7 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a SPA! Budget Makeover

As many of you know, I absolutely love going to the spa, even if it’s just for a quick weekend getaway. It’s the perfect way for Chad and I to decompress and relax after a long week. So, I thought… why not try and bring the spa home with me? In this video, I’m going to go over 7 simple ways that you can turn your bathroom into a spa!

for as long as I can remember I have

been a spa lover I will spend my last

dime on the spa and when I married Chad

he was not into going to the spa at all

so one day I schemed something I booked

an appointment for both of us to go to

the spa and I just kind of secretly took

him there and at first he was resistant

and kind of awkward and then he got into

it and this guy loved the spa so now we

use the spa as that place that we go to

relax and recharge but the thing is you

can’t always go to the spa it’s

expensive and it’s time-consuming so how

do you bring the spa experience home so

that you can still feel good and relaxed

so this week I want to share with you

seven ways that I’ve brought this

thought into my home and honestly it has

felt so good specifically I’m going to

focus on the bathroom and just a quick

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if you like going to the spa if you look

at the treatment menu on a spa website

you’ll see that they have specialty

baths and these can involve anything

from mud to oatmeal to champagne yes it

happens milk I’ve even had a cedar

enzyme bath before you can do all kinds

of cool stuff but if you want to take

that cool bath experience and bring it

home you can do that by just making your

own bath bombs they’re really

inexpensive they’re simple and they

infuse your bath water with all kinds of

great moisturizing products essential

oils to make you feel great and even

things to help detox and clarify your

skin add your dry ingredients to a bowl

which is a cup of baking soda 1/2 cup

citric acid and a half cup of Epsom salt

then you’re going to mix your wet

ingredients together in a separate bowl

which is a teaspoon of water 2 teaspoons

of essential oils and 3 teaspoons of

castor oil you can use other oils but

I’ve tested it and I find castor oil to

work the best optionally you can add

food coloring as well and you can choose

any color that you like now just slowly

add your wet ingredients to your dry

ingredients and you’ll see it will start

to form as thick

consistency and then you can start

forming your shape you can of course get

yourself some fancy DIY bath bomb poems

if you want or you can be kind of

old-school and just use cookie cutters

or ice cube trays or you can take my

approach which is basically a meatball

approach I’m just going to mush them

together in my hands

allow them to dry fully this might take

a few hours just test it every now and

then and you’ll know it’s done when it’s

hard when you’re ready to use it

fill your bath with nice hot water and

then just drop in a bath bomb and let it

do its thing it will start to fizz it’ll

start to infuse the water with all of

the nice essential oils and ingredients

and all you have to do is flip in and

enjoy one of the first things I notice

when I walk into a spa is how amazing

it’s not and nine times out of ten spas

smell like eucalyptus at least that’s

been my experience and I’ve come to

associate the scent of eucalyptus with

being calm and that’s a good thing so I

like to bring that into my own bathroom

and there are so many ways to do it

getting a eucalyptus scented candle I’ve

got one of those going you can also pick

up eucalyptus essential oils you can –

about ten drops into your tub before you

turn on the shower and that way when the

water hits the tub it will start to

infuse the little enclosed area that

you’re going to be showering in with

that nice scent you can also create your

own DIY reed diffuser we’ve got a recipe

for that and I’ll put that on

cleanmyspace.com and I’ll get you a link

down below and you can even get yourself

an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

which basically allows you to put water

and essential oils into a little thing

and turn it on and it starts to mist

mist into your space that’s infused with

essential oils so a small area will

start to be filled with this wonderful

zen-like delicious smell

and if eucalyptus isn’t your thing there

are so many other great scents that you

can try a few relaxing spa scents that

you might like are lavender and even

geranium something else that makes me

feel calm and relaxed and then I notice

a lot of spas have our beautiful plants

and flowers and yes flowers can get

expensive and a little bit

high-maintenance but plants are a super

simple thing to incorporate into your

bathroom to make you feel calmer and

better when you get in there so you can

