work your way up only

if you need to and

especially prudent for people with

children pets asthma or allergy I find a

lot of people will just go under their

kitchen sink or wherever their little

cleaning stashes and they grab whatever

product or the super powerful product

just to clean that thing that they think

is so dirty the truth is your house is

probably a lot less dirty than you

probably think it is so that’s good news

and gentle products can often accomplish

a lot of cleaning so you don’t need such

a strong product however if you’re in a

situation where let’s say you have a

really greasy surface or someone got

super sick on the bathroom floor

in that case you do want to use the

stronger more powerful product but in

most cases the DIY recipes that we

talked about or gentle environmentally

friendly products are really efficient

and good and say free to use to get that

cleaning done when you have a business

you always have these defining moments

where little things happen to you that

will forever affect the future of your

business so in my case there was this

one time where this lady called me after

her cleaning she’s very nice but she

wasn’t happy and she said look the

kitchen counter at first glance looks

really nice but I’ve noticed some

staining on the kitchen counter and she

had a white counter quite like I do and

I was like excuse me

I clean that kitchen counter at myself

for like 10 minutes what are you talking

about now clearly I didn’t say that to

her on the phone and I was very pleasant

but anyway I’d – turns out she kind of

crunched down and looked at the counter

and noticed that something was missed

under her microwave I was devastated but

after that I implemented what what I now

call the I level test and what that is

is crouching down to eye level of the

surface that you’ve just cleaned to have

a glance at it and see if anything else

pops out at you now when I trained my

staff I always tell them okay this is

the eye level test now I want you to go

to our kitchen island area and I want

you to crouch down and have a look at it

I level and they do that and they’re all

horrified and I make sure it’s really

dirty that day so that they really get a

good idea of how important that I level

tested because when you come up and you

look at something straight down doesn’t

always look dirty but when you crouch

down and look at it at eye

you get a whole other story so when

you’re cleaning step up your game and

crouch down

check out that surface at eye level and

then there’s the famous s pattern and

I’d like to say that I brought the es

pattern to the world via this YouTube

channel and via my book the s pattern is

a really interesting thing when I first

started cleaning I was doing the circles

because that’s what I thought you were

supposed to do you know like you see

your mom do it or you see someone do it

on TV and you just think yeah obviously

that’s the way you do it it’s not the

way that you clean so when I learned

about the S pattern it completely

changed my results and I’m going to tell

you why when you clean a surface like

this you’re taking a clean cloth and a

fairly dirty surface you’re wiping clean

clean clean clean clean dirty dirty

dirty dirty dirty and then you keep

doing it again so now you’re taking your

dirty cloth and you’re putting it right

back on that clean surface so you’re

getting streak you’re getting marks

you’re working way harder than you need

to you’re not getting the results that

you desire instead if you use what’s

called the S pattern which is when you

start at the top right hand corner of a

surface you swipes all the way to the

left and then you Zig a new zag back

down to the chatez dancing as I’m doing

this guy’s it’s so funny to be doing the

S pattern with me quite funny the S

pattern really does change the way that

you clean you get less streaks you’re

working really about half as hard as you

would if you were doing it this way and

you’re getting great results so the next

time you clean instead of breaking out

this old circular business try the S

pattern and watch how much quicker and

better your cleaning becomes this is a

trick that I learned from home stagers

many years ago because when I used to

clean at the beginning I wasn’t quite

sure how to make things look tidy and

half of cleaning especially when you’re

cleaning professionally is making

something look tidy so even if you’ve

spent like an hour cleaning something so

there’s no dust or bacteria left on that

surface it could still look messy if

items are scattered so this parallel

perpendicular business is actually

really helpful it makes any surface look

super tidy and clean and pleasing to the


so not only do

now have a clean surface you also have a

tidy surface so your space looks super

clean here’s what you need to do find

your items pile them up declutter them

whatever it is and line everything up to

the edge of the surface that the item is

sitting on either in a parallel fashion

to the edge or a perpendicular fashion

to the edge and that way you’ve got

these nice clean straight angles and

that’s very pleasing to the eye and it

looks great all of these tips were taken

from my book which is also conveniently

called clean my space so if you haven’t

done so already you can pick up your own

copy and you can learn pretty much my

entire method about how I clean you guys

know I hate cleaning so I pretty much

tell you how to clean without spending

all of your time doing it especially if

you’re someone like me go and rather be

doing pretty much anything else than

clean now these books are available at

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booksellers pretty much picked up this

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just realized I was wearing this shirt

on the first day that I did that

narrations were kind of a fun little

connection there and you can even get an

e-reader copy as well so go and find it

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