7 High Impact Jobs You Should Be Doing In Your Home! (Clean My Space)

In many of my spring cleaning videos, I teach you how to clean things – like scrubbing and dusting – but around spring cleaning time there are a lot of things we have to do around the house that aren’t necessarily cleaning , but are still related to maintenance and upkeep of your home. So in this video, I’m going to show you 7 high impact things to do around your house this spring cleaning season which aren’t cleaning related!

in many of my spring cleaning videos I

teach you how to clean things like scrub

and dust but around spring there are

lots of things that we have to do around

the house that aren’t necessarily

cleaning but are still related to

maintenance and upkeep of your home so

in this video I’m going to show you

seven high-impact things to do around

your house that spring cleaning season

that aren’t necessarily cleaning related

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cleaning filters and dents the HVAC

system in your home is really important

in fact if it’s not clean you’re not

breathing in clear air so the first

thing to do is to change out your HVAC

filter and you should do this about four

times a year but if you haven’t done it

spring is really the time you need to do

it and then maybe set yourself a

calendar reminder let you do it once a

quarter the other thing to do is to

vacuum out any vents that you have

around the house whether they’re in the

ceiling on the wall or in the floor

those vents not only blow out or take in

air which of course gets filtered

through your HVAC system and eventually

in your lung but they can also be super

noisy if they’re covered in dust and it

increases energy efficiency when they’re

spinning spinning spinning and have to

work harder to suck air through all of

that dust

vacuuming vents is super simple get

yourself a brush attachment attach it to

the end of your vacuum line and just

keep your vent to quick this it takes

seconds and it makes a big difference

now it’s time to check out your a/c unit

this means removing your air conditioner

cover if you are smart enough to put one

on we forgot so great for us that’s

going to be good time once you remove

the cover make sure you remove any

debris from there debris will affect the

unit from working efficiently obviously

they’ll have to work harder and you

might not get as much air going in if

there’s leaves and other stuff kind of

clogging it up so remove any of that now

the other thing you want to do is make

sure that you

your unit well before the first super

hot day because trust me the last thing

you want to do is find out that your air

conditioner unit is busted on the first

super hot day that has happened to us

before we have to pay so much money to

get an a/c guy at the house and we had

to sleep in the basement so I highly do

not recommend waiting large appliances

needs some love too and spring cleaning

is a great time to do it but aside from

just cleaning them you know giving them

a good wipe down there are actual steps

that you can take to properly maintain

all of your appliances and lucky for you

we have videos on how to do the majority

of large appliances in your home I will

link all of them down below but let me

rhyme a few up cleaning your dishwasher

cleaning your fridge including

underneath your fridge and behind your

fridge that vent area cleaning your

stove and your filled exhaust area the

exhaust hood and that filter that’s an

important one and even your washer and

dryer again I’ll link all of that stuff

for you down below it is so important to

take care of these appliances not only

does it mean they’re going to last

longer so you don’t have to buy them I

mean they are super expensive but also

when they’re clean they work more

efficiently and you don’t waste as much

energy okay now I’m going to sound like

a spokesperson for your local fire

department but this one is super

important and it’s something we do even

though you know it kind of kills your

ears to do it but we check our smoke

detectors and our carbon monoxide

detectors you’ve got to press that

button it’s going to burn your ears for

a few minutes but deal with it it’s

really really important to do and if you

like you can just straight up change

those batteries out instead of testing

that way

rest assured all is good you also want

to check your flashlights batteries

because in an emergency situation you

will be so glad that you did and it’s a

great time to check the pressure gauges

on any of your fire extend for

extinguishers those things to extinguish

the fire around your house you can do a

quick sketch of those too as most of you

guys know I’m Canadian and in Canada

more specifically in Ontario where I

live we like to say we have two seasons

winter and construction so when it’s

winter we have special gear that we

have to wear so that we don’t freeze our

buns off and trust me when spring rolls

around Canadians are very excited to not

see that winter stuff for a whole other

year so what we like to do is get rid of

all of our winter clothing and winter

outerwear you know halves love scarves

sweaters jackets all that kind of stuff

and just store it not look at it we like

to get vacuum-seal bags and I’ll put a

link for the ones that we like down

below in case you’re interested it’s

really great you Jam a whole bunch of

stuff in there of course after you’ve

sorted through everything and have

donated anything that you’re not going

to be using next year put everything in

that bag you vacuum out all of the air

it kind of compresses everything and

then you can store it somewhere and it

takes up much less space and on the

topic of seasonal changeover is now that

we’ve covered the inside situation the

outside of your house needs a little bit

of spring love as well so things like

your lawn mower or any other outdoor

appliances make sure they have gasoline

and that they’re functioning and your

barbecue you want to make sure you to

make steaks or mushrooms as soon as the

weather becomes beautiful make sure you

have enough propane in that barbecue and

that your barbecue is clean and of

course you have the barbecue cleaning

but it won’t like that for you down

below also make sure that you pull out

any of your hoses or your gardening

equipment so that it is ready pull your

views at least get a head start on it I

don’t know about you guys we have some

terrible weeds outside of the CMS HQ and

finally bring out some of that patio

furniture have a look at it see if it

needs any refinishing or retouching and

get it ready so that you can fit on your

patio and enjoy the nice weather the

first thing you see when you walk in are

those mats in your hallway and you want

to make sure that they are clean I mean

nothing says spring cleaning like a

clean front hallway when you walk in

there so if your mats need to be


now’s the time to do them we just got a

new outdoor mat and indoor mat ours are

a little tired looking but even if

you’re not replacing them just clean

them take them outside give them a good

beating backing them or brush them off

and then

replace them that way whenever someone

comes over they’ll be able to brush off

their shoes on that outdoor mat and then

when they come in anything can pool and

puddle on that indoor mat which will be

perfect for absorbing dirt and moisture

and then once everything is dry you can

actually brush off that dirt or quickly

vacuum it up that is your best defense

against bringing in a lot of dirt in

your home I just shared seven of these

non cleaning spring cleaning tasks but

I’d like to know in the comments down

below what are some other jobs that you

do once a year around the house that

aren’t necessarily cleaning but still

need to be done I’d love to see them and

build up a list in comments so don’t be

shy I’ve got a boatload of spring

cleaning videos for you and I made a

whole playlist that you can check out

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