pick up a couple of different potted

plants you can put them on your

windowsill or just check out the

different lighting requirements that

they need some might even be fine

sitting on your counter

regardless having a plant or two or even

a couple of fresh-cut flowers in your

bathroom will really help bring the spa

experience home it’s hard for me to

imagine going into a spa walking into

the bathroom and seeing all kinds of

things on the counter the counter being

cluttered up and stuff everywhere and

disorganized no I don’t need that at a

spa I need minimal I need organized and

I need clean so when I think about

bringing the spa home I try to take the

same approach to my own bathroom I will

have a look at everything on my counter

and decide okay what do I use on a daily

basis and what do I use every now and

again if it’s something that’s

occasional you either goes in my

medicine cabinet or under my sink and if

it’s something that I use daily what

I’ve been doing lately and I love is I

put my important items on a tray and

grouping everything together is just a

very spa-like thing to do that’s why

they do it at hotels as well it just

looks organized and clean now if you

have something like cotton balls and

q-tips and you want those to look pretty

and organized what you can do is we use

a candle jar that has a lid on it you

can even use mason jars or you can pick

up those apothecary jars that’s a very

spa-like thing to do but it does give

your bathroom that nice then feel never

has a pan flute sounded so good to me

when I’m at the spa honestly relaxing

music is my jam I don’t want to listen

to anything else but like pin flute in

classical guitar and like gentle piano

that stuff all feels really good well

it’s not what I would normally want to

listen to it certainly helps me get in

that mindset so if you want to bring the

spa home get yourself a little portable

speaker or honestly even just use your

phone and use that to play music but

just piping in nice calming ambient

music or spa music chill music classical

piano or guitar all of that stuff just

makes you feel calm and good so you can

play that while you’re getting ready in

the morning

or in the evening or you can even play

that while you’re having a bath and that

actually makes me curious do you guys

like showering in the morning or bathing

in the morning or do you like to do it

in the evening before you go to bed for

me I typically do it in the morning when

I wake up only because when I’m doing my

hair I definitely need to start with wet

hair to make my hair actually looks good

so if I sleep on wet hair I’m not having

a good hair day the next day another

thing I love about the spa I always feel

really good there I mean of course I

feel good but like I feel good

they have really comfy cozy materials

that you can use so they’ve nailed like

plush sensual good feeling towels and I

always make sure I have a few of them

with me when I’m at the spa as well as

robes they have comfy slippers and then

they even have nice comfy bath mats that

you can stand on not the ones can put in

your shower the ones that you actually

stand on when you get out of your shower

so the way that you can bring that home

so simple get yourself some super plush

good quality towels honestly a game

changer in your bathroom same thing goes

with a robe one time I was at a hotel in

New York they have the best robes ever I

got that robe and I still have it today

I just love putting it on I even got

myself some new bath mats not too long

ago my old ones were okay but I got some

new ones and getting out of the shower

and standing in front of the sink whole

new experience well I’m not normally a

fan of showering in public I will

definitely take advantage of showers at

spas because they are so luxurious they

feel amazing and it’s typically because

they have that big rainfall showerhead

or that separate pullout body wash

situation so the showerhead that I have

right now is okay but I’m actually

looking to upgrade it because I do

really want to bring that experience

home so I’m not looking to do like a ten

thousand dollar bathroom rent oh you can

usually find those shower heads at a

big-box store and just simply replace

the one that you have so it’s spending a

little bit of money but it really does

bring that spa-like shower experience

home and I totally want that now you

know my tips on how I bring the spa home

into my bathroom and I’d love to know in

the comments

below how you bring the spa home whether

it’s in your bathroom or your bedroom

tell me your secrets because you

probably know I’m obsessed with spas

that I’m always looking for ways to step

up my game and I know lots of people

rely on the comments to get ideas as

well so please share as well here are

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