7 MUST HAVE Cleaning Tools & Products!

Talking about your favorite cleaning tools & products is difficult, I mean, it’s CLEANING! Can you really have a favorite? Well, the truth is when you spend as much time cleaning as I have, you definitely start to develop a list of your favorite tools and products. Things that make the chore that is cleaning, just a little easier and quicker. In this video we take a look at 7 of my favorites.

for someone who’s been in a cleaning

game for a little while I’ve had my

share of experiences with cleaning

products and tools and over the years

I’ve definitely picked my favorites and

a lot of you guys know what those

favorites are and there are so many that

I really like I mean it’s hard to say I

love because we’re talking about

cleaning here but either way I can’t

talk about all of them in just one video

but today I’m going to highlight for you

seven of my favorite must-have cleaning

products in tool and just a quick

reminder if you haven’t done so already

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if I’ve turned you on to at least one

cleaning products or tool I first

learned about to steal soap about ten

years ago and first I thought it was

weird because I’m like a vegetable base

though one but then was I actually

started working with it I saw how

amazing it was the thing I love about

castile soap is it really gets a surface

squeaky clean and you can use it pretty

much on anything in your house it’s very

neutral it’s very safe – great

replacement for dish liquid in the event

that you want to use something vegetable

based instead of synthetic and frankly I

use castile soap to wash my bod in the

shower I love it that much now the cool

thing about it is you can get unscented

Casteel soap and then you can mix up

your own scent combinations when you’re

making your own cleaning products or

your DIY foaming hand soap which is one

of my personal favorite DIY recipes with

castile soap and we made a whole video

about it so I’ll link that for you down

below so you can learn all about the

different ways you can use Casteel so

it’s hard to imagine cleaning anything

without a good quality sponge especially

if there’s a bit of grime you really got

to break through and over the years I’ve

been sent a ton of different sponges to

tests and I’ve come across a couple of

my favorites the first one is this flat

scrub pad you can find these in home

organizing stores and you can get them

online they are great they’re easy to

clean they don’t really get that dirty

and they really scrub without scratching

and the second one is this non

scratching non cellulose sponge the

reason I like these is because

Stane they don’t hold on to odors and

they’re much easier to keep clean and

sanitary these are fabulous for doing

any wipe down or any general cleaning

where you don’t need to use anything

thorough or heavy-duty you guys have

probably heard me talk about enzyme

cleaners in the past and thought yeah

okay AHA a new kind of smile and nod

we’re going to explain to you why an

enzyme cleaner is so amazing in all of

the different applications for it first

of all it is a vegetable based enzyme

cleaner it’s really safe now enzymes

work a little differently than any other

cleaning product for example soap has

surfactants which means it helps sort of

raise dirt to the surface you can easily

wipe it away acid used in cleaning

products kind of itch away at some of

the dirt or build up or soap scum and

that’s how acidic kind of cleaners clean

now enzyme cleaners are a little bit

different think about it like this when

you eat a cracker and you chew it a

bunch of times your saliva contains

enzymes that breaks down that cracker it

makes it easy for you to swallow and

digest well enzyme cleaners do the exact

same thing they sit on a surface for a

few minutes so the secret with enzyme

cleaners is you actually have to let

them sit and do their work but what they

do is they essentially chew up anything

on the surface that includes bacteria

grease grime dirt odors pet stains all

that kind of stuff and then all you need

to do is clean it away afterward so it’s

a really great lazy cleaning product

because the enzymes do all the work for


now enzyme clears can be a little bit

more difficult to come by but if you go

online you can certainly find a few

great brands and the other thing I love

about them is that they’re natural so

they’re safe to use you don’t need to

wear any special gloves or equipment to

use them and they’re super super

effective now typically when you see or

hear about disposable gloves you’re

thinking one of two things first of all

this hand is going somewhere where the

Sun doesn’t shine or someone’s making

you a submarine sandwich well there are

a few other uses for disposable gloves

and while you guys know

not a fan of disposable things

necessarily I do think they’re

appropriate from time to time and yes

while you’re doing the dishes definitely

where dish gloves you don’t need these

but if you’re cleaning something like a

toilet or if someone in your house was

sick and threw up or if you’re emptying

the kitty litter or cleaning up pet

stains you know what these are going to

make you a cleaning superhero because

you would touch things that you

otherwise would kind of turn your nose

up to or feel really grossed out about

and what I love about these gloves

they’re super easy to take off in a

sanitary manner you can toss them in the

garbage give your hands a quick wash and

