9 Useful Products For Your Home! (Amazon Haul #3)

I had some ‘retail therapy’ at Amazon not too long ago and decided it was a fine time for another Amazon Haul video!

I don’t know about you guys but one of

my most favorite ways to unwind is with

a little bit of retail therapy and one

of my favorite places to shop happens to

be Amazon so this week I am going to

walk you guys through some of my

favorite finds from a very recent Amazon

haul and for those of you who don’t know

me my name is Melissa maker and I’m the

host of the Queen myspace channel

alright let’s check them out even though

it’s the winter I’m always thinking

about how I can enjoy a nice cold

cocktail and one of the most important

things for me is having good ice

the problem is with old-school ice cube

trays is a they spill all over the place

and B when you’re trying to snap out one

ice cube they all kind of break out

everywhere then you have a cleanup job

on your hand so this is the quick snap

Plus this is made by Joseph Joseph and I

think this is just thrilling

basically this lid pops off you can fill

your ice cube tray with water pop the

lid back on stick it in your freezer no

water spills everything stays intact

you can even stack up several ice cube

trays at one time you can get a lot of

ice going in your freezer and then the

coolest part is right here at the back

you use these little tabs to push out

the ice cube tray so you can push out

one ice cube at a time instead of having

to lose all you know what do I have here

18 of them at once if you’ve been on the

internet lately you’ve probably seen one

of these it’s called the mighty mug and

for a very good reason if you’ve ever

had a drink beside you while you’re

working on your laptop and then

accidentally nudge that drink in it

tipped over and then spills on your

laptop and then you one into a minor pit

actually a major panic because you were

worried about your laptop that’s where

the mighty mug comes in this thing is

incredible you put it down on a surface

and you can knock it pretty much in any

direction and it doesn’t fall but then

when you want to pick it up it just

picks up very easily and that’s all due

to this smart grip technology right here

at the bottom frankly so a little bit

rubbery I’m sure it’s nothing overly

brilliant or whatever but the guys who

came up with this we’re pretty smart

it’s also BPA free and dishwasher safe

it’s an

some travel mug and a great thing to

have sitting beside you when you’re

working guys I’m not great with the

drill but honestly if it helps with

cleaning I might be a little bit more

into it this is called the roto scrub

and basically it’s a drill bit

attachment that you put on to your own

drill drill not included and it allows

you to scrub certain areas that are

really tough to clean think like your

shower walls your bathtub maybe some

flooring that’s really difficult very

easily so you know this is instead of a

lot of this the cool part is the pads

attached using velcro so you can easily

switch out the pads as they become old

and grotty and replacement refreshing

clean one next up I grabbed the mighty

handle and if you guys don’t know what

the mighty handle is well take a look at

it it’s a handle designed to help you

have better weight distribution when

you’re carrying in a bunch of grocery

bags because we all know food tricks are

for the weak and by the way nobody likes

the purple finger syndrome that you get

when you’re trying to slap in a whole

bunch of shopping bags so this is a

super easy simple solution you can stick

it in your trunk and it makes bringing

groceries in from wherever you are so

much easier pet parents know you’re

always buying your pet swag so

truthfully when you do an Amazon shop

you might as well pack some pet stuff

onto your haul

so Chad and I have been using these for

year well the cats have been using it

for years we’re just sponsoring the

event to quite frankly this is the

Nature’s Miracle jumbo disposable litter

box and while I’m normally not a fan of

disposable things this litter box is

made out of compostable paper and baking


so a when you throw it out it decomposes

very easily and B the baking soda really

helps with odor control so rather than

having to scrub your plastic litter box

out classic this forest doesn’t always

get rid of the odors this basically you

replace it once a month refill it with

litter of your choice and as far as we

know our cats really love them sleep

experts tell you you’re not supposed to

have your cell phone beside your bed

guilty but a great way to combat that is

to just have a good old-fashioned alarm

clock beside your bed instead

Chad wanted one of these so he picked

this one up this is the iHome FM dual

alarm clock radio and USB charger so

we’re not going to use the USB charging

part so the cool part about this is that

you can pick the color of the alarm

clock because it’s an LED light it also

has a bunch of other nerdy alarm clock

features frankly any alarm clock will do

this one just happened to catch Chad’s

eye and that’s why he picked it up

sometimes when I’m doing online shopping

I’ll take up gifts for people that I

know you know just because I’m that kind

of guy and one of the people who is on

my gift list was our producer Lucas who

also has the most adorable little wiener

dog named Stella you might have seen her

in some of our videos so cute anyway I

figured I would pick this up for him

it’s the Dex just snack duo and this is

a double-sided bottle that you can carry

around liquid on one side and on the

other side you can carry around dry food

or Treat snacks treats whatever you feed

your dog hopefully something that they

like and this is perfect for when you’re

traveling you’ve got this little lid

here where you can easily pour the

liquid out and on the other side a

little flip top where you can shake out

treats or foods super convenient if

you’re traveling or going out for the

day with your dog and on the topic of

cool pet products I also picked up this

bottle pocket and it comes with this

little collapsible dish this is for

Lucas as well and what this is it’s a

neoprene holder for a bottle so he can

stuff that bottle I know where you can

keep the liquid and the treats and it

also has this little collapsible dish

here that you know if you’re on the go

and you have your pet with you you can

just add the water right there to the

dish so that way your dog doesn’t have

to like awkwardly drink out of a water

fountain or a water bottle it’s a very

civil way to travel with your dog and it

also has this cute carabiner so you can

hook it on to your backpack or your belt

loop whatever is convenient for you so

that’s why I picked this up I thought it

was a really nifty gift we’re always

looking for ways to save money and have

our food last longer you guys know

you’ve seen our videos

food preservation but one of the tools

that really helps you do that is this

it’s the food paper and basically it’s a

vacuum sealer for your food so if you

make a big purchase of let’s say meat or

you make a big batch of something or

other and you want to preserve it for

more than just a few days as you would

in a regular container one of these

vacuum sealed bags will actually allow

your food to last for up to five times

longer and if you put your food in the

freezer well there’s no air in here he

will get freezer burn on your food it’s

a small investment but it makes a lot of

sense in the long run because you do end

up saving more money and hey since

you’re on Amazon why not check out my


you can pick this up on Amazon as well

and if you want to see if the book is

right for you and will help you on your

own cleaning journey you can visit our

website cleanmyspace.com to learn more

this week’s comment question is do you

sleep with your phone let me know in the

comments down below I know I’m not

supposed to but it’s a stud habit and

I’ve got to break it I’d love to know

what you do instead of using the phone

and where you keep it or even how often

you check your phone during the day

because frankly I think I need a little

bit of a detox so let me know in the

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