9 HANDY PRODUCTS FOR YOUR HOME | Cleaning & Organizing Products from the CMS Mail Bag

In this second installment of the Clean My Space Mail Bag series, we take a look at some innovative tools and products which we think can help you organize and optimize your family’s daily routine.

have you ever gotten the urge to go and

get your neighbor’s mail and kind of

rifle through it and see what they’re

getting or do you ever wonder what that

package is sitting on your neighbor’s

stoop I do and even more when I see

youtubers say they’re doing a mailbag

video I get kind of excited sort of an

interesting little sneak peek into their

lives so this week I thought I would do

another mailbag video since our last one

went over well and since then we’ve got

a whole bunch of stuff in so without

further ado let’s snoop in the clean

myspace mailbag just a quick reminder if

you haven’t done so already to subscribe

to the Queen MySpace channel a heads up

all of the links to the products I’m

going to talk about I’ll put in the

description box down below and give this

video a thumbs up if you like snooping

in the clean my space mailbag if you

haven’t seen my videos on how to keep

your food fresher for longer I totally

recommend that you check them out but

the swag is a company out of Australia

that sent me some of their swag which

also helps keep food fresher for longer

in this case your produce so what you do

is you run the swag underwater get it a

little bit damp wring it out then you

put your produce in there you roll it up

and you put it in your crisper drawer

you leave it there you sprinkle some

water on it every now and then and they

say that it’s supposed to keep your

produce lasting way fresher for longer

I’m really excited to try these out we

did a video last time and talked about a

product the over-the-door bag holder

slash cloth holder that wasn’t available

in stores and that’s going to be out in

June but another product that I loved

that these guys sent out was this it’s

an over the Shelf basket it’s made by

spectrum diversified and check it out

you take this little basket and you

slide it over your cabinet shelf and it

basically doubles your space and you

guys tell me I am a sleuth when it comes

to finding extra storage space so when I

saw these two they came in two different

sizes I got really excited because I’m

already thinking about all of the

additional storage opportunities in my


vitamin bulk food grains yeah I got a

lot of thinking to do for those of you

who think toilet bowl brushes are

disgusting they are they

your solution it’s the toilet bowl

cleaner of the future

it’s called sandy maid it’s made in

Denmark by a company called hygienic and

it is super cool it’s essentially a

silicone paddle that is odor and

bacteria resistant it’s got little

ridges on the bottom it’s flexible so it

can actually scrub but it can slide

around your toilet and the cool thing is

it cleans your toilet but it doesn’t

cling on to anything and in the bathroom

cling-on are not a good thing so once

you’re done cleaning you just give it a

good rinse you drip dry it you put it

back in this holder no odors no bacteria

no Klingon it’s nice and clean this will

be coming out in fall of 2017 so keep an

eye for it then I’m always talking about

dryer balls because I believe in them

they make a difference when you’re

drying your clothes they help dry them

faster they help reduce lint a may help

reduce wrinkling and of course they help

remove static now these are Nellie’s

all-natural scented dryer balls this is

a lavender scent and a lot of people

will just add some drops of essential

oils to their world dryer balls but you

can also purchase one this one that

keeps its scent for 50 loads which is

great and once it runs out you can just

reinvigorate it with some more essential

oils now you probably know the name

Kohler because you’ve seen them on

faucets or bathroom fixtures before

that’s just a classy way of saying

toilet but cooler has actually come up

with a really interesting line of

kitchen products that are sort of

accessories that help you function

better in the kitchen and they sent us a

giant shipment so either I could show

you all the stuff or I could show you

some of my favorites the first thing

that they sent is this silicone drawing

mat and it can be used for a number of

different things from drying dishes to

protecting the bottom of your sink to

even a giant trivet which is quite handy

and I also like that it can roll up

easily for storage inside a drawer and

it’s easy to wash and take care of

doesn’t cling on to odors all that good

stuff that comes along with using

silicone now another product that they

sent me which I am crazy about this is

so smart it’s this little sink side

brush that you can use

got bristles on one side so you can

sweep crumbs into your sink and on the

other side it’s got a squeegee so if

you’ve made a spill you can just sweep

all of that liquid right into your sink

simple solution but really really handy

and they’ve also sent me this little

dish scraper which is a multiple side

scraper so when I used to work in

restaurants there used to be a guy in a

dish pit and he would stand there with

like a giant squeegee like thing and

just shove food into the garbage it’s

really not good to see that especially

when you work in a restaurant you see

that all the time it’s actually pretty

unappetizing but this is sort of a mini

version of that you know it can really

help speed up dish time after a meal

when you don’t want to spend time

scraping a whole bunch of crud off of

your dishes so it’s a simple little

solution but it does make a difference I

do a lot of online shopping and I know a

lot of you guys do as well plus given

that we are at the CMS HQ we get a lot

of boxes so I’m sure you can imagine we

have a lot of experience breaking down

boxes and typically when that’s done we

use a plain old box cutter with a razor

blade and that has its downfalls a super

dangerous kind of overwhelming and scary

be the blade can get stuck sometimes so

it’s really hard to maneuver and because

it’s just a straight edge you can’t

really get leverage or create a sawing

action you really can only go in a

straight line there are lots of little

challenges that come up and well it’s

not the thing that you think about all

the time when a better solution comes

along it certainly is something to get

excited about and that’s why when I was

10 to Canary box cutter I did get

excited get this the canary box cutter

has a double-sided serrated edge which

means imagine cutting bread with a

serrated knife instead of with a regular

safe chef’s knife you can cut bread so

much easier you have so much more

leverage and control and that’s exactly

what you get with this not only is it

easier to cut through tape and packing

straps and all that kind of stuff

because you can get that sawing motion

going you have a lot more control over

your cuts and you can even cut shapes

like if you want to make a little house

for your cat with

I might have done before it also has

this cool nonstick coating on it which

means that while you’re cutting it won’t

get stuck in the tape and it also

doesn’t have tape and glue stuck on it

which means that it will last you for a

lot longer so if you are in the market

for a new box cutter definitely check

this one out this is the fuller clothes

brush and kind of looks like a weird

shaped toilet bowl brush type thing it’s

actually not used for the toilet at all

it’s a lint brush and Fuller has been

around since 1906 so these guys know a

thing or two about brushes and linked

and dust and everything like that so the

idea with this is it’s got this curved

shape so that it can easily fit over

your shoulder and these bristles are

soft enough that they can pick up lint

and dust on your clothing or even your

upholstery without ruining it but it

really does a great job at getting rid

of lint so I also like how it comes with

this little leather tied so you can hang

it in your closet and just keep it by

the front door so that you can quickly

brush off before you step out especially

if you have pets like me and you

constantly are wearing your cat lady

badge on all of your clothes and I also

like the fact that it’s not a sticker so

you don’t have to waste something every

time you want to remove lint and finally

there was this electric charging fabric

lint remover that was sent to me and I

was really excited to use it but then I

saw the warning

you know we received so many things here

and more than half of it we’ll never

make it into our mailbag videos because

the products are just well not to be

rude but we just don’t even want to tell

you about them because they’re not worth

it and I’d love to know in the comments

down below what product has you bought

online that has been a major fail like

you ordered it online you’ve waited

you’re so excited it gets to you and it

doesn’t look like or it doesn’t function

the way the website said it would and

you’re just downright disappointed so

let me know that story in the comments

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