7 MUST HAVE Cleaning Products & Tools!

When it comes to cleaning products and tools, I only settle for the very best. Cleaning is my business, and in order to save time and money—and to be the best at what we do—having the best cleaning tools and products is essential. So in this video, I go over seven more products and tools that will have a serious impact on your cleaning routine!

cleaning is so much more efficient and

frankly easier for you if you have the

right products and tools you guys know

my lingo PTT products tools techniques

and a few months ago we made a video

called seven cleaning products and tools

that you can’t live without I’m

paraphrasing but it was something like


and in that video I shared like my top

seven cleaning products but really I

have more we just didn’t want to

condense like 20 things into one video

we thought we’d break it up so in this

video I’m doing a continuation of that

one and I’m going over seven more of my

absolute must-have cleaning products and

tools to save you time and help you

clean better and just a quick reminder

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and give this video can I have my thumb

a thumbs up for Molly being in it bar

keeper’s friend or bkf as it’s lovingly

referred to by its diehard fans online

is one of those cleaning products that

you see on shelves in store it’s just

sort of this nondescript gold silver or

white bottle you don’t really know what

it does but let me tell you it does a

lot and people swear by bar keeper’s

friend it is safe to use on most

surfaces it’s so important to make sure

that you always read the instructions

first so that you know what you can and

can’t use it on but we use it as a

powdered cleanser it can clean stovetops

it shines up sinks beautifully you can

use it for cleaning pots and pans and

even surfaces in your bathroom we’ve had

great success with it my mother loves it

so you know it’s cleaning approved and

if you want to pick some up we can put

some links in the description box down

below for you or you can find it the

next time you’re at a grocery store a

big-box store or a home store the spin

mop twirled its way into our lives a

couple of years back and we have not

looked back since the reason I love a

spin mop so much and even you know if

you have a mop and a wringer bucket

that’s fine but a spin mop really does

go the extra mile because it gets rid of

that moisture for you that you would

otherwise have to manually wring out

yourself which is not only time

consuming but you might not be able to

get a consistent powerful ring meaning

moisture will be left

find on your floors after you finish

mopping them so it can either leave

streaks or it could potentially damage

your floors in the case of a hardwood

floor so when you use a spin mop pick

your cleaning product according to the

floor surface that you are cleaning fill

your bucket accordingly I always love

using hot water whenever I’m mopping the

floor you just get that extra nice

finish do your S pattern do your thing

and remember when you’re picking up a

spin mop you want to get a really good

quality one well it might seem like an

overly simple tool to have it is super

helpful when it comes to cleaning that

is the squeegee there are many uses for

it and if you have one in your home you

can circulate it around for all of the

different uses instead of having

multiple ones okay so keeping your

squeegee in your shower and giving your

shower tiles and glass a quick squeeze

that’s a word that my friend L came up

with from Ellen quest or vlogs you give

it a quick squeegee and you get rid of

all that excess moisture that means no

soap scum no hard water no moldy

bacteria mildew that kind of stuff left

behind after a shower great investment

of 30 seconds of your time and a

squeegee you have pet hair you can use

the squeegee by gently wetting the

rubber tip and quickly stroking any of

that upholstery or carpet that has a ton

of pet hair on it you’ll see the pet

hair comes right up and even for

cleaning windows and mirrors if you

spray with a little bit of glass cleaner

you can quickly squeegee down those

glass surfaces and you will get a nice

streak free shine simple tool lots of

uses and saves you time vinegar is a

pretty divisive cleaning product people

know it works but some people really

can’t stand the smell and actually if

you’re one of those people who can’t

stand the smell of vinegar let me know

in the comments down below I cannot

argue with you sometimes the smell of

vinegar is not the most pleasant but it

does work really well and keep in mind

there are two different types of vinegar

that you can clean with

there’s your regular run-of-the-mill

vinegar that’s five percent acidic acid

which cleans very well and also can

accompany salads or fish and chips and


is cleaning vinegar which is double

strength 10% acidic acid now this you

can typically find in the cleaning aisle

you have to wear protective gear because

it’s significantly more acidic than your

regular vinegar but it does work really

well and what vinegar is so powerful for

is deodorizing degreasing and even at

times descaling getting rid of rust and

some people say vinegar disinfects too

when you have to break out the elbow

grease it probably means that you have

to use one of these an iron handle scrub

brush now what a silly name for a

cleaning tool right well not really a

lot of people are confused why it’s

called iron handle but the truth is if

you look at it the handle kind of looks

like one of those antique old-school

irons so it’s got nothing to do with

iron the metal or the thing that you

need to keep yourself awake every day

like me I take iron every day it’s just

the shape of the brush iron handle so

this is a real hard worker if you’re

cleaning grout if you have any heavy

duty cleaning jobs Chad use this when he

cleaned our deck before he redid it and

you can see that on our honey do list

video where he made over our entire

patio anyway the iron handle brush can

work wonders and we have one look at it

it’s pretty beat up but trust me it does

the trick and it’s really important to

have one around the house for those

gritty kind of heavy duty elbow greasy

kind of jobs when I go to my dentist I

get a dental loot bag with floss a new

toothbrush and a little mini travel

toothpaste because we travel a lot I use

those things a lot on the road and

whenever I come back from a trip if my

toothbrush kind of looks like it’s seen

better days

then it graduates to its real job

cleaning and we have multiple cleaning

toothbrushes that we use around the

house for different functions we have a

couple in the kitchen I have one in my

own bathroom

I use some of them for beauty hacks like

cleaning out my fingernails with baking

soda all that kind of stuff there are so

many great uses for soft bristled

cleaning toothbrushes and if you label

them appropriately you can use them for

different cleaning tasks around the


if you asked me what my number one

ultimate absolute best all-time favorite

cleaning tool was you guys know the

answer microfiber cloths obviously they

changed the way I clean and they change

the way that I run my business and

that’s why we came up with our makers

clean microfiber cleaning cloths now the

good news about our cloths is that they

are currently on sale we started a Black

Friday sale yesterday it’s 25% off

site-wide I will put the link down below

for you for makers clean calm no offer

code is necessary it’ll be running until

Monday or until supplies last last time

we had a sale like this on our plush

class we sold out like sold out of

inventory in 22 hours so don’t wait do

you want to get them for yourself or if

you want to get them for gifting and

make sure the easy right now now the

reason I love microfiber cloths for

cleaning is because not only are they

non linting several ones are

non-scratching which is great for

delicate surfaces they don’t leave

moisture or streaks behind they can lift

up dirt grease grime and bacteria they

cut your cleaning time you can clean so

many surfaces with our simple DIY

solutions they’re easy to care for and

you can reuse them up to 500 times

microfiber cloths will cut your cleaning

time and for real heart-to-heart will

change the way you clean now you know

what my absolute favorite cleaning

products and tools are my must-haves and

you know my ultimate must-have

microfiber cloths and that brings me to

this week’s comment question what is

your one must-have cleaning product or

tool let me know in the comments down


like if you were deserted on a desert

island and you had everything you needed

but can only clean your palm leaf Shack

with one thing what would that thing be

let me know in the comments down below

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