you don’t think twice about anything

essential oils are essential to DIY

cleaning and when you make up your

cleaning products you want to mask some

of those scents like vinegar hydrogen

peroxide rubbing alcohol because let’s

face it they’re not the most pleasant

scent from the world and even some

store-bought products they might smell

nice to some people but they’re

synthetic scent so if you want to have

the real deal you can always mix

essential oils into your cleaning

products the way you do this is you find

a combination of essential oils that you

love and I’ve got a whole video about

essential oils which I’ll link for you

down below and then you just – in 5 10

20 drops of essential oils into your

solution and you get to cleaning and the

benefit of essential oils not only that

they smell great but the real benefit is

that a lot of them have different

properties that are actually quite

helpful when it comes to cleaning

antibacterial antimicrobial antiviral so

on and so forth and there’s a lot of

information online and even in the video

that we created about essential oils and

how they can benefit you when you’re

cleaning so my recommendation is to go

to a health food store and find 100%

pure essential oils those are the ones

that you want to use when you’re

cleaning and use those for your products

you can’t go to a health food store

you’ll have them close by you can always

go to an online health food store again

you’re just looking for 100% pure

essential oils that is what’s going to

get you that nice clean if you’re into

making up your own DIY cleaner

I salute you I am too and that is one of

the reasons I am so proud to have to

clean my space channel I feel like I’ve

changed so many of your opinions on how

to clean but the problem is when you

make up those cleaning products you need

a good spray bottle guys I feel your

pain because ever since we started this

channel and actually when we had our you

know since we’ve had our cleaning

company we’ve been trying to find good

quality reliable spray bottles that

won’t break and honestly this is the

only one that I’ve been able to find I

mean we’ve had to recycle probably over

a hundred since we started looking this

one I got at IKEA and for those of you

guys who have watched clean my space you

know that we’ve had this one since the

very beginning

if you guys want let me know in the

comments below what we should name this

spray bottle I feel like it deserves the

name it’s so amazing I also pay ninety

nine cents for it

so there’s another check mark so here’s

what makes a good spray bottle when

you’re out shopping these are the things

I want you to look for first of all how

does it fit in your hand there’s this

little loop PAP loop saying back here

that’s supposed to comfortably fit on

the back of your hand if that thing’s

not comfortable it’s going to make

cleaning super painful the next thing

you want to look for is a good quality

trigger so give it a few polls and see

how well it works if it feels rinky-dink

it’s probably going to fall apart

quickly you also want to look for

whether to spray threads onto the bottle

nicely because if it doesn’t you’re

going to have leaks and spills and the

threading is going to pop off the bottle

and not never pretty that’s happened to

me before

I am unfortunate you also want to look

for a bottle that makes sense

is it thick is it going to last you is a

good quality and you also want to make

sure you look for a good weighting so

this one has a nice bell shape the

majority of the weight is in the bottom

it’s narrower at the top so it makes it

nice and organized to carry around and

clean with in other words this spray

bottle is perfect I’m really sorry I

can’t tell you guys where to get it I

did get it at IKEA so you can always

check there I remember in the 80s we had

this little dust buster and it sat in

our office and every now and then we’d

get it out and it was the most


because you have to use it so many times

to get crumbs up well vacuums have come

a long way and these days you can get

your hands on a cordless vacuum and this

is one of my favorite cleaning tools

again you guys know that I hate

vacuuming it’s like my number one worst

cleaning job and part of the reason I

can’t stand it is because I just put in

the vacuum so freaking cumbersome you

have to schlep it out plug it in it’s so

bulky you got to move things around but

with a cordless vacuum it just allows

you to zip around do any quick cleanups

you know you have cats we’re always

cleaning up kitty litter anytime we’re

in the kitchen their crumbs and stuff

like that that needs to be picked up and

if we’re having guests come over we also

like to give the front hallway a quick

cleanup so rather than having to get us

a big piece of equipment like the big

kahuna we just get out our little

cordless vests it usually lasts for

about 20 minutes it’s powerful and it

does a great job and guys the great news

is you don’t have to go out and spend a

whole bunch of money on an expensive one

I’ve used ones that are a lot less

expensive than the Haier name-brand

and they work really well too these are

just some of my favorite cleaning

products and tools and as I’ve snow in

the comments down below what is your

go-to your number one favorite cleaning

product or tool a lot of people use the

comment section on our videos for

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thanks so much for watching and we’ll

see you next time

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