7 Ways to Get Motivated to Clean! (Spring Cleaning 2017)

Spring is right around the corner and that means it’s time for Spring Cleaning! For many of us (myself included) that can feel really overwhelming and it’s hard to find the motivation to clean because it’s just a LOT of work, right? Well, maybe not necessarily – in this video I am going to share 7 tips to help you get ready / motivated to clean so you can tackle your spring cleaning!

hi it’s melissa here and i know spring

is just around the corner and at least

in my world that means spring cleaning

is coming up but for many of us myself

included that can feel overwhelming

because it’s just a lot of work right

well maybe not necessarily this week I

want to give you seven strategies seven

ways that you can mentally and

physically prepare yourself for spring

cleaning so that way you can actually

tackle it and not feel overwhelmed if

you haven’t done so already remember to

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give this video a like if you’re ready

to say goodbye to the winter and hello

to the spring identify areas that need

work when it comes to spring cleaning

the thing to remember is not everything

in your house needs to be cleaned spring

cleaning style you just need to do a few

the most important things and in fact

this is a concept I go into a lot of

detail in in my book and I call it m.i.a

or most important areas and the reason

this works is because it helps us not

feel so overwhelmed about the fact that

we have to clean absolutely everything

and we can really just refine down the

areas that need to be cleaned by

focusing on the areas that matter most

and the other things that makes a lot of

sense is to figure out the most daunting

the most discussing the most unenjoyable

job and do that one first

don’t confuse regular cleaning tasks

with spring cleaning tasks you would

never wear a tuxedo to an outing at a

coffee shop and that’s kind of the way I

look at spring cleaning you’re not going

to do these big formal fancy cleaning

jobs at your regular cleaning intervals

and you’re not going to do your regular

cleaning jobs at the formal screen

cleaning interval either so really give

screen cleaning it’s do do the jobs that

actually need doing during spring

cleaning all of those jobs that you

don’t normally tackle throughout the

year this is the time to do them spring

cleaning then the rest of the year you

don’t really have to think about them

what gets scheduled

gets done and those who know me know I

am a master scheduler and I firmly

believe in this if you take the time to

schedule in the things that you need to

do you’ll respect those appointments and

you’ll get them done so when it comes to

cleaning give yourself blocks of time

15 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes

whatever it is and block that time in

with a task and then that way you’ll

always know okay on Tuesday at four pm

between 4:00 and 5:00 I’m focusing on

all of the windowsills in my entire

house by five o’clock your window sills

are going to be done that’s scratched

oculus you don’t have to think about it

for an entire other year think about all

the things that are going to happen in

that year and you will never have to

think about your window cells during

that time the other thing to keep in

mind is when you are doing your

scheduling you can either choose by room

or by task so you can stay okay on

Tuesday between 4:00 and 5:00 I am deep

cleaning my dining room great or you can

say on Tuesday between 4 & 5 I’m doing

all of my windows so however you feel

works best for you

that’s how you need to schedule either

by room or by task but always make sure

that you’re blocking out that time and

you’re honoring your appointment be

realistic you know that’s saying don’t

bite off more than you can chew of

course you know that thing everyone

knows that thing well that applies to

cleaning as well specifically spring

cleaning because if you tell yourself

I’m going to clean all day on Saturday

like eight hours whole marathon I can

assure you well at least I think I can

if I know you the way I think I know you

that you do not want to spend your

entire Saturday cleaning and if anything

you’ll psyche yourself up you’ll get

through two hours and then by the third

hour you’re like you know so what I want

to do here is help you set yourself up

for success be realistic

maybe say I’ll spend two hours or four

hours and I’ll clean this much remember

it you notice to do it all and you don’t

have to do it perfectly for as long as

you do something and you set the bar

somewhere that you think you can achieve

you’re going to be fine if you overshoot

you’re probably not going to get there

and you’re going to feel really bad

about yourself and not motivated to keep

spring cleaning so start small keep it

easy and build yourself up if you’re

realistic you’re going to get a lot more

done recruit family members or roommates

whoever you live with if they live in

the house they got to contribute to the

cleaning so what you can do is figure

out those tasks that you want to get


during spring cleaning and then talk to

everybody in the house find out how much

time they have to contribute everyone

needs to be fair and equitable here and

then decide what task people like doing

and you know what let’s not even use the

word like because I get it maybe people

don’t like cleaning let’s just say what

people can tolerate so for example if

somebody is like adamantly opposed to

doing you know vacuuming which is me

basically I’ll say I’ll do this instead

of vacuuming great so assign me this job

and then the person Chad who actually

doesn’t mind vacuuming he can actually

do the vacuuming that’s how we come up

with a fair trade in our house we pretty

much figure out what can i all right

what can I do that’s the task I’ll do

and then we look and see what the other

person can do as well and that’s kind of

how we build things out and share in the

load take an inventory of your tools and

product before you even think about

doing any cleaning make sure that you

look around the house figure out what

products and tools that you have and

then take a look at the tasks that

you’re going to be completing and make

sure that you have everything on hand

for those jobs before you ever start

cleaning because once you start cleaning

and you don’t have something if you

leave the room to go and get it eight

you’re going to get distracted and be if

you don’t have that product or tool

handy you’re not going to go back and do

it later I mean you might but I’m not

going to give you good odds on that I

don’t think you’re going to go back I

wouldn’t go back and do it I’d find

something else to do reward yourself

okay I know you haven’t even started

cleaning yet but I want you to start

thinking about how you were going to

reward yourself or your family or you

and your partner whoever it is that

you’re cleaning with because let’s be

honest for hard work like this you need

a really good incentive so Chad and I

whenever we do a lot of work we usually

finish it off with a nice glass of

something wine cocktails something like


or we’ll go out for dinner and frankly

we’ve been enjoying Mexican food lately

so there are chips and guac and

margaritas usually involved in some sort

of celebration but you guys do what

works for you maybe it’s a movie night

with pizza maybe it’s a dance party

maybe it’s a game tonight

I don’t know karaoke got it I have tons

of ideas let me know if you need any

but think about that reward because

while you’re cleaning and doing that

hard work you’ve got this really cool

fun thing booked in the future as a

reward that you can really look forward

to and something where you can truly

celebrate and appreciate your

accomplishment over the next few videos

I’m going to be doing some more spring

cleaning ideas with you so we’ll go over

different tasks different jobs that need

to be done around the house and of

course I’ll walk you through how to do

it step by step sharing with you really

good tips and techniques if you have any

spring cleaning specific questions let

me know in the comments down below

because we are going to be checking them

and that will help inform us over the

next few weeks about what exactly we are

going to film after all these videos are

all about you guys and helping you with

your spring cleaning so we can’t wait to

hear from you for your viewing and